email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Tuesday, 3 November 2009 London Lite Is It weird that my flatmate used the hob to dry his socks? Gaz, London surely the newly opened diagonal pedestrian crossing at Oxford Circus should be known as the X Factor. Agree? Rich, SE1 HAs anyone got any good suggestions for our office Christmas party? there are five of us and the age range is 18 up to 50ish. Lucy, TN27 HAIry (Txts, Mon): unlike your boss, I dont think City clients will find your moustache unprofessional if they know its raising funds for charity. Gives another dimension to your firm. Jess, RH8 HAIry: your boss should think about those who need the services of the Prostate Cancer society (who get the moustache moolah)! Misery guts. Matthew, SW1 DOes anyone know a dentist in scotland by the name of Phil McCavity? Leni, Balham Are posties still getting their mail through the strikes?! Maz, London bIrtHDAyCArDless (Txts, Mon): forget about your birthday, are there any brave posties willing to deliver my copy of videogame Modern Warfare two within nine days? I cant sleep with worry. Wobbles, N1 WHy do people on overground trains insist on pushing the door release button before it has been activated? you do know its electric and pushing it just makes you look like a plonker? Elliott, Thorpe Bay AllyeAr (Txts, Mon): we found fun-loving ladies at st thomas A&e after a mishap with soup and an avocado. Brokenface, SE16 DAve (Txts, Mon): reAl gentlemen dont change with the breeze, they are gentlemen no matter what, no excuses. Chivalry forever. NZ Mike, CR7 WD40 FAn (Txts, Mon): simple reason for tube train noises -- steel wheels chafing against steel rails on tightly curved tracks and lack of grease. Andy, Bognor Regis DOes anyone know best way to deal with compulsive gamblers? being begged for money to get her out of debt. Help! Worried, CM9 WHAtever happened to the yellow warning lines on escalators? And the warning adverts? Do shoes and feet not get caught any more? Lucy, SE19 AnDy (Txts, Fri): hiccups are diaphragm spasms from too much oxygen. exhale and dont breathe in for as long as possible for sure cure! Christina, Tower Hamlets AsH (Txts, Mon): if hiccups are caused by high acidity how come a teaspoon of vinegar cures them every time? Fact! AB, Brixton serIOus lack of people wearing remembrance poppies this year. shame on you all! H, EC1 Is new Oxford Circus better? this is 2009, not the Victorian era. if Kelly Brook, pictured, is happy to pose like that for the Calendar Girls poster why should tube bosses spare peoples blushes? Making the pastries bigger to cover her breasts is just ridiculous. Caroline, London she looks lovely in the poster. its a shame the people running the tube didnt think it was okay. Youd have thought theyd have more to worry about than bun sizes. Jack S, Lambeth iM sURe there will be a lot of men who will be upset to find out the posters have been altered, but i am glad i dont have to see too much of Kelly. Ellie, London reGArDInG Frankie boyles joke about rebecca Adlington: I am sick of people watching shows like Mock the Week and expecting clean, non-offensive humour. Dont watch them if youre so easily upset. Emma, London WHen are the british people going to be given their opportunity to have a say about the eu? the answer looks like never. the politicians see it as an extension of our parliament. Michael, Hither Green Another thing Should banks be bailed out again? Do you like the name Kai? ShouldKellyhavebeencensored? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See B RILLIANT! Anyone whos walked on Oxford Street knows how long weve needed this new Cir-cross to get across the junction. Before it would take ages to get from one corner to its diago- nal opposite. Now the pedestrian is back in charge, with lights timed to help the large numbers cross. Christmas shopping might actually be a pleasant experience this year! Beverly, London ShOppINg on Oxford Street has always been a crowded nightmare until now. It should make life easier for people and relieve congestion. For once, an intel- ligent bit of thinking that will help to improve London life. Vikki, Islington The new crossing looks impressive and is a good idea -- if the pedestrians can be bothered to wait for the green man. Nick Brennan, Ruislip The diagonal crossing is the first of its kind in the UK but in Japan and New York theyve been proven to work quite well for years. KH, Willesden I wANT to know why it costs 5m for a pedestrian crossing. why does everything have to cost so much in this coun- t r y ? F o r crying out lo ud , i t s j u s t a crossing! Miles, London IT wONT ease traffic congestion: in every direction youve two lanes of traffic forced into one lane. This, on one of the major routes for the emergency services. DJ, London gIve it a chance to work. Anyone who walks through Oxford Circus regularly knows what a nightmare i t i s . I always use t h e b a c k streets or the subway passage. If it fails it can go back to how it was before. Bruce, London I SAw it and was so impressed I almost took a photo... but feared I would be the ultimate saddo. Goggs, London Textpoll Q: Should there be a Lisbon Treaty referendum? OurlastresultWas it right to sack drugs tsar? 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