20 Tuesday, 10 November 2009 London Lite dinner, just good conversation. Adrian was very much the gentleman, but not flirty. Halfway through the meal he asked for my number as he said he wanted to make sure Id got home ok later that night. I was happy to give it. We walked back to the Tube station after the meal and Adrian did text to check I was home safe and sound like he said he would. Ive not heard from him since that night and I get the feeling it will be left as just a good night that neither of us wants to take further. There was no doubt I had a good time though. I WALKED right past Mina to start with as I didnt recognise her initially. I thought she was pretty good-looking. Initially I found it weird as I normally would have spoken to a girl at least once before meeting her for a date. But we kicked off with a bit of banter and it turned into a really good night. Even though I do quite a traditionally bloke job I didnt think flower arranging was too girly. It was something different and a good laugh -- especially as we were treated to some champagne. There was nothing too specific in Wasita HESAYS: Single FILE Mina MoghaddaMi, a 27-year-old local government officer from Finchley, chose to date adrian Costello, 27, a fireman from Ealing, as she thought his job was interesting. We sent them flower arranging to see if the scent of love was in the air... I goT there a few minutes before Adrian, but I didnt have to wait long. Lucy our flower instructor explained that we were going to be making a wrist corsage for me and a buttonhole for Adrian -- it felt like we were getting ready to go to a debutante ball! I chose snapdragon and pale purple roses for my corsage with Adrian going for orange roses -- we wore them to the restaurant, which was a nice touch for a first date. We did talk during the flower making a little, and it was a good to spend some time together in a more natural way rather than just firing questions at each other. When I first met Adrian I didnt make a decision either way about what I thought about him as I wanted to keep an open mind. Id chosen him as he had lovely brown eyes, looked good in his picture and had an interesting job as a fireman. Im not one of those girls who are madly into uniforms, so it was an upside he was a fireman, but not the sole thing I liked about him. We talked a little about his career and he told me a few stories. There was nothing in conversation that felt awkward or made me not get on with Adrian. He was easy to spend time with and it was like being out with a mate. We both have very strong family attachments and those ties mean a lot to us both. overall Adrian came across as a lovely guy. He was interesting and interested in me, plus he was really funny. But as the night wore on I realised there just wasnt that romantic spark. on paper he sounds ideal. Its just one of those cases of who youre attracted to and who youre not, which is always difficult to quantify. There was no real flirting over SHESAYS: Comforting: Indian restaurant, Swagat, TW10 CHEAP DATE Curry is my comfort food, so when I told my boyfriend I was in need of a lift he booked us into his favourite local Indian, Swagat (86 hill Rise, Richmond, TW10, 020 8940 7557). Swagat is an Indian restaurant with a difference, and I was interested to see a whole host of dishes Id never tried before, alongside the classics. From all over India, each dish has its own unique flavour, fragrant with spices. Handi gosht (11.95) was an intense, rich, marinated lamb dish with a tomatoey sauce rich with cumin, chilli and mint, served in a traditional brass dish topped with a roti. Sag paneer (6.95) was creamy and smooth, while the masala liptey murgh (8.75) -- tandoori grilled chicken in a mild, tomato sauce -- was perfect. We also ordered a pulao rice and a garlic naan, and with a couple of drinks, the bill came to just 45. 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