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TOMORROW 19 Cloudy ThuRsDAy 19 Cloudy FRiDAy 18 Cloudy sATuRDAy 19 Showers suNDAy 17 Rain Tomorrow 16 17 17 17 17 19 18 18 10 10 10 9 10 10 11 10 Under 5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-30 Over 30 Under 41 41-48 50-57 59-66 68-75 77-86 Over 86 C F 11 Edinburgh 16C c Manchester 17C c Birmingham 17C cCardiff 17C c Bergen 8C r Oslo 6C f Riga 6C c Warsaw 9C cBerlin 10C r Prague 11C c Munich 14C s Zurich 14C f Geneva 18C s Marseille 20C s Rome 20C s Palermo 22C sTunis 23C s Cagliari 21C s Ajaccio 22C s Barcelona 22C f Madrid 24C s Malaga 23C s Tangier 26C s Faro 24C f Lisbon 24C s Funchal 24C f Tenerife 26C s Palma 23C s Bordeaux 22C s Bonn 16C fBrussels 15C s Paris 17C f Vienna 14C f Budapest 14C f Sarajevo 12C c Athens 22C r Stockholm 6C c Gothenburg 8C r Copenhagen 10C r Amsterdam 14C f London 19C c Penzance 15C c Belfast 16C c Dublin 17C f Sunsetand lighting-uptimes 4.43pm,rises6.47am Moonrise 2.12pm,sets TODAYONAPAGE Crime and immigration link censored PA GOVERNMENT report citing possible links between mass immigration and crime had the offending passages removed, it was claimed today. The 80-page document originally contained concerns that organised criminals had exploited higher migration. But they were censored from the published version -- a milestone study that shifted Labour policy towards encouraging economic migrants. Published by the Home Office in 2001, Migration, A Social And Economic Analysis, has been criticised for painting too rosy a picture of the impact of immigration. A draft revealed today shows it went through several changes that removed paragraphs which could have been seized upon by critics. The most striking was the removal of the section headed Criminal behaviour, written as part of a chapter on the impact of migration. It is understood that the passage was removed because Downing Street was nervous that critics, including extremists, could seize on such candid remarks. Damian Green, Tory immigration spokesman, said the disclosures showed a bid to massage the reports findings. The Government tried to deceive the British people about immigration policy, he said. The Cabinet Office denied there had been any political pressure on the authors, from the PIU think tank. Outrage: Damian Green PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY PA TEAM from Cambridge University are racing a solar- powered car in the Global Green Challenge in Australia. The Endeavour runs on the same amount of electricity as a hairdryer and will travel some 2,000 miles from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south.Sunny side up: Endeavour is in an eco-friendly race to cross Australia Yes,youguessed...itsagianthairdryerCreditcardfirms facecrackdown CREDIT CARD providers were today facing government plans to stop them landing consumers with unsustainable debt. Ministers have launched a consultation on changes to industry practices including measures to ensure the most expensive part of a debt is paid off first, and raising minimum monthly repayments to allow debts to be repaid more quickly. Other moves considered are a ban on hiking credit limits without warning. I think I need to live some more before I start writing more -- q award-winner lily AllEn, left, admits she has run out of things to sing about If it wasnt life-threatening it would be hilarious -- explorer ED StAffOrD, 573 days into a 4,000-mile trek along the amazon, reflects on disasters including his gps breaking and his travel insurance being cancelled Simon Cowell suggested now Im a success in America, I should do something -- chef GOrDOn rAmSAy on why he had filler injected into the lines on his chin DiStriBUtiOn HElPlinE: If you have any comments about the distribution of London Lite, ring 020 7651 5276, or email distribution@thelondonlite.co.uk On the Tube JOURNEY PLANNER for the easiest way to get around london visit tfl.gov. uk and click on Journey Planner london travel information call 020 7222 1234 24-hours textphone 020 7918 3015 travel alerts receive free real-time travel info on your mobile or email, subscribe at tfl.gov. uk/travelalerts for more information on oyster, visit oystercard.com lU Customer services for inquiries, call 0845 330 9880 between 8am and 8pm daily Congestion charging for payment details call 0845 900 1234 or visit cclondon. com london travelwatch call 020 7505 9000 or visit londontravel watch.org.uk Roadwatch Andrew Borde St: closed due to roadworks. Bloomsbury Way: one lane closed eastbound due to roadworks. Borough High St: water main work and restrictions. Charing Cross rd: one lane closed northbound due to roadworks. Grays inn rd: two lanes closed northbound. Great Eastern St: restrictions for electricity work. Shepherds Bush Green: one lane closed northbound for roadworks. the Strand, Aldwych: one lane closed for roadworks. Brixton rd, Kennington: lights out at camberwell new road. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting STOP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE By GAry lArSOn BAnK, EUStOn, GrEEn PArK, finCHlEy CEntrAl, KEnninGtOn, PiCCADilly CirCUS: reduced or no escalator service. OXfOrD CirCUS: central line passengers advised to use bond st or tottenham court rd stations due to escalator work. its all weve got, so its all you can eat Well, were lost... and its probably just a matter of time before someone decides to shoot us BNPplottooustGriffinafterBBCfailure PNICK GRIFFIN is facing a leadership challenge after critics within the BNP slammed his performance on Question Time. His rivals say he fluffed the chance to make the case for nationalism and are set to hold a meeting in a plot to topple him. We are determined to get rid of him, a BNP member said today. Details of the gathering are being kept secret over fears Mr Griffin could try to have members who attend expelled from the far-Right party. The Reform Group of the BNP is thought to be organising it. The group is said to be backing a new structure for the party. A number have posted damning comments on fascist websites. One said: A lot of people will still not know what nationalism is about. From that point of view he fluffed it. Nearly a third of 100 people surveyed on Stormfront, a white extremist website, called on Mr Griffin to stand down.Attack: nick Griffin index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html