email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Monday, 9 November 2009 London Lite boyfriend left his facebook inbox open, he had been mailing another girl back and forth for weeks. Says shes a stranger, just having a laugh. i feel let down -- should i? Gutted, RM11 how do you pronounce name of cake scone? To rhyme with cone or gone? Ryan, DA17 one of my colleagues keeps grunting, yerr, yerr when he is on the phone. hope he isnt calling one of those sex lines. Andrew, W1 JuST completed hard Sudoku for first time ever. GeT in! JCX, W1 uS LondonerS call them trains or Tubes, noT overground or underground! does this irritate the hell out of any other capital-dwellers out there? Cockney Commuter, CR3 JAMeS (Txts, Fri): so you voted for Jedward 300 times. does barking in your sign-off mean address or your mental state? Nick, Wickford AnGry Muslim lady (Txts, Fri): white man who ripped off your remembrance poppy is an ignorant idiot. Thousands of Muslims from all over the globe bravely fought and died in both world wars, including my own uncle. Tore, London AnGry Muslim lady: you are right to be annoyed. ignore him, though, and wear your poppy with pride! hes merely an idiot. Tim, Balham LoneLy (Txts, Fri): you think youve got it bad losing your man to football Manager. ive pre-ordered the new Call of duty game just so i can still talk to -- and possibly beat -- my boyfriend! Xbox girl, Kent LoneLy: working from home -- football Manager on the PC, work on laptop. Chris, DA1 roCkeT (Txts, Fri): if a firework hit a plane, then the pilot would be arrested for low flying over urban areas. i missed my station typing this message! George, SW17 niZZLe (Txts, Fri): yes, Snoop dogg does work at Tottenham hale underground station, i knew it was him!! Still Laughing, EN11 JuST seen two geezers doing spot the difference in the Altered image in the Lite. There, there, there! said one. True, true, true! said the other. They were very pleased! K, SW11 ThAnk you, Chris, train driver who returned my lost phone. Good deed is not unnoticed!! Nicky, SW20 LuCie (Txts, Thurs): you have to turn lights down for your fish to get to sleep. how do ones with naturally glowing bits ever drop off? Ross, W1 Tube rage! Man sitting opposite me arguing over armrest space with neighbour? whats that about? what a bozo! Baffled, Stratford who is the woman in suspenders and basque in Pret on Coleman Street in the City? She must be cold! Coco, Kent Isitnormalto patwomenon thebottom? The Boho-style makeover of the Mayfair branch of Starbucks in Conduit Street looks great. I wish my local coffee shop looked as cool. My friends and I now have a new place to hang out for a coffee in central London. M Kaur, London I ThInk all coffee shops can learn from this new- look branch. The contemporary style will appeal to City high- fliers while the eclectic furniture will bring in arty types from around the area. Sadie, Northolt I prefer to buy coffee at independent shops and stop all the big chains driving them out of business. TH, Beckton i hAve friends serving in Afghanistan. im trying to get as many care parcels sent to them as possible. To make a donation (cash or food) email armedforcesparcels@hotmail. com. even a simple packet of pasta means so much to them. Louisa, Hackney So The news is that the Government is going to solve our energy problems by fast- tracking the building of new nuclear power stations. well, nothing could possibly go wrong there, could it? Harry, London Another thing Could you be a council snoop? Would you get a Jed Head? Do you like the Boho Starbucks? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See O H DEAR. I thought wed settled this debate decades ago. Tory MP Sir Nicholas Winterton is said to have patted Labour MP Natascha Engel on the bottom in the Commons Tea Room queue, and later appeared to excuse such behaviour. Id say he should be grate- ful not to have got a sound slap for his Benny Hill-style behaviour. Rachel, London HE IS old enough to know better at 71. Yes, its a relatively minor incident, but still its deeply stupid behaviour and quite inexcusable. Richard, London EQUALITY in the workplace includes freedom from inappropriate advances on the part of uncontrollable colleagues. Eileeen ODonnell, Homerton IT IS archaic to pat a woman colleagues bottom. Any man who does so in the workplace needs to sign up for some wake up to reality classes. Ben Waters, Northfields PEoPLE are so uptight and crazy about political correctness that some- one simply giving them a p l ay f u l pat on the bottom gets them upset. A woman should instead be happy that someone thinks her bottom is worth patting. It should be taken only as a genuine compliment. Adam, Wimbledon WHEN I was young, I patted women on the bottom and they smiled back demurely. But that was a long time ago in a very dif- ferent era. If you did the same nowadays you would surely risk being arrested. Frederick, London ANY man who truly believes that it is okay to pat a womans bottom doesnt deserve to work with them. These overgrown schoolboys need to grow up properly before being allowed into the company of adult, professional women. Bethany Sissons, Clapham Textpoll Q: Doyoufeelsorryfor womenMPs? OurlastresultShould religion be kept out of politics? YES 87% NO 13%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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