28 Friday, 23 October 2009 London Lite Crime. No one gets you closer. 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Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1 11AM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM TONIGHTSTV Confessionsofa Seventieslegend Benidorm ITV1, 9pm Unreported World Channel 4, 7.30pm Seyi RhodeS, right, reports from Guatemala City on a spate of deaths among bus and taxi drivers. he finds the countrys capital overwhelmed by extortion gangs, with organised crime not only challenging the authorities but threatening to supplant them altogether. The police lack the firepower and -- not surprisingly -- the witnesses to do much about the situation. The drivers widows association is a measure of the crisis: its numbers have grown by 178 in the last year. LizSmithsSummerCruise BBC2, 7pm FanS of The Royle Family will have been saddened by the news earlier this year that Liz Smith -- who played nana -- was retiring from acting following a stroke, so this documentary, made before her illness, is a welcome reminder of her singular charm. The camera follows the 87-year-old on a cruise across the adriatic, and though Smiths not a natural on the water -- she dons a lifejacket for practise with worrying frequency -- theres a great deal of pleasure to be had in her eccentric wit. We also learn about her traumatic childhood, and get to appreciate what a tough character she is underneath. T he Seventies were a classic age for hollywood movies: Scorsese and Coppola, Pacino and De Niro. And what was British film up to at the time? Two words: Robin Askwith. The cheeky chappy with a perma-grinning mug kept the industry going pretty much single-handedly thanks to the Confessions Of... series. Seeing him pop up tonight with a cameo appearance in Benidorm brought back my bitter adolescent disappoint- ment at how little deserved the video X certificates turned out to be, but I wont question the casting. The prototypical likely lad -- less an actor than a role model for a generation of undersexedCon is on: guest star Robin Askwith as a fraudster tonight Coronation Street ITV1, 7.30pm/8.30pm iTS the day of the christening, but outside the church theres a furious set-to between Jimmy and Tony (Gray oBrien, right) over Carla. Which of the two men will back down? Meanwhile, there are problems for Mollys secret plans -- all thanks to a birthday present... tual its probably going to be easy pickings. To tell the truth, Askwiths appearance adds a much- needed injection of energy to whats been a very up-and- down third series. My guess is the new hour-long format may be to blame -- no sitcom should ever last longer than 30 min- utes (there should be a UN treaty on this). As it is, there are too many poor gags to pad things out: we even get a doctor from India who -- get this! -- cant speak english. Fun-ee -- I dont think. (And have the writers not reg- istered its only thanks to the perfect grammar of the sub- continents call centres you ever get to speak to a human being on the phone nowadays?) Still, at least its all in the great tradition of British screen. Like I said, Askwith is right at home. 11.00 To Buy or not To Buy (S). 11.30 Cash in The attic (S); BBC news; Weather. 12.15 Bargain hunt (R,S). 1.00 BBC news; Weather (S). 1.30 Regional news and Weather (S). 1.45 doctors (S). 2.15 Murder, She Wrote (R,S). Jessica reopens an old murder case. 3.00 BBC news; Weather; Regional news (S). 3.05 Mister Maker (R,S). 3.25 Whats new Scooby-doo? (R,S); Bernard. 3.50 ooglies (R,S). 4.05 Keep your enemies Close (S). 4.35 The Sarah Jane adventures (S,hd). 5.00 newsround (S). 5.15 Weakest Link (R,S). Quiz show. 7.00 The One Show (S). Live topical show in which correspondents uncover the UKs most fascinating stories. Presented by adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley. Followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders (S). heather waits to see whether the father of her baby will turn up to see his son. Meanwhile, denise struggles to take in Libbys engagement news. 8.30 A Question Of Sport (S). 4/36. Sue Barker asks the questions in the quiz, with Lisa dobriskey, Peter Schmeichel, Catriona Matthew and Tommy Bowe joining team captains Matt dawson and Phil Tufnell. 9.00 Have I Got News For You (S). 2/9. Guest host david Mitchell and team captains ian hislop and Paul Merton are joined by panellists Grayson Perry and ed Byrne. 9.30 The Armstrong And Miller Show (S). 2/6. dennis Lincoln-Park introduces another treasured antiquity to the nation, the pilots land themselves in trouble and Jilted Jims honeymoon continues. 10.00 BBC News (S). 10.25 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 10.35 Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (S,hd). 8/15. With actor and musician Tim Minchin, rapper 50 Cent, Gavin & Staceys Joanna Page and Boy George, who talks about his recent spell in prison. Music is provided by Jamie Cullum. 11.35 The National Lottery EuroMillions Draw (S). oJ Borg presents coverage. 11.40 Duplex (S) (2003). a couple find their dream home, but a neighbour makes life unbearable. Black comedy, starring Ben Stiller. Followed by Weatherview. 1.10 Sign Zone: emma (R,S). The heroine helps Frank plan a ball. 2.10 Sign Zone: home Time (R,S). Last in the series. 2.40 Sign Zone: MasterChef: The Professionals (R,S). 3.25 BBC news (S). PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG British workmen -- is right at home in ITVs chavcom, playing a con- man making hay with the none-too-sharp customers at the resort hotel. Ordinarily his patter wouldnt get past a three- year-old (he even plays the old next-card-I- turn trick) but when Johnny Vegass Oracle is the resident intellec- 6PM 6.00 BBC News (S); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. crimeandinvestigation.co.uk index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html