email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Wednesday, 4 November 2009 London Lite who cares if post strikes go on till Christmas? All my parcels are delivered by Santa anyway... JG, CM15 BoSS has cut his goatee into handlebar moustache and looks like dodgy porn star. Risk sack and tell him or keep quiet? Concerned, Brixton GAZ (Txts, Tues): so your flatmate dries socks on the hob? My friend regularly cooked clothes in a stove pot. Jeans, undies... Ryan, Kensington GAZ: yes its weird, even more than my friend who microwaves her wet clothes. Radiator anyone? Drybones, London GAZ: I use my microwave to dry my boxers. Not weird at all. Lay, E16 CABBIe who purposely drove through puddle and drenched me on Chancery Lane in downpour... ever heard of karma? Sammy B, Hove So BT Tower revolving restaurant is reopening. Lets hope they have enough food to go round. Steve, SE8 If I dont put it in the microwave this side up, what will happen to my popcorn? Hungry, W12 oN 18.03 to Tunbridge wells, train conductor sits with ticket machine but passengers stand crammed all around. Should he give up seat? Let the debate begin. Squeezed, TN1 Do fISh sleep? Ross, W1 ANyoNe else find it funny to go into a pound shop, pick up an item, and ask a member of staff for a price check? Sad Shopper, BN4 LookING for girlfriend for winter months. Any takers? Liam, Tonbridge LeNI (Txts, Tues): never heard of your Scottish dentist Phil McCavity but I did know of a welsh nurse by the name of Ivy Lyne. Brandon, W6 eLLIoT (Txts, Tues): if you hold button as train stops then doors will open immediately circuit is energised... so whos the plonker now?! Rail Engineer Martin, SP8 MoST irritating train habit? People licking their fingers before turning newspaper pages. Unnecessary! Joel, N13 DeBATe at work: when does it become okay to wear a jumper under suit during impending seasonal change? for you, Al. Tony, Alton fAITh restored in people: lost purse two weeks ago, found out today its been handed in with money and cards. Big thank you! Grateful, Bucks IMAGINe the chaos if Big Brothers Samanda and Jedward from X factor teamed up! Kiara, NW6 AB (Txts, Tues): I have spoon of sugar to cure my hiccups, works every time. Karen, SE23 I woNDeR what the banks would score if we did a credit reference check on them! Calby, RM10 RICh (Txts, Tues): no, oxford Circus crossing should NoT be called the X factor. wed get charged 1.75 and copyright would go to Simon Cowell... Walkies, London Should banks be bailedoutagain? I love the name Kai Wayne, it sounds so American. Coleen and Wayne Rooney, pictured carrying their newborn son, have given their first child an exotic- sounding name. And good luck for the future to all of them! Nina, New Cross I thought Coleen would choose something traditional, which is more to my taste, but I like the ring of Kai. Lauren, London Its not my cup of tea, but at the end of the day he is not my son. I am sure the name holds some special meaning for Coleen and Wayne, and that they will make great parents. Dani Roscoe, Tooting PeoPLe want a referendum on the eU, but first they should realise it isnt trying to oppress British nationality. Do you want to leave the eU and turn to isolationist politics? Good luck with the decline of this country. Nicole, London VICToRIA BeCkhAMS new hairstyle looks stunning, but she can get away with anything. women take note: you may copy her look, but you will not have the style or amazing body she has. Sandra B, Marylebone Another thing Is it worth troops staying in Afghanistan? Are Jedward ruining X Factor? Do you like the name Kai? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W HERE will it end? Another 39bn of taxpayers money -- or rather, cash bor- rowed in our names on the global markets -- is used by Chancellor Alistair Darling to bail out the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds. We must take it on faith that this is to avert disaster. But in all likelihood we have now mortgaged the prosperity of our children in order to undo the handiwork of greedy bankers. Graham, London THIS time we should let the banks go under or allow another organisation to get them out of trouble. We, the taxpay- ers, are being taken for mugs, and it is time for it to stop before the country is made bankrupt. Peter F, Edgware ITS unbelievable that the Governments going to force taxpayers who cant afford to buy a house to bail out the banks. Fred, London WE mAy moan about what is hap- pening in the banking industry because of the financial crisis, bu t wh at choice doe s the Government have? If we do not step in to save these banks from collapse, thousands of jobs will no doubt be at risk. Olivia Robinson, Hendon o n T H E positive side, t h e m o r e money we put in, the more say we should have as share- holders. Lets show these banks whos boss. Its time for responsible lending and the end of big bonuses and gold-plated pensions. Max, London To ASk us to support banks who have returned nothing to their customers in the last 10 years of boom is little short of idiocy. LS, Plaistow LET the banks go. Well start all over again. only bank- ers think t h e y a r e better busi- nessmen than the rest. James, Redbridge WHo will bail out the Uk when all the money is gone and the ImF wont lend any more? Everyone is protected except the taxpayer. TA, Oval Textpoll Q: Will reforms stop MPs abusing expenses? 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