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Discount will be forfeited if the contract is in arrears/disconnects from the network for any reason. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is limited to one per customer. Fair use policy, service limitations and terms apply. See three.co.uk for details. THREE.CO.UK/STORE OR VISIT A 3 STORE call free 0800 358 9577 Open 7 days a week: Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 10am-8pm. Sorry we do not accept Visa Electron or Solo cards. Cards accepted: Skypephone S2Skypephone S2 3.2 megapixel camera Phone doubles up as a USB Modem INQMini OnetouchaccesstoFacebook kk & Windows LiveTM Messenger 2 megapixel camera New Nokia 2730 2 megapixel camera MP3 player Sony Ericsson T715Sony Ericsson T715 3.2 megapixel camera Exclusive Twitter application New New SPECIALOFFERWAS 18, NOW 13.50 A MONTH 500 mins or texts & a free phone. Internet for everyone. Only on 3. Plus all this: Free voicemail 300 free 3-to-3 mins Get unlimited internet for only 5 a month Chat for free forever on Windows LiveTM Messenger Free SkypeTM-to-Skype calls in the UK & to anywhere in the world Cant believe this is the end, Ive been reading the Lite since its beginning in 2006 and am gonna miss you, cheerio my travel companion. Brad, KT1 EvEryonE who is in mourning over the end of Lite put the paper on your heads! Its a sad day. Goodgrief, London noooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo! JJ, EN2 just got new job after 10 months, was so looking forward to Lite texts on commute again, now theyre going! so sad. Bye-bye. Emma, DA16 I want to propose to my girlfriend sarah as this is the last Lite! Ill be waiting at Marylebone platform two for your answer. Hoping, London you kept London entertained! thank you Lite team -- great job. Missin you already! Tom the London Lite Fan, W14 Is thIs really the end for the Lite? Ive tried so long to get a text printed -- please make my day! I love you, Mafia Man! Teedub, CO4 I LovE you, London Lite! you and the message board crowd will be huGELy missed ): Louis, London GoodByE London Lite, you will be missed. I am gutted you are no more. Saffron, Kent Is thIs really the last ever London Lite? we will miss reading the texts, they made our day. Goodbye Lite, it was fun. Jenny and Astin, E16 Last ever London Lite message, Im so sad :o( Merry Christmas one and all! Sam B, DA13 PLEasE publish this... I will frame it! honest!!! Text-artist, London GuttEd, just gutted :( very sad. Tina, London nEarLy had a heart attack after hearing no more Lite :( going to miss non-inky fingers! Farewell! Amy, London husBand just told me that Lite is going to stop being published. Please tell me hes wrong! Cant live without the Lite. Brenda, E4 what a loss for London. Couldnt have picked a more appropriate date for it to happen. Marianne, NW1 so LonG, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! Dan, KT17 Last Lite ever! Id better ask now as I know you love these texts and you can keep this part of the paper forever: will you marry me, Bubba Cy? Beef Cake, Sydenham FarEwELL, London Lite, and thank you for brightening up my horrible tube journey home over the last few years! Lynz, Woodford Green GoodByE London Lite, come back soon. Ill have to actually study on the train now. Nicola, Hatfield I thouGht my friend was joking when she said Lites closing. Im gutted :( thank you one and all for making my journeys home more pleasant xxx Nisha, TW1 PLEasE please please allow the lovely Lisa a line in the last ever loveable London Lite. Farewell, my formidable friend. Ogenyi lover, E11 Last ever Lite. Im gutted. now Ill never reach double figures. Im stuck on only nine published texts in three years... Nick, BR6 BEForE you turn out the Lite, may I be granted the last word, please, pretty please...? Mark, KT7 God here, thought you might want to know meaning of life. Ill text it in time for Mondays Lite. Catchya later. God, Heaven ShouldtheMoD staff get bonus if soldiers dont? Lucie Jones, pictured, is gorgeous and has a great future ahead of her, despite her premature exit from The X Factor. she should now be a great success. L Sidley, London she looks amazing in the pictures from stockport, where crowds gathered to see her switch on the christmas lights. You cant look at the love and acclaim and say she doesnt have the X Factor! J Beard, London Who remembers X Factor rejects? Time to go back to pulling pints in Wales. Ana, Shoreditch Lucie will go further than Jedward. unlike the X Factor judges, the public can spot talent. Casey, London hurray! ashes cricket is coming back to terrestrial tv. now more youngsters will get the chance to watch, so hopefully we can have a new generation of Freddie Flintoffs. J Beard, Hornsey sarah Brown is a great- looking woman. I dont know how Gordon Brown pulled it off. at the very least theres one success he can claim in the past 12 years. Joti, London Its absurd that police officers need a 93-page book saying how to ride a bike. But some of the cyclists I see wobbling over westminster Bridge every day could do with a few lessons. A Bryan, London And Another Thing... Thank you for all your texts and letters to the Lite Could Lucie Jones still be a star? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans S OMETIMES I wonder if these politicians havent gone abso- lutely bonkers. Home Secretary Alan Johnson believes its okay for MoD civil servants to get bonuses because they do difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs. Our Armed Forces encounter danger every day -- as sadly proven by hundreds of deaths in Afghanistan -- yet where is their bonus? This disparity insults our heroes. Fredi, Golders Green WHy do MoD bureaucrats get bonuses for simply doing their jobs? Who decided their salaries and index-linked, copper- bottomed, taxpayer-funded pensions arent enough? I really think we should be told. Of course, if they feel they need more reward, they could always chance their arm in the private sector. Louis GS, London SOlDIErS have to wait years for meagre compensation payouts, while civil serv- ants behind their desks in Whitehall get thousands in bonuses. last year the average bonus for the senior civil serv- ants was about 8,000 -- almost half an average soldiers entire annual salary. J Ahir, Holborn HOW can ministers say their priority is the welfare of troops when civil servants are rewarded with cash, yet there is a continual failure to provide the necessary equipment to soldiers? Our under- equipped troops are being killed and maimed unnecessarily. There should be no rewards for failure. Matt, London NOT every civil servant receives the same bonus, so those that have must have done something to deserve it. They often have to ven- ture into the field and work up to 17 or 18 hours a day. I couldnt do that and I dont resent those that can getting some remuneration. Will, NW6 IM SurE the civil servants could have said, No thanks. I think the money could be better spent on equipment for troops. I bet no one has, though. PW, London THE vast majority of civil serv- ants work in london, which can be a very dangerous place. They could get run down by a cyclist jumping the lights or be trapped in a failed underground train. Who can doubt the merit of their bonus? James B, London OF grEATEr concern to me is the news the MoD employs one person for every two soldiers in the armed forces. you could cut 75 per cent and save billions, and from that money provide frontline troops with the right equipment. Stacey, Kilburn Textpoll Do cops really need a bike- riding manual? 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