email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Friday, 6 November 2009 London Lite I THINK that Snoop Dogg works at Tottenham Hale Underground station. Anyone know fo sho? Nizzle, N1 If A firework hit a plane, would the plane crash? Rocket, RM17 I VOTED for Jedward 300 times! James, Barking lONEly (Txts, Thur): football Manager has almost ruined my relationship!! He even talks about it in his sleep?! Nothing will stop him playing it! Any suggestions? Bored and very lonely, CM12 I TOO am a football Manager widow -- most boring game ever. I hide and disconnect computer cables whenever I dont want him to play. FM widow, SE9 HIDINg or breaking my football Manager game is a dumpable offence. Jim, London lONEly: I came to a compromise with my wife. I moved the PC into the living room so we were still together when I played! Mark, Leeds manager for 22 seasons and counting, CM3 DEAr londoners, if you leave the london lite paper behind DO NOT rip out the texts page as they brighten up my evening. Thank you in advance. Roxy, N22 lIBBy (Txts, Thur): Im drunk on way home, read your text. Tried to start Mexican wave and got looked at like Im crazy!! John, London A WHITE man just walked up to me and ripped out my poppy. He told me that Muslims should not wear it! My great-uncle served in the first World War and my grandfather served in the Second World War! Very angry Muslim lady, London TrAIN got delayed and stopped next to a cracking firework display -- best delay EVEr! Hannah, Manningtree TO SUZy (Txts, Thur): that stuffed dog from Wimbledon is now in the National Train Museum in york. Simon, SW19 I lEAVE my shoelaces undone when travelling the Tube. Anyone do something to bring an element of excitement into the commuting experience? Jeff, Kent MOONCAT (Txts, Thur): Ive seen a clown on the Tube put his make- up on. gave the kid opposite a balloon dog. good clown! Greenwich, SE10 A frIEND of mine, name of MT graves, who works in a crematorium, just published his book -- The Tomb raiders. A Lyre, N19 gUy on his bike who chatted me up early Tuesday morning; sorry, was having brekkie and have a lovely fella already. Flattered though, NW1 Should kids get sex lessons at 5? THE displays at Clapham Common never fail to impress and this year I was not disappointed. A Papantoniou, London LAST year, I met my girlfriend at the bonfire night in Alexandra Palace and this year we marked our first anniversary by going to the same display. I won Brownie points for bringing champagne. R Hindmarsh, Archway I HATE bonfire night. My area turns into a war zone come mid- October so by 5 Nov Ive had my fill of fireworks. Nadine, Wembley I WANT to take you to task over Mariahs big picture shoot (Lite, Thur). The implication being Mariah Carey is big. Thats what women look like. Its irresponsible to say a healthy, gorgeous woman is fat. Theresa, London ITS no problem the wives of MPs want to fight against a ban on being employed by their partners. By the next election, all their hubbies will be out of Parliament anyway. Haskey, SE1 Another thing Isitnormaltopatwomenonthebottom?DoyoulikeBohoStarbucks? Wasyourbonfirenightacracker? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I CANT believe parents currently have the right to withdraw children from sex education lessons up to the age of 19! Parents need to stop freaking out about the subjects of sex and drugs. I, for one, am glad the Government has decided to make these lessons, which will cover sex, contracep- tion and relationships, compulsory for 15-year-olds and start non-compulsory lessons for five-year-olds. I Crossley, Blackheath YET another ridiculous and farcical attempt to try to solve the problems that this country has with its youth. The best we can do as adults is to let them know how wrong drugs are and that some adult things (sex!) are not meant for children. The UKs teenage social problems stem from breakdown of the family as well as from a social welfare system that robs people of aspirations. Jim T, London BRITAIN has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe and maybe teaching youngsters about relationships could help reduce this statistic. J Townsend, Angel A SCHOOL is to help prepare children for life, and sex education is part of that. As a parent I see nothing wrong with this. Harry P, Kingsbury IT SEEMS some parents are too shy to educate their children so teachers do it. Too much emphasis is then given on the how to and not enough on when, why or with whom? Elena, Perivale FINALLY were going to stop treating the young like idiots and then acting surprised when they g r o w u p and dont know any better. AM, London I SHOULD be the one to decide whether my child receives sex education or not. It is not a deci- sion for the Government. C Wong, Southfields Textpoll Q: Should religion be kept out of politics? OurlastresultDo you trust David Cameron? YES 24% NO 76%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Children must not be babiedLife lessons: sex education will be taught earlier your Lite? Dont miss a single edition! Log on to: Internet for everyone. Only on 3. 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