email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Monday, 19 October 2009 London Lite FHED2220PACKAGING2009REVELATIONFILMSLTD. The very best material from all four series of Alas Smith & Jones available for the very first time on DVD! Six hours of classic comedy from Mel Smith & Griff Rhys Jones! OUT NOW Subject to availability from selected WHSmith High Street Stores. Buy your DVD now from just seen my first set of Christmas lights. Do I win for being earliest so far? Lauren, Brentwood so, women can multitask and men cant. examples? Man, London was on tube today and saw a rather large woman reading a magazine with the headline Is it really okay to be fat? Rooig2, London InCreaseD fares! In return, at least give us a cooler-looking oyster card: gold-plated, maybe? next year when they go and do it again maybe well get a platinum upgrade. Dando, SE22 sKInt (Txts, Fri): its not robbery asking for donations for honeymoon. Im about to go on glorified holiday with new hubby using money from our friends. memories will last a Lot longer than a toaster! Jenny, Croydon Im so drunk right now! I wonder if this will even be published! wateva! Drama drama! Barbie, London Kate (Txts, Fri): I just saw the bloke in the timpson locksmiths in Victoria street read your text asking if hes single. His reaction: oH mY GoD! then he grabbed his phone to call someone! I think youve made his week. Liz, W1 sj (Txts, Thur): the molehills in tarmac? theyre trapped moles, you silly billy! Jo, London Is tHat the young Queen elizabeth II doing the lift announcements at Kennington tube? Christian, SE17 wHY does the handrail conveyer belt move ever so slightly quicker than the escalator in every tube station?! my hand keeps running away from me! Stretch, London euG (Txts, Fri): I know what you mean, I also wonder why people walk on the right side of the pavement in the City. we live in the uK, so shouldnt we all stick to the left on the footpath? Mark, SW5 wHY are we constantly told to save power but meanwhile electronic posters are being put up all over the underground that show lots of ads repeatedly? Kerry, N19 just saw a battered milkman van crashed into gates with spilt milk all over road. accident or worse? Milkaddikt, TW9 tHanKs to the woman who shared her umbrella with me on London Bridge on Friday morning. It was a small umbrella but it did the job! soggy. Rachel, SE1 PerHaPs the posties who are going on strike could spend their time picking up all the red elastic bands that are littered all over the place from the post? Andy, BR6 I LoVe the colder weather. means the hardcore cyclists like myself get the roads back to ourselves, while all you lily-livered types let the bike gather dust till spring. now bring on wind, rain and snow! Lance, London Is Tescos waste plan a winner? LEAVE Cheryl Cole, pictured, alone! Shes all about fun entertainment -- no ones pretending the girls Pavarotti. I loved her performance on The X Factor on Sunday, and Ill be absolutely amazed if her new tune, 3 Words, doesnt hit the top of the charts. Lisa, Harrow hEr song is just plain awful! Its like a schoolchild singing and the video is worse. She needs to sort out her song choices from now on or shell keep falling flat on her face. Lauren, London NormALLy the public wouldve turned against a star with this much exposure by now, but she is so grounded people relate to her and will keep her popular. Anthony, London I see 40 per cent of bus passengers travel free, while the rest of us have to pay fare rises next year way beyond a near-zero rate of inflation. Its ludicrous to have no fares for wealthy pensioners or middle-class kids. Amanda, London ConGratuLatIons to jenson Button on becoming Formula 1 world champion. But could someone please explain whats so interesting about a bunch of cars going round and round for hours? Rick, London Another thing How can gun crime be cut? Would Will make a good EastEnder? WillCherylColemakeNumber1? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W E NEED innovation to deal with the challenges of our age, so Tescos offer of buy one, get one free later is to be welcomed. The voucher scheme will help to stop consumers wasting food that they dont get around to eating in time, and by appealing to our penny-pinching self- interest its likely lots of people will buy into this idea. This is a lot more effective than some vague ideal of a virtuous carbon-free life that will never happen. Liz, Hendon YEs, at last. Itll save me the guilt of throwing away half the free pack when it goes off and itll encourage me back to Tesco later. Good both for me and for the store. Hopefully the other super- markets will adopt this idea pronto -- or theyll lose a lot of trade! Nigel, London A brIllIANT idea. bOGOF deals on fruit are a waste of time. Ive lost count of the times I have had to remove mould- ridden apples and pears from the bottom of the fruit bowl. David, Tufnell Park TEscOs top executives should be invited to run the country for a week. Their innovation is always sensible and they would bring some much-needed efficiency to the Government. This is a brilliant solution to a common problem that will, one suspects, be copied by all their competitors. Mark, Kensington TEscO should be more ambitious. They say they will be a zero-carbon company by 2050 but that is too late. The super- markets all need to invest a considerable amount of their massive profits to tackle waste now. Why not start by reducing the amount of packaging on products and looking to switch to biodegradable materials within the next few years? Dave, London A GOOD way of getting customers in the shop. They should make sure that all items that are subject to this offer are fully available for a stated time period which is made clear in large print as part of the display for the offer. James, London IT WONT work. There will have to be a time limit on the deals and I dont want to be carrying a purse full of vouchers around with m e f o r many weeks at a time. Helen, Haringey IN MY view this is just Pr and avoids the real answer to the problem, because that would eat into their profits. Instead of offer- ing a free item, why dont they just halve the price of the prod- uct? Obviously, they would then receive less money. Suzie, N18 ITs also important to start label- ling packaging with the type of material its made from so we k now t he effect itll have on the environment. Bob, Cheam OrDINArY people need to take responsibility for waste, not just leave it to the big corporations. ring your council and get a food recycling box to be used for all your leftovers. Louise H, London Textpoll Q: Do you back striking posties? OurlastresultShould BNP be on Question Time? YES 79% NO 21%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Stop the rot with a good ideaInnovation: buy one, get one free later cuts waste your Lite? 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