email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Wednesday, 21 October 2009 London Lite text from ex saying I smell like a tractor wheel thats been ploughing through horse dung all day. Insult or weird flirting? Confused, RM1 What Boris should do is give season ticket-holders a cattle prod to nudge tourists out of the way of busy commuters. Graham, N7 RJ (Txts, Tues): Im with you on amazing floor sleep. When I moved to new flat I did it for a month but grudgingly bought a bed for guests. Sonia, Highgate WhIle working this afternoon I got a call from 14-year-old daughter to say she was home from school and to ask if there was anything that needed doing. Is it cruel of me to be very suspicious?! Nervousmum, DA7 MaRs (Txts, Tues): I noticed Ireland looks like koala on BBC weather map, too. also, UK looks like Rolf harris with a hat on. What are the odds? John, London MaRs: Rolf harris once painted Ireland as a koala. Eddie, RM1 shoUldnt club bouncers say one out one in rather than one in one out? Laura, N10 BoyfRIend now has arm in cast due to broken fingers from playing football. I keep telling him it should be banned!! Ill look after you, my big freak. Emma, CO5 lynn (Txts, Tues): no, other way round -- your daughter lucy should stick to the BaKInG, not banking! the bankers left us in this awful recession! that half-baked lot! NHS-Nik, KT16 does anyone know why the man in black raincoat with collar turned up nods his head towards Millwall stadium every morning as train passes? Rupert, DA7 laURen (Txts, Mon): I spotted Christmas tree with lights in habitat, Kingston, yesterday! Rose, Kingston laURen: got my first Christmas card last week! Amanda, CO4 anyone else getting ticked off with announcements on the train? I know where it is going, thats why I got on it! Annoyed, DA10 davo B: Boris would probably charge you to walk in the fast lane and there would be no stopping 7am-7pm Monday-friday in the slow lane. It would definitely stop pavement rage! Bex, London stRetCh (Txts, Mon): took me ages to figure it out but handrail and escalator stairs on the tube arent connected to each other, so they move at slightly different speeds. Sarah, N1 steve (Txts, Tues): formula 1 like medals for kipping? like to see you sleep on sofa while pulling four Gs at 200mph. Jenson Button deserves everything he got! Ash, Clapham alWays look on the bright side of life. JT, Crayford Dodrug-usersget enough support? SO STRANGE, all these authors having a go at celeb writers like Martine McCutcheon, pictured, whose novel The Mistress is sure to be a bestseller when it comes out next month. Couldnt be anything to do with jealousy at the sales figures, now, could it? Harry, Camden NOT everyone wants to have to plough through a huge tome. After a hard days work I like a bit of pulp, written by a celeb or not. I use my brain enough in the office. Patrick, Angel TOO many celebs have nothing interesting to say. They live such banal lives that I cant understand why anyone would want to read their books. Erin, London WIth all the fuss about rude tube worker Ian Morbin, remember station staff are often assaulted, spat at or verbally abused. Most passengers are okay but a few can be really abusive. there are two sides to this story. Steve Ross, Surrey ReadInG airlift hopes for 70st man (Lite, Tues) I wonder how Paul Mason can afford to eat so much despite being mostly stuck in bed for years. no doubt the taxpayer will pick up the medical bill. Gav, Tonbridge Another thing Should BNP be on Question Time? Has Robbie still got it? Are anti-celeb authors snobs? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W E L L d o n e , M i t c h Winehouse, for being brave enough to speak about daughter Amys drug problems to a House of Commons committee. Although more funding isnt the whole answer -- you need good family support too -- we must ensure facilities at places like The Priory are available to those suffering from addiction without having to wait years, and not just for wealthy stars. Kim, West Hampstead IN MY view people on drugs dont listen to advice, no matter where its from. The Government spent 400 m on drug reha- bilitation last year but I wonder how many people that truly helped. Henrietta, Kingston MITCH WINEHousE says people commit crimes to get sent to rehab. How can people throw their lives away like that? Ozzie, London I LIsTENEd to Mitch Winehouse speaking to MPs and he was very impressive -- Amy is lucky to have him in her corner. Too many addicts on sink estates have no one and, consequently, no motiva- tion to turn their life around. They have been abandoned by the state and by their own families. Cameel, London NoT every- o n e c a n afford to go to the expensive rehab clinics like The Priory. It is scandalous that typical drug users have to wait for a year before they can get on an NHs scheme. Louisa, HP1 our money is being thrown at wasters who have no intention of getting off the drugs. They have an easy life at our expense while the parole officers and social workers wring their hands. These people are wasters. They made their choice a n d t h e y have to live with it. Eliot, London I KNoW its difficult, but we have to remember drugs addicts are suffering from an illness. You dont have to be a bleeding heart liberal to think that means we have to try our best to cure them. 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