Waystopimpyourride Stayaheadofthegame--customiseyourcarwithbespokestylingoptions H ow times change. Not so long ago a shopping spree was a short and simple affair: what the shelves lacked in choice they more than made up for with a speedy, one-size-fits-all approach. Trouble was, it was fast but not particularly fulfilling. Now the buzzword is bespoke. Todays consumers want the next big thing, just as long as it doesnt look like theyve chosen the same thing as everybody else. Savile Row has been cashing in on this trend for years, but at a price few can afford. Now the trend has filtered down to the high street. Pop into Nike Town on oxford Street and the ID department will help you design your very own customised trainers. You can do the same in the Apple Store with your iPhone or iPod thanks to myriad cases, wallets, jackets, pouches, stands, socks and sleeves -- you can even get a cover finished in solid oak. Now the motor industry is catch- ing on. Forget personalised number plates, flashy alloys or furry dice -- manufacturers are launching increasingly ingenious ways to help customers person- alise their cars and part with their cash. Heres our pick of the best on offer. AlfaRomeo THe all-new MiTo has shaken up the supermini class since its launch in January and this must have something to do with head-turning looks, high spec and competi- tive pricing. Delve a lit- tle deeper inside the brochure and youll a l s o f i n d a range of accessories to jazz up your MiTo, comprising stickers, bonnet and side stripes, black roof paint and some natty light surrounds finished in titanium grey, shiny chrome, satin, black and body colour. Prices range from 50 to 750. Fiat500 IF PRooF were ever needed that the Fiat 500 is on a mission to out-Mini the Mini, then its surely the exhaus- tive list of styling options. Its like the automotive equivalent of Accessorize: there are 14 different stickers -- ranging from flowers to butterflies and zips -- seven wheel designs, six interior colour combos and 12 paint options, the names of which sound like theyve been chosen by the judges on Strictly Come Dancing. Fancy your 500 in Cha Cha Cha Azure, or Pasadoble Red? Rolls-Royce You might be forgiven for thinking that a car costing 270,000 doesnt leave any room for improvement, but youd be wrong. The options list is so vast some customers spend up to 25,000 on extras, including such luxuries as a chilled glass cabinet, 12-inch flat screen TVs and coach- lines (go-faster stripes) painted on the side complete with your own motif or initials. or you can set the standard -- one customer decided that a floor covered in carpet was a little too dclass, so it was ripped out and replaced with leather. The price? Sadly, this request was strictly a one-off for a very special customer and the fee was not forthcoming. Porsche IF You think an off-the-shelf Porsche is not exclusive enough, you can boost its kerb appeal with a range of factory- fitted exclusive and aftermarket Tequipment upgrades. The choice is truly amazing, suffice to say that the only part of the car that cant be changed is the body shape. There are special colours, engine upgrades, car- pet mats, textures, wheels, seats, spoil- ers, sun visors, dials, exhausts, body kits, leather, wood, door handles, wing mirrors, door sills and even a dash- board finished in yachting mahog- any. It all sounds exciting but a word of warning: with prices ranging from 89 to 8,066, you can easily spend the same amount of money on the options as the car itself. Audi wITH so much choice on offer its all too easy to go overboard and create a car that pushes the boundaries of taste to the absolute limit. Thats why Audi created the exclusive Line, a package of colours, features and trims put together by the in-house design experts. Key features include two-tone leather to complement the exterior hue, matching leather door panels, sports steering wheel, colour- coded floor mats, dashboard inlays and scuff plates. Prices from 980. AstonMartin wHeTHeR you own a vintage DB5 or a modern DB9, the in-house works Service team offers endless possibili- ties for personalisation. even if your car is 40 years old, you can kit it out with the latest creature comforts such as air-conditioning. Choose a new car and the options are as exquisite as they are outrageous. How about Jet Black leather upholstery finished with flakes of obsidian? or your very own paint finish? Just provide a sample, a cheque for 2,500 and Aston Martin will match it. Thats what Katie Price did and drove off in a pink DB9. Mini wITH 214 different accessories it is no wonder the Mini is still the daddy cool of custom-car world. Delve into the Mix & Match goody box and theres something for everybody and, crucially, you dont have to be a mil- lionaire to get the best bits. Choose a zebra print roof with union Jack door handles, chequerboard wing mirrors and bonnet stripes and not only do you have a car thats unique, youve spent less than 300. The 80,000 Audi R8 is exquisite. But someone forgot to tell Manchester City footballer Stephen Ireland, otherwise how else do you explain why he paid 10,000 to respray some of the details red. Unfortunately, Citys team colour is blue, not the red of Manchester United. So he paid for it to be re-sprayed again. Cheryl Cole reportedly spent 14,000 on a customised hummer that you cant even drive on the road. Its a mini version complete with the initials CC and AC embroidered on the headrests in crystals. 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