pool rises for 2012 by kevin widdop Aquaticscentresgiant roofisanewlandmark London Lite Wednesday, 11 November 2009 25 Free SkyHD box for your flat For new and existing customers joining SkyHD with for a year (30 standard set-up) Settle down in your flat to our best ever line-up of blockbuster movies this Christmas with SkyHD and 5 great channels bringing you everything from Quantum of Solace to Australia. Plus you can also enjoy the Sky Movies Christmas Channel when you take Sky Movies 2. Special installation service for flats To enjoy Sky TV in your flat, well help you get a shared dish installed in your block. Our shared dish can serve the whole building (subject to survey) and the good news is its free when four flats in your block register for Sky TV. To help make it hassle-free, well work with your Managing Agent to register other residents and to get everything set up. To get Sky in your flat Call 08442 411 341 Up to 5x more picture detail Superb quality sound UKs widest range of HD channels All the flexibility of Sky Believe in better Free SkyHD box for new and existing customers joining SkyHD with Sky Movies for a year (30 standard set-up) Your first Sky HD box only. Enjoy 5 Sky Movies HD channels all in stunning high definition with the HD Pack The HD channels you receive will depend on your Sky TV package. Quality Sky TV choose 2 Entertainment Packs or add more for 1 extra a month each You can take advantage of our free Sky+HD box offer if you take 1 or more Entertainment Packs. Free award-winning broadband & calls up to 2Mb with free evening & weekend UK# landline calls Broadband availability is subject to your location. Speeds vary with location and line quality. Bt/Sky Talk Line Rental required. All this for just 37 a month Your perfect Sky Movies in high definition package + Skys shared dish is free when four flats in your block register for Sky TV. There will be a one off cost for your Managing Agent for the earth bonding of the shared dish by a qualified electrician of their choice. Shared Dish: Installation of Skys shared dish is subject to survey and your Managing Agents agreement and is suitable for blocks with less than 48 flats and up to 3 storeys. For 37 a month get 2 Entertainment Packs with Sky Movies Pack 1 or 2 (27 a month), with the HD Pack (10 a month) plus Sky Talk Freetime (0 a month) and Sky Broadband Base (0 a month) when you take Sky Talk Freetime (otherwise 5 a month). # UK calls to 01, 02, 03 & 0870 numbers only (excludes Channel Islands, indirect and dial-up Internet access numbers and 070 numbers). Max price for other 08 numbers is 10ppm, with a max connection fee of 10p. Max price for 070 is 48ppm, with a max connection fee of 50p. Full tariff details at sky. com/callpricing. Free calls last up to an hour, then UK calls charged at 5.25ppm at any time of day or hang up and redial as often as you like. Subject to Acceptable Use Policy. Set-up: Set-up lead times Sky TV customers are likely to increase before Christmas. Ask your Specialist Installer for further details. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. SkyHD box offer: Existing customers must also recommit to Sky TV for 12 months. Box Price stated is the recommended retail price only. Ask your specialist installer for applicable box prices. Free SkyHD box not available in conjunction with any other offer. HD Ready TV required. Sky Broadband: You must subscribe to your chosen Broadband product for 12 months. Connect at 17 pm is available to customers outside our network area. Speed you get depends on factors including distance from the exchange and line quality. Monthly usage caps: Base 2GB. See sky.com for more details and our Usage Policies. Sky Talk: 12 month minimum term applies to new Sky Talk customers. Sky Talk is only available to Sky digital subscribers paying by Direct Debit/continuous credit card mandate. Calls only packages not available to BT line rental customers with BT Basics or if outgoing calls are barred. Compatible BT line required for Sky Talk Line Rental. General: Your Sky box(es) must be connected to a fixed telephone line for 12 months. Sky functionality requires a Sky subscription (free for Sky TV customers, or 10 pm) and two satellite feeds. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlords). Minimum Sky TV/Sky/HD Pack/ subscriptions 12 months. You must be 18 years or over. Channels & prices subject to change. Prices shown apply to customers paying by Direct Debit. For continuous debit/credit card mandate, 50p monthly charge applies. Information only applies to residential customers in UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Further terms apply. Calls cost 5p per minute (plus up to 9p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at 25 October 2009. Water vision: artists impression of how the finished aquatics centre will look WO R K o n t h e 3 0 0 m Olympic aquatics centre -- the architectural gem of the 2012 Games -- reached a major milestone today with the completion of the stingray-shaped roof. The vast steel structure, designed by award-winning a rch i t e c t Z a h a Hadid, was lowered into place after a seven-month engi- neering project. Weighing 3,000 tonnes and at 160 metres long, the frame was assem- bled on the site in Stratford and spent several months on temporary supports before being put into place. Olympic Delivery Authority chief David Higgins said: The centre will offer community swimming facilities in legacy. 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