email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Thursday, 22 October 2009 London Lite man got a job by walking about in London in a sandwich board. Think the same strategy would work to find a girlfriend? Gareth, DA7 Since we got married last may my husband forgets eVeRYTHinG i say or ask him. What should i do to stop the frustration? BF, Hounslow To THe middle-aged businessman sitting opposite me on the Victoria line yesterday playing a Game Boy colour: i salute you! Bec, NW1 iVe found the best tune to listen to when power-walking through Victoria station at rush hour: Wagners Ride of The Valkyries -- try it! Dom, SE25 moST bizarre reason a bouncer has given for knocking you back from a club? my shoes were an offensive colour! Bounced, London iS iT just me or does everyone at the moment seem to use the phrase to be fair at least 10 times a day? TD, London STReTcH (Txts, Mon): been waiting for someone to give right answer to why stairs and handrail move at different speeds on Tube escalator, but no one has! ensures hand stays in front of you so you dont lose your balance. Lkpone, SM5 THouGHT it might be nice if i waved as my train passed through London Bridge station. Did you see me? Scarlett, EC2 LauRen (Txts, Mon): early christmas signs? Devon, three weeks ago, full-on display in a garden with lifesize Santa. Love christmas! Secret Santa, SE1 To THe man who gave us four free tickets to Spandau Ballet when we were at canary Wharf: thank you for giving us a great night. in fact it was just Gold! Spanfan, London RupeRT (Txts, Wed): fella who nods towards millwall stadium each morning on the train? probably a true Lion wishing he was heading there rather than work! i do it each day. Dan, Brighton RupeRT: probably for the same reason that i clap when passing upton park on the way to work every morning! Robin, E16 DiD anyone else out there hear the man who was quacking to himself all the way down St martins Lane last night!? Very bizarre. Matt, BR3 announceD (Txts, Wed): ever thought those announcements to say where trains going are for the blind? if youre so ticked-off listen to music on headphones! Daz, CR7 GRaHam (Txts, Wed): so you want to cattle prod tourists? With an attitude like yours, id enjoy cattle prodding you! Geoff, SW17 pLeaSe help me with some advice. ive fallen for a married man who works in my office. Should i or shouldnt i? JT, Ealing ShouldtheBNP appearonBBCs QuestionTime? ROBBIE WILLIAMS, pictured, is a brilliant entertainer, as he proved yet again with his Roundhouse comeback gig on Tuesday. He hasnt lost the knack of how to work a crowd and can deliver superb performances whenever he chooses. Rosaline, London I WASnT overly impressed. His singing was better than his X Factor performance but his new songs are poor -- more like inferior rehashes of his old singles. Lana, London DESpITE past insecurities, I hope we can now hear the true Robbie, a performer who should believe in himself because he is clearly very talented. Jade, London neW figures suggest the uK population will top 70 million within 25 years. Before we panic, lets think how we can spread the extra numbers across the country -- or London is going to be an unpleasantly crowded city. Dan, Walthamstow i WaS at Spandau Ballets reunion concert at The o2 on Tuesday. They sounded brilliant. Tony Hadleys voice has not deteriorated and he got those high notes. Theyre still the business. Mark C, Croydon Another thing Is post strike suicidal for Royal Mail? Are Ant and Dec worth 10m? Is Robbie really back to his best? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See U NDERSTANDABLY the appear- ance of British National Party leader Nick Griffin on Question Time on BBC1 tonight has been a matter of controversy, but I think its right. If the BNP wishes to participate in public life it should be subjected to the same scrutiny as every- one else. Only then will its members be conclusively exposed as the bigoted, hate- ful cohort of cavemen they truly are. James, London EvERY time Nick Griffin gets the opportunity to speak he traps himself in his own lies. This week, for instance, he has even likened Army generals to Nazi war criminals, despite the fact that the BNP claims to be the only party that supports the Armed Forces. Yet again he has proven what untrust- worthy, twisted, spinning idiots the BNP are. White Line Warrior, London WE SEEm to expect Nick Griffin to hang himself tonight but every- one forgets he is an experienced politician. He will slip out of every question, lie about his partys position and look to make easy political points. Its a chance he should never have been given. Sonny, London ONE way or another, tolerance and respect will lose out tonight. If the guests and audience fail to question Griffin they will be providing a free platform for bigotry. But if they press him too hard, he can complain about middle-class intellectuals. If we ignored the BNP, like a nasty itch, theyd go away. Karen, London GRIFFIN no longer needs to go o n t h e show. The BBC has given him enough free publicity to make any mainstream politician green with envy. He can walk out tonight, play the victim card. C Sale, Northolt Question Time is on at 10.35pm on BBC1 tonight Textpoll Q:Is easyJet-style council a good idea? OurlastresultIs bankers bonus culture good for Britain? 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