STARS&PUZZLES PUZZLES&FUN London Lite Wednesday, 11 November 2009 47 Intheright-handpicture,Shakiraspartingisontheothersideofher head,theblackdetailgoesdowntheentirelengthofherdress,one platformistaller,theSonylogoispurpleandaspotlightismissing Given how the situation looks at the moment, theres no possibility of keeping a certain promise you made to a close friend or loved one, at least in the form it was originally organised. Discuss the problem immediately. Theyre well aware of the difficulties youre facing and would be all too happy to alter arrangements. By this weekends rare and intense clash between the planetary taskmaster, Saturn, and your ruler Pluto, certain complex issues will see a very real breakthrough. Youll be forced to regard certain situations, individuals or dilemmas from a completely unaccustomed perspective. Usually youre able to view even the most challenging of circumstances with a certain amusement. But in one particular matter youve lost your sense of humour. This hasnt just darkened your mood -- its so reduced your charm theres little chance youll win anybody over as an ally, and just at a time you really need them. The worst thing about asking for guidance from certain individuals is that you know that, at some point, theyll use it against you. Theyll remind you, or tell others in a manner thats embarrassing. But everybody is aware they have this habit, so nobody takes them seriously. Ordinarily youre a superb team player, and thrive on a lively exchange of ideas. However, theres one plan or project about which youre not only a bit possessive, but you want things your way. While this is understandable, youre just causing problems, especially when others have such good suggestions to offer. Tempting as it is to give advice to certain individuals, it would be very unwise. Theyre short of facts, so the information they offer will be seriously flawed. Instead, suggest they do a little investigating. While theyll be annoyed at the time, ultimately theyll thank you. Life would be simpler if you could settle certain persistent differences in a civilised way. Try, and not only will you be frustrated, the unexpected events of the next few days would turn arrangements upside down. Live with these if you can, as changes are imminent and inevitable. A mistake is no more than that. Something that was misjudged, or where the calculations involved were flawed. Yet one individual seems to be determined to turn a minor error into a major crime. Say nothing. Soon everybody will realise how ridiculous theyre being, and after that theyll just be ignored. Having invested time in discussing and organising plans, youre unlikely to welcome any suggestion of change. However, youll realise that with so much in transition, there really is no choice. Knowing that, regard everything as tentative, and expect to make frequent adjustments. Straightforward as certain increasingly contentious situations are, take a little time to hear what others have to say and to express your own concerns. While there still may be one or two issues outstanding, once youve cleared away the confusion, youll realise the gulf between you isnt nearly as wide as you thought. Few things annoy you more than those people who think theyve a right to advise you when you havent asked for their guidance. Obviously, telling them how you feel will only cause unnecessary upset. Tedious as listening to them might be, its easier. And you neednt pay the least bit of attention to their suggestions. Answer:almond-r-redman(actressAmandaRedman) No 678 ACROSS 1. The poorest class (11) 9. Pinch (3) 10. Declaration of policy (9) 11. Happening (5) 13. Missions (7) 14. Inert (6) 16. Protect (6) 18. Entreat (7) 19. Face-piece of helmet (5) 20. Instruction (9) 21. Favourite (3) 22. Weather science (11) DOWN 2. Tear (3) 3. Boundary (5) 4. Offer (6) 5. Umpire (7) 6. Truants (9) 7. Amused (11) 8. Thoughtful (11) 12. Delight intensely (9) 15. Segregate (7) 17. Elder (6) 19. Open to bribery (5) 21. Hog (3) Yesterdays solution No 677 Across 1 Safe; 3 Disquiet; 9 Aquatic; 10 Expel; 11 Degeneration; 13 Refuge; 15 Cohere; 17 Decapitation; 20 Weigh; 21 Foliage; 22 Regarded; 23 Less. Down 1 Standard; 2 Flung; 4 Incurs; 5 Questionable; 6 Improve; 7 Tell; 8 Stenographer; 12 Meanness; 14 Feeling; 16 Piffle; 18 Irate; 19 Ewer.Answers tomorrow STARSShelley von Strunckel Forecasts whats in the stars for you For your weekly in-depth forecast, call the number next to your star sign Aries Call 0906 650 5430 21 March-19 April Taurus Call 0906 650 5431 20 April-20 May Gemini Call 0906 650 5432 21 May-20 June Cancer Call 0906 650 5433 21 June-22 July Leo Call 0906 650 5434 23 July-22 August Virgo Call 0906 650 5435 23 August-22 September Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Scorpio Call 0906 650 5437 23 October-21 November Sagittarius Call 0906 650 5438 22 November-21 December Capricorn Call 0906 650 5439 22 December-19 January Aquarius Call 0906 650 5440 20 January-18 February Pisces Call 0906 650 5441 19 February-20 March Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Jonty Clark LiteCrossword Splitpersonality Can you work out the name of the famous person from these pictures? Now that certain unexpected facts have come to light, you must give some serious thought to what only recently seemed uncomplicated arrangements. Annoying as this will be, things arent as bad as they seem. Once you examine your options, frustration will turn to delight. Alteredimage Spot five differences in these pictures of singer Shakira. Answers below Scribblepad ARIES 0906 8336 504 TAURUS 0906 8336 505 GEMINI 0906 8336 506 CANCER 0906 8336 507 LEO 0906 8336 508 VIRGO 0906 8336 509 LIBRA 0906 8336 510 SCORPIO 0906 8336 511 SAGITTARIUS 0906 8336 512 CAPRICORN 0906 8336 501 AQUARIUS 0906 8336 502 PISCES 0906 8336 503 Foryourmonthlyforecastcall: Calls cost 60p per minute. 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