IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1 11AM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM TONIGHTSTV 26 Monday, 19 October 2009 London Lite Coltranescase isarealcracker Murderland ITV1, 9pm FlashForward Five, 9pm Id never dare complain about this job (duties: watch; write; dont give away the ending) but FlashForward, starring Joseph Fiennes, right, has given me pause for thought. In their wisdom the makers are treating the show as if its a matter of national security, meaning no preview tapes, so I cant recommend tonights episode any more than to say itll pick back up from where last week left off. And this with a series about seeing into the future: does that qualify as irony? Life BBC1, 9pm The struggle for existence continues to offer an unmissable spectacle in Life, and this week the focus is on reptiles and amphibians. Youre not exactly going to be oohing at the cuteness of the Caiman crocodiles and bull frogs, but thanks to the amazing camera work, theyre no less fascinating for being all slithery and slimy. The highlight is the battle between komodo dragon and buffalo: even the sizable lizard is dwarfed by the horned mammal, and this descendant of the dinosaurs has a cruel determination and bloodlust thats just -- whats the word? -- reptilian. Y ou know where you are with the still, watchful presence and granite v o i c e o f R o b b i e Coltrane. Harry Potter fans adore the Scottish actor as Hagrid, the huggable half-giant. He was dependable as Fitz in Cracker, too: he was hard- drinking and hard-smoking, but the cerebral crime-solver nearly always got his man. So when Coltrane turns up as Detective Inspector Douglas Hain on the case of a womans mu r d e r i n t h e f i r s t o f Murderlands three parts, were thinking the solutions just a matter of time, once hes got a suitable quantity of fags and booze out of the way. Except it doesnt work like that at all. This dark, hard-boiled thrillerDicing with death: Robbie Coltrane investigates a murder Coronation Street ITV1, 7.30pm/8.30pm IT shouLd be a day of celebration with the christening of baby Liam, but a phone call makes Tony (Gray oBrien, pictured) take a rapid exit. Meanwhile, Pam is out collecting debts for Bill -- and she finds not everyone is paying in cash. backstory of Carrie, who we first meet as an adult in a brief scene at what should be her wedding day 15 years on. Its clear shes haunted not only by the death of her mother but also by how the investigation into her death unfolded, and back in the past theres lots to suggest Hain is implicated in something very wrong. Those who found the recent Criminal Justice series a teas- ing, testing stretch leavened by good acting will be relieved that Murderland is a very different beast. It gets its hooks deep into us almost immediately, partly because we want to know what happens next, but still more because were captured by the characters and the emotions they arouse in us, whether sympathy or fear. Given all that, your imagination has no choice but to surrender. 11.00 To Buy or not To Buy (s). 11.30 Cash In The Attic (s); BBC news; Weather. 12.15 Bargain hunt (r,s). 1.00 BBC news; Weather (s). 1.30 regional news And Weather (s). 1.45 doctors (s). Karen suspects Jimmis patient of stealing. 2.15 Murder, she Wrote (r,s). Jessica investigates a double murder. 3.00 BBC news; Weather; regional news (s). 3.05 Mister Maker (r,s). 3.25 Whats new scooby-doo? (r,s); Bernard. 3.50 ooglies (r,s). 4.05 school of silence (s). 4.35 MI high (r,s). 5.00 newsround (s). 5.15 Weakest Link (s). 6.00 BBC News (s); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 7.00 The One Show (s). Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley present reports on issues affecting people around the uK. 7.30 Inside Out (s). Matthew Wright investigates the music deemed too dangerous to perform, and takes a historical trip on the Thames as the Queen becomes the first monarch to visit her swans. Followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders (s). heathers waters break, while shirley becomes more desperate to make ends meet. Archie and Janine conspire to make sam breach her bail terms. 8.30 Panorama (s). Jeremy vine presents an investigation into racism and anti-social behaviour, based on the experiences of two British Asian reporters who lived undercover on a housing estate. 9.00 Life (s,hd). 2/10. david Attenborough reveals how reptiles and amphibians, including the pebble toad and Jesus Christ lizard, conquer their shortcomings by using tricks and strategies to avoid predators. he also explores how chameleons can achieve a high level of accuracy with their muscle- propelled, extendible tongues. see Ben Felsenburg 10.00 BBC News (s). 10.25 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 10.35 The Graham Norton Show (s). 3/13. The host is joined by television personality Katie Price, comedian Jo Brand and novelist Jackie Collins, who discusses her latest book. More viewers also take part in another round of Thats All Weve Got Time For. 11.20 Diwali: Hindu Health Check (s). Jessica Frazier investigates the eastern medicine called ayurveda. 11.50 Hopscotch (s) (1980). Comedy, starring Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson and ned Beatty. Followed by Weatherview. 1.35 sign Zone: Bang Goes The Theory (r,s). Last in the series. 2.05 sign Zone: Watchdog (r,s). 3.05 sign Zone: MasterChef: The Professionals (r,s). 3.35 sign Zone: The hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain (r,s). 4.20 BBC news (s). Katie Price 10.35pm, The Graham Norton Show PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG may eventually leave us almost as unsettled as Carrie, the victims t e e n a g e d a u g h t e r, through whose eyes the story is mostly told. Writer David Pirie does not spoon-feed: for most of this opener were a beat or two behind the plot, trying to catch up with the index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html