London Lite Tuesday, 27 October 2009 19 happyeverafters? POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to Delicious: pan-Asian Chino Latino, SE1 IM A huge fan of Asian food but my boyfriend tends to avoid it whenever possible, preferring Mexican or Italian. So you can imagine my surprise when he took me for a romantic stroll along the river, followed by dinner at a sexy pan-Asian restaurant. You could say he was a bit cheeky in his choice -- in Chino Latino (18 Albert Embankment, SE1, hed combined my love of sashimi with his taste for Latin-inspired cocktails. But as we sat down and ordered rum cocktails in the bar before dinner, I have to say I didnt mind at all. We started with grilled scallops with wasabi peas and sesame prawn spring rolls -- both were delicious, but I particularly enjoyed the chilli and garlic sauce. For our mains we had a mixture of dishes with him leaving me to gulp down blow-torched salmon sashimi (8), while he enjoyed the dim sum, especially the chicken sui mai with foie gras and mushrooms. We also shared a Chilean sea bass (24), which was amazing. Ive eaten at some pretty swanky Asian restaurants before but Chino Latino really surprised me with how relaxed it was. Our waiter, Jordan, was brilliant -- he recommended a great wine and put the boyfriend at ease with the menu, something many waiters have tried to do before and failed. He was even relaxed when the 85 bill arrived. Well definitely be heading back there. LISA, VAUXHALL going and very easy to talk to. We had good conversation about lots of different subjects. She has done a bit of travelling and spent some time abroad thanks to her language degree. We both work in the financial sector now but our previous life experiences have been quite different. She was telling me a few tales from university and Ive never been -- I went straight into work from school. We have different backgrounds but I felt we connected well despite that. From the moment we walked into the deVille Restaurant for our meal, we were made to feel welcome. The food and the service were immaculate. Were we flirty over lunch? I dont think so. The vibe was relaxed, but sparks werent flying. Our chocolate class was already under way when we arrived at the cookery school, so we missed a lot of the initial preparation. The class had a really great atmosphere. We left at about 5pm and were heading in the same direction on the Tube, so we only got to say goodbye as I was leaping off at my stop. I would need to see Catherine again to really know how I feel about her. I did tell her that if she wanted to meet up I would be willing, but Im not a chaser. 90 minutes in foodie heaven, including chocolate dessert-making, with Red Letter Days, 49pp.; deVille Restaurant at the Mandeville Hotel, Mandeville Place, W1 (020 7935 5599, INTERVIEW BY SHARON BRENNAN My jealousy plot was just pants Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield I VE experienced dating karma this week. I accepted a date with a guy purely to make someone I like jealous. It seemed a harmless plan but it turned out to be one of the most embarrassing dates of my life. The guy in question -- well call him Jack -- is a serious player. Ive steered clear of him as hes the sort whod tell all his friends every minor detail. But this was a strategic move -- I knew he would talk about me with the other boys and hoped it would spark a hidden desire in my secret crush. It seems pathetic now but at the time I was convinced it would work. Jack said we were going somewhere I should dress up for -- classic flash- the-cash move -- so I glammed up and by the time I arrived (fashionably late, of course) I was getting butterflies. After all, he is very good-looking. Maybe I could start to fancy him... We set off to The Donovan Bar which has a great table called The Naughty Corner with naked photographs on the walls. So, being in a good mood, the flirting kicked in. Jack was winding me up about something and so in true flirt style I pulled my scarf out my bag to whack him playfully. As I swiped the scarf at him, something dropped out in front of us. To my horror, it was a pair of MY KNICKERS. Jack fell about laughing. Why are your knickers in your bag??! he asked accusingly. The truth was I had no idea, they must have got caught up in my scarf but there was no point in explaining as the damage was done. No doubt Jack will pass on my mortifying tale. Not exactly the sort of thing I was hoping would get back to my secret crush... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE S INCE meeting Grace Ive thought of little else -- probably due to her emails. Shes really, really funny. Ive also picked up a few facts from our pre-first date correspondence. She works at an art museum, she never wears jeans, is obsessed by old folk singers and loves potato waffles. Now, planning a first date with someone who isnt an All Bar One and Pizza Express girl is quite tricky. But I didnt have to worry too much because last Friday, while my workmates and I were in our usual after- work pub, Grace and her friends sashayed through the doors. I didnt think shed spotted me and as I didnt want to mess up the healthy email flirting with some boozy small talk, I stayed where I was. Until, around three pints later, I got a tap on my shoulder. Oh my God, Charlie! How long have you been in here? she grinned. A positive sign. Ages! Have you just got here? Cant believe I didnt notice you! My slurred white lie didnt sound convincing, but then she suggested I bring my mates over to where she and her friends were. Before I could answer, she dragged me by the arm, reintroduced me to her friends and motioned for my all- too-eager mates to come over. The boy-girl mix worked perfectly, we got rip-roaringly drunk and Grace charmed everyone. Come closing time, she pulled me to one side. I know weve not even had our first date yet, she whispered, but would it be breaking the rules if we kissed? I realised how attractive her boldness was. She didnt care about dating one- upmanship or seeming cool. So I told her that it definitely wouldnt be breaking any rules... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/CHARLIE_LITE jealousyMy aboutupmewinding Romilly Chambers Canthere?gotjustyouHave Charlie Parrish, centre Breaking the rules of cool talktoeasyveryandgoing different backgrounds but I felt we connected well despite that. 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