email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 12 Wednesday, 11 November 2009 London Lite just saw a girl brushing her teeth on the tube. Is public brushing a new trend or something? Where do you rinse? EW, W9 I have waited 10 years for you to ask me to marry you. Now its my turn -- test, will you marry me? Lisa, AL7 Does anyone go south on the tube to Pimlico, then back north to avoid the ruck on the northbound platform at victoria? Jeff, Kent PublIc displays of affection during rush hour on public transport: is it romantic, or does it make you want to grab the nearest bag to be sick in? Barf-time, London Flatmates upset cos I cleaned bathroom on tuesday instead of Friday, saturday, sunday or monday. looking for new house, room to let anyone? Ididitmyway, London thINk Ive just seen the fastest human alive! No, not usain bolt! a woman spotting a seat on the hammersmith & city line! Shawn, RM10 IF you have to rest your paper on my head then there obviously isnt enough room in this carriage for you to read it! L, SW11 hIlary (Txts, Tues): I am neither male nor single, yet I too play call of Duty: modern Warfare 2. Female gamers unite! Twinit2007, SW16 hIlary: my husband will soon be single if he plays call of Duty all night. that, or itll cost him more than the price of the game in cake to make up for it! Ostrich, Windsor hIlary: my husband got me into call of Duty a few years back -- am now a massive fan and on my way home as we speak to play mW2 for first time! yesh! Astrudle, London ryaN (Txts, Mon): my mother lives in scone, Perthshire, which rhymes with spoon! Hairy Scot, E12 cD (Txts, Tues): Im not an mP but a female junior doctor who, when working in a&e, has shifts finish as late as 3am. No one pays for my taxi home, let alone second home! ED, E3 Is It just me who feels left out of movember because Im the only grown man who cant grow a tache? the shame! James, HP10 Does anyone else bounce their head to sleep? Boing, London mIke (Txts, Tues): oasiss married With children as wedding song? Genius. but Im having shes electric as I have it tattooed on me and its my song, so will hopefully be his too! Penrose, SE5 DaN (Txts, Tues): silly tea towels around teens necks are not only fashionable but practical in these chilly months. Neckit, London loNely (Txts, Fri): my girlfriend bought me a copy of Football manager for her house. Now have two. What a legend! all bases covered! Adam, DA2 Will you boycott The X Factor? IF I got as lucky as Lottery winners Les and Samantha Scadding, pictured, Id pay off the mortgage and take the family for a great beach holiday. And then? Id have a long and very careful think. Ruby, London ID BUY every Ferrari ever made, put them in an aircraft hangar. And just look at them. Paul Hutchinson, London ItS too much to comprehend. Is it enough for a house in every country in the world? Luke, Kensington trAveL, invest, buy a house, and write the novel I always imagined. Roz, Ealing IN moNDays lite, louisa from hackney called for the public to donate cash and food to help troops in afghanistan. We are extremely grateful to members of the public who support personnel on operations but, in order to avoid delays to personal mail and limit the risk of additional mail sorties, we are seeking to discourage sending welfare parcels. that way we can ensure personnel get their mail on time. I would urge anyone who wants to show support to donate to a recognised military charity. Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel) Another thing ShouldbuskerssingCokejingles?DoyouwanttoseeKatiebackinJungle? What would you do with 45m? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See S IMON COWELL promises to tell us the reason he voted for the dreadful John and Edward Grimes last weekend in the next X Factor show, but unless he says for the ratings I cant imagine why. It was a travesty of justice that Lucie Jones had to leave and Im going to find it increasingly hard to watch. The fans boycott looks tempting. Simon, London COWELL said he would vote for the best performance on the night but to protect his own interests he didnt. The public can play at Cowells game as well -- by not voting for any of his interests. He can only blame himself for leaving us all with such a sense of wrong. S Andrews, Berkshire TruE fans should refuse to vote for Cowell acts. When they make up the bottom two, well see how much he likes it. Maggie, London IT Was the public vote that put Lucie in bottom place, not simon Cowell. are we going to say it is a fix every time an unpopular act survives? If the people whove complained had voted for Lucie, perhaps shed still be there. Not rocket science, is it? E Sullivan, London X FaCTOr f a n s, g e t over your- selves! No doubt next saturday and sunday youll all be watching like sheep. William, London COME on folks, its good TV! Jedward are awful, but they are entertaining and I would love to see them get into the final three! Carl, London THE muppets here are people who waste time and money voting on The X Factor. Its all a set-up with Cowell orchestrat- i n g t h e media. David, London THE problem is the judges compete and that conspires against the contestants. If the format changes to the judges truly supporting all acts equally, maybe Ill watch again. But not until then. Andy, Buckinghamshire Textpoll Q: Is worst of the recession over? 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