18 Wednesday, 4 November 2009 London Lite IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1 11AM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM TONIGHTSTV Spiesarelosing thatkillertouch Spooks BBC1, 9pm AndrewMarrsTheMaking OfModernBritain BBC2, 9pm This series refreshingly confounds clichd notions about our past, and jolly exciting it is too, thanks to the animated style of Andrew Marr, right. Tonight he highlights the contrast between modern inventions such as the aeroplane and cinema, and the struggle of Edwardian aristos to hold on to power. it was also the suffragette era, when Emily Davidson martyred herself under the hooves of the Kings Derby horse. This being Britain, more concern was expressed for the animal, notes Marr. TheFamily Channel 4, 9pm ChAnnEl 4 repeats its experiment from last year, but with a different family to be filmed in their home for just about every moment for two months. The Grewals live in Berkshire, and are British indian sikhs with a modern lifestyle. in this first part the focus is on son sunny and shay, his wife. having already got married in a civil ceremony, the couple now plan a traditional wedding -- but the brides family arent entirely happy about the match. Plenty of heartfelt real-life humour and drama, only you have to wonder about anyone whod willingly put themselves through all this exposure. Y es, the boys and girls from MI5 are back. Youll remember from the end of the last series spy chief Harry had allowed himself to be kidnapped by a gang of renegade Russians in order pretty much to save the world -- spooks doesnt do anything by halves -- and now tonight... Well, its almost impossible to talk about the plot for fear of giving something away, but lets just say you can guarantee a switchback ride of twists and turns. However, it is getting harder to take anything seriously. Yes, I know this was never meant to be a drama-documentary, but in whats always been some- thing of a cocktail of Tinker, Tailor, soldier, spy and TheTwists: Ros (Hermione Norris) and Lucas (Richard Armitage) Emmerdale ITV1, 7pm lEylA wants to open up to Doug (Duncan Preston, right) and confess what shes done. But will she be able to -- and how will he react when he hears about the theft? Meanwhile, Cain finds his suspicions about Charity growing. he decides to do something about it and test out her character to see how honest she is... Queen and country not to smile again until they retire. I also wonder if spooks may have passed that hidden line in the sands of time beyond which hit shows become dated and, dare we say it, uncool. A few details sit up to suggest that may be the case. We all know the post-crunch govern- ment budget wouldnt stretch to the vast quantities of mouth- watering spy gadgetry on screen. even more risible is the notion of the Us paying any heed what- soever to our tinpot security services, but here Ros and Lucas manage to run rings around the CIA more or less for fun. still, they are a handsome pair, capable of seducing any target at 50 paces, and for sheer escapism that you can wallow in theres little current compe- tition in the way of British- made shows. 11.00 To Build Or not To Build (s). 11.30 Car Booty (s); BBC news; Weather. 12.15 Bargain hunt (s). 1.00 BBC news; Weather (s). 1.30 Regional news And Weather (s). 1.45 Doctors (s). Michelle helps an art teacher get revenge on a critic. 2.15 Murder, she Wrote (R,s). henry Gibson guest stars. 3.00 BBC news; Weather; Regional news (s). 3.05 Mister Maker (R,s). 3.25 Uncle Max (R,s). 3.35 Eliot Kid (R,s). 3.50 OOglies (R,s). 4.05 Keep your Enemies Close (s). 4.35 Blue Peter (s); MyWish. 5.00 newsround (s). 5.15 Weakest link (s). 6.00 BBC News (s); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 7.00 The One Show (s). Topical magazine show, presented by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. 7.30 Jimmys Food Factory (s,hD). Jimmy Doherty examines the science behind making dairy foods using a Diy production line set up in a barn, and follows an eggs journey from hen to supermarket. Followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Waterloo Road (s,hD). 2/20. Bolton has no one to turn to when he is accused of the attempted rape of an ex-pupil, while Rachel accompanies lindsay and Em to their fathers funeral, and worries how the girls are dealing with their loss. helen returns to school after her accident and accuses Michaela of pushing her down the stairs, and Kim and Max go out for dinner together. 9.00 Spooks (s). 1/8. new series. The agents are in a state of panic following harrys kidnapping and their worst fears are confirmed when footage of his killing is posted on the internet, but Ros and lucas refuse to accept their leader is dead and mount a mission to identify his captors. see Ben Felsenburg 10.00 BBC News (s). 10.25 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 10.35 The National Lottery Draws (s). With an appearance by Bon Jovi. 10.45 Interview With The Vampire (s) (1994). An 18th-century vampire takes a man and a little girl under his wing. horror, starring Tom Cruise. see Film Choice Followed by Weatherview. 12.50 sign Zone: Gandhi (R,s). Journalist Mishal husain traces Mahatma Gandhis rise from obscure lawyer to indian national hero following his 240-mile salt March in 1930 that humiliated the British Raj. 1.50 sign Zone: Antiques Roadshow (R,s). Fiona Bruce and the team value objects in the Tamar Valley, Devon, and drop anchor at Morwellham Quay. 2.50 sign Zone: Country Tracks (R,s). Ben Fogle travels through north Wales. 3.45 sign Zone: MasterChef: The Professionals (R,s). The finalists cook dishes dedicated to their heroes. 4.30 BBC news (s). PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG Avengers, its the melo- dramatic craziness of the latter thats starting to win out, only without the vital ingredient of a sense of humour that made the sixties series such a landmark in camp entertainment. 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