IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 24 Tuesday, 10 November 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw Angels & Demons (2009) Sky Box Office Digital AcAdemic adventurer Robert Langdon is called in by the Vatican to deal with a crisis. The Pope has died and the four cardinals in line to be his successor have all been kidnapped by a mysterious sect that is threatening to murder them. Thriller sequel, with Tom Hanks and ewan mcGregor. Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009) Sky Box Office Digital A fARmeR digs out an old scarecrow he found in his barn and plants it in his field. No sooner has he done this than he is tormented by disturbing events. Horror prequel, starring Norman Reedus. BEST MOvIES Changeling (2008) Sky Premiere, 8pm A siNGLe mother in Twenties Los Angeles is distraught when her son goes missing. After months of searching, the police claim to have found him, but she insists the boy is not her son. As she resolves to prove the police are trying to bury the case, they respond by slandering her as hysterical, leading to her being confined to a mental hospital. fact-based drama, with Angelina Jolie, John malkovich and michael Kelly. The Fox And The Child (2007) Sky Indie, 8.25pm A LiTTLe girl living in the mountains becomes fascinated by a wild fox living in the woods. she gradually wins the trust of the animal, and a close bond develops. However, her efforts to domesticate the wild creature have tragic consequences. drama, starring Bertille Nol-Bruneau. A mothers love: Angelina Jolie is driven to the edge when her son disappears in Changeling The Happening (2008) Sky Sci-fi/Horror, 9pm A seRies of unexplained suicides is the first sign of an impending crisis sweeping America, as a mysterious airborne toxin drives those exposed insane until they take their own lives. A family run for their lives, hoping to find a safe place to hide -- only to discover the shocking cause of the sinister phenomenon. Horror, starring mark Wahlberg, Zooey deschanel, John Leguizamo, Ashlyn sanchez, Betty Buckley, spencer Breslin, Robert Bailey Jnr and Jeremy strong. Blindness (2008) Sky Indie, 10pm WHeN a city is struck with a sudden bout of white blindness, those first affected are quarantined in an abandoned mental hospital without medical care, treatment or hygiene. A woman whose sight remains unaffected accompanies her husband into the facility, but when the fragile society begins to descend into chaos, she is called upon to lead a group back onto the relative safety of the streets. drama, starring Julianne moore, mark Ruffalo, Alice Braga and danny Glover. BEST ENTERTAINMENT Americas Next Top Model Living, 8pm THe would-be models meet singer ciara to appear with her in a photo shoot, and discover the exotic location of their next challenge. Family Guy FX, 9pm meG tries to get friendly with the in crowd at school, but soon becomes the target of their cruel mockery. Peter competes against chris in a variety of winter pursuits, including a skating race and the unusual kitchenware on face and head contest -- but there is a surprise in store for him. New Most Haunted Living, 9pm THe team visits the former site of the Gaumont cinema in Toxteth, Liverpool, where sightings of ghostly figures have been reported. An Audience With Ronnie Corbett ITV3, 10.30pm HouR-LoNG extravaganza of laughter and chat in which the comedian entertains his showbusiness peers including frank skinner and samantha Womack. Sitting pretty: Ciara appears on Americas Next Top Model BEST DRAMA Maisie Raine Alibi, 7pm THe stalking of a television game show host seems an ideal case for trainee detective Kyprianou to cut his teeth on -- or so maisie thinks. Stargate Universe Sky1, 8pm (HD) scieNTisTs on earth propose a way to bring the crew home, but the plan carries the risk of potential fatalities aboard the ship. unconvinced by the scheme, colonel Young stalls for time to consult his fellow castaways. Robert carlyle stars. Silent Witness Alibi, 10.55pm THe team flies out to Zambia to investigate the death of a female doctor who disappeared two weeks earlier. it transpires the woman was volunteering for a mission and had believed a number of refugees died in suspicious circumstances. Patrick Baladi and Robert Pugh guest star. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT Live Johnstones Paint Trophy Football Sky Sports 1, 7.30pm Leeds United v Grimsby Town (kick-off 7.45pm) ALL the action from tonights Northern section quarter- final tie at elland Road, as the League one pace-setters face the mariners. Jermaine Beckford, right, and the Whites start as firm favourites this evening. Ross Kemp Remembers Pirates Sky1, 9.30pm (HD) THe actor introduces the concluding part of his documentary on piracy. Beginning in singapore, where he sees the huge volume of shipping that comes through the strait of malacca, Ross heads to Batam island, before negotiating access to a pirate in somalia. In at the deep end: Ross Kemp on piracy Win the ultimate break to a Metro city every day next week Every weekday morning, over three million people read Metro in 33 cities up and down the country. Make sure youre one of them next week for your chance to win one of five luxury city breaks. 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