AppleTV Apple TV is the ipod-makers attempt to find a place in the sitting room, just like its portable player has taken over our pockets. If you already use iTunes to purchase movies and TV episodes, then it makes perfect sense. You can watch anything thats available in the iTunes store with a couple of clicks. If youre after free content and catch-up services, however, look elsewhere. Movies computer, it will sync with that so you can tap into your music and podcast subscriptions. Price: Apple TV from 219, videos from 1.89 SD, 2.49 HD. Good for: HD video. Downside: Little free content. Overall: Great HD content, but you pay individually for everything. Info: Score: 7/10 NetgearEVA2000DigitalEntertainerLive If You dont already have a suitable games console hooked up to your gogglebox, Netgears eVA2000 Digital entertainer live is the cheapest way to get internet content on your TV. once its hooked up to your existing broadband you can stream live TV from the internet. In addition to the regular freeview channels you can even watch programmes from other parts of the world. It also taps into BBC iplayer, but you need to install optional software, costing 25, on your pC to do this. The other downside is that it needs your pC to be on whenever you want to watch iplayer, but it can be in a different room if you have a wireless network. The quality isnt the best compared with some other options available, but its still perfectly watchable. Price: EVA2000 109.99, optional software about 25. Good for: Hooking up your television to the internet on a budget. Downside: Requires PC to be on for replaying TV content. Overall: Cheap and cheerful way to get internet video on the TV. Info: Score: 7/10 London Lite Thursday, 12 November 2009 13 comfort of your sofa with these handy set-top boxes Thefuture startshere... Tomorrows gadgets reviewed today Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Due date: Available now Price: about 93 To mAny technophiles the trusty pen and paper may seem old-fashioned. not any more. Livescribe has found a clever way to catapult the ancient quill into the 21st century with the Pulse Smartpen. on the one hand this pen and pad looks and functions much like your regular ink squirter. But look closer and youll see computer-like icons on the pad. Thats because the Pulse is able to capture what you write, draw and hear as you are using it, so you can then upload it to your computer. Smart Within the nib of the pen an infrared camera captures every stroke of what you are writing or drawing, while simultaneously recording the audio around you. What makes this so smart is that the sounds and pen action are linked, so just by pointing to a particular bit of writing you can automatically call up what was being said at that time. Smart PaPer Besides capturing what you write, the pen is also able to tell where you are pointing on the special paper pad provided. Thats because although it appears white, the pad has tiny dots on it which are encoded to tell the pen where it is on the page. Smart ButtOnS These dots also make it possible for parts of the paper to be functional. So appearing at the bottom of each page are buttons corresponding to an audio recorder -- play, record, volume, playback speed and so on. To operate the audio recorder just point at the relevant button and youre away! And the 2GB of memory provided can record more than 200 hours of audio. VerDIct What makes this gadget so unique is the ease with which you can search audio recordings. If youre in a meeting or lecture, just scribble a quick note on the page when someone says something youll want to come back to -- and then finding it is just a matter of pointing to it. See SonyPlayStation3 SoNYS game machine has been able to tap into the BBCs iplayer service for a while unofficially via its built-in browser. The latest software update still sends you through the browser, but youre greeted by a special version custom-made to look good on the pS3. You can launch iplayer straight from the playStations main menu bar and flick through catch-up programmes just as you would on the pC version. Hit play on something you want to watch and you can view it in full screen so it looks just like regular TV. Its only standard definition at present -- HD has been promised, but theres no firm date for when it will be released -- though the quality is still pretty good. If youve already got a pS3 then its effectively free, provided youve paid for your TV licence. Price: PS3 from 249.99, iPlayer free. Good for: Catching up on BBC shows. Downsides: No HD yet. Overall: Better than having to huddle over a laptop to catch the very latest dose of Enders. Info: Score: 8/10 BTVision THe BT approach to streamed inter- net video offers lots of content you wont find elsewhere. You need to switch to BT Broadband as it wont work with other suppliers. It is available subscription-free, but you pay 90 for the box and pay again to watch on demand. Sign up for a sub from 14.68 a month, however, and BT gives the box free, and you access as much replay TV as you like. As well as BBC iplayer, catch up on ITV, Channel 4 and five. Movies are available pay-as-you-go, from 1.94. Price: BT Vision from 14.68 a month, BT Broadband from 15.65 a month. Good for: Replay TV off main channels. Downside: Little free content unless you have a subscription. Overall: Least flexible to set up, but you get a great choice of content. Info: Score: 7/10 Connects to power Connects to analog TV Connects to HDTV Connects to external USB storage devices or wireless USB adapter Internet PCs Home router start at 3.49 for standard definition, or 4.49 for HD. 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