email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Tuesday, 27 October 2009 London Lite wonderful reggae busker out- side Tate Modern on the Millennium Bridge -- awesome. Rex, RH19 wenT out at the weekend dressed as a Chuckle Brother, felt strangely good in the get-up. Am female. weird? Barry, SW18 ViCky (Txts, Mon): i had the last couple of episodes of MasterChef: The Professionals still to watch, but you ruined it with your evil text naming the winner. PS: in The Sixth Sense, Bruce willis is dead. David, Tunbridge Wells To The tall, red-haired woman in the Stables Market: we are tourists who enjoy taking photos of Camden, not you. Stop yelling at us, freak! Adam, NW1 newSreAderS read off an autocue, correct? So whats with all the paper shuffling?! HN, E9 SweATy dAVe (Txts, Mon): i have similar cheese fever reaction but im mostly ridiculed for getting a sore throat when i eat melon. Anyone else? Mel B, London SweATy dAVe: thats fine, i get the sweats from drinking vinegar. i know drinking the stuff is weird but i love it! Rebecca, DA7 SweATy dAVe: i thought i was alone. other sweats include meat and beer. im a girl of 20! Cheese sweats forever! Marge, ME4 To The guy with one love tattooed on left hand who got off at notting hill: i got on at Bank, would like opportunity to say hi. Shy, W12 Pedro (Txts, Mon): i didnt realise there were four clubs in Perth for anyone to be turned away from! Emma, SE22 BeMuSed (Txts, Mon): im totally with you about people who stop just after they step off the Tube escalator. its as if they dont know what to expect when they reach the end! JS, Chorleywood My BroTher asked me why his win a date with kylie hotline keeps saying thanks for voting John and edward? Perhaps he should keep trying. Gaz, GU7 So SiCk of bankers empty threats to move abroad if bonuses are cut. let them! extra cash wont compensate for families and friends left behind. CM, SE19 oVer eight months pregnant, done more than 350 Tube journeys and only two offers of a seat (one by a woman). its official, the gentleman has died. Fran, GU34 dAn (Txts, Mon): you say that this girl is the bomb. is that good or bad? have i just demonstrated my age? Crumbly, SE1 BounCed (Txts, fri) : refused entrance on my birthday by bouncers but begged for 45 minutes. They eventually let me in for nothing -- persistence is the key! Patrick, Plumstead IsGamestower agoodidea? NICE for John and Edward Grimes, pictured, to have had their moment in the sun on The X Factor, but enoughs enough. You can have too much of a good thing boys. Nows the time to make your retreat, I think. Bev, Harrow I CANT believe the twins are still in. We watched Saturday nights show in Ireland: everyone was cringing. I reckon if the Irish could vote, theyd be gone by now. Pat, Romford IT IS time for Simon Cowell to throw them out. Come on Simon, it is time to use your power. Sylvia, London whAT will we say when other nations ask us in europe about the presidential election and who voted for Tony Blair, or whoever else it eventually is? having an unelected leader isnt good for democracy, obviously. Simon, Norbiton ThiS claim that 325m in annual productivity is lost to employees on social networking sites by london firms (Lite, Mon): id say much more, looking round my office. now, back to facebook... Harriet, London Another thing Are you a credit card junkie? Do you think Gervais is funny? Should X Factor twins bow out? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T HE 394ft tower designed by Paul Fryer for the 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford looks like nothing so much as a glorified electric- ity pylon. Even if it isnt the design thats eventually chosen, can the UK really afford to waste yet more money? And it doesnt matter that Boris Johnson has secured 12m from steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal for it: that money could go to much better causes. Dan, Southwark WHAT would the poor souls who actu- ally live in Stratford think about having to wake up with this edifice towering over the skyline? Not that anyone would actually stop to think about asking them. They are only ordinary people. Callum, London LONdON is home to Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the London Eye. The Piffle Tower has no place in such company Bill, London FAir play to Lakshmi Mittal for donating his own personal money to the project but it would be better if he paid to do up a tower block in Stratford. At least that way he and Mayor Boris would be remem- b e re d for doing some- thing useful. F Greenwood, N4 i AM happy London remains a destination for creativity. We need to keep pushing the boundaries and trying new things -- and if it annoys small-minded folk along the way, so much the better. Bernard, London LOOK at the Louvre Pyramid. it was hated by the French at first but is now a triumph. i f w e always play it safe well miss out. Having said that, my first reaction was to spit my tea over my keyboard. Fiona Burnham, London PriNCE CHArLES wont be pleased when he reads about this. Sally, London Textpoll Q: Are NHS dentists paid too much? OurlastresultShould bonuses be paid only in shares? YES 72% NO 28%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. 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