Thursday, 15 October 2009 London Lite Only at hhe Carphone earehouse* eith the touchscreen iatio, youll soon be taking pictures with the 1n pl camera youll want to hang on your wall, listening to music that sounds like youre really there, and watching films that make you feel like youre part of the action. All in a beautiful silver body. ^ All pay monthly prices are subject to subscription/recommitment and clearance/eligibility to selected networks and tariffs for a minimum term.*Applies to silver variantonly.yuetothefastmovingnatureofthismarket,alloffers,pricesandavailabilityaresubjecttochange.lleaseaskyoursalesconsultantforthelatestoffers. Visit carphonewarehouseucom Call 0800 781 7975 Worth its weight in goldv The new silver Sony Ericsson Satiov 30per month^ on a n4 month contract wrom World at a glance Berlusconi:Blairhastheright credentialsforEUpresidency TONY BLAIR has been backed in his bid for the European Union presidency by Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The 73-year-old declared his support in a letter to Right-wing newspaper Il Foglio, which was published on the front page. Mr Berlusconi is friends with the former prime minister and invited him and his wife Cherie to his Sardinian villa for a holiday five years ago. In his letter, embattled Mr Berlusconi said Mr Blair had the right credentials and should get the job as soon as legally and politically possible. He added: I work to ensure we do not lose a great political legacy. Mr Berlusconi has been involved in scandals since April and has denied allegations that he paid prostitutes to go to parties at his official residences. Good friends: Blair and Berlusconi Profwarnsofarcticthawin10years PARTS of the Arctic Ocean could be free of ice during the summer within a decade, according to a top polar specialist. The effects of climate change mean the sea could even be open to shipping for months. Professor Peter Wadhams, from the Cambridge University, who has been studying the Arctic ice since the Sixties, said: Its like man is taking the lid off the northern part of the planet. A PAKISTANI bomb disposal officer removes a suicide bomb jacket from a suspected al Qaeda member, shot trying to attack a government building in Lahore. At least 18 people were killed in three terrorist strikes across the city. Arnieswifesorryforphonedriving ARNOLD SCHWARzENEggERS wife has apologised for using her mobile phone while driving. Maria Shriver was caught on photos holding the phone to her ear -- apparently breaking the law backed by her husband, the governor of California, which sees drivers fined if caught. When told of the photos, Arnie said: Theres going to be swift action. Havecockatoo,willswapforkids... A LOUISIANA couple swapped an exotic bird for two children. Paul and Brandy Romero, from Eunice, traded their cockatoo and $175 (108) for the children. They were given five- year jail sentences which were suspended because they testified against the woman -- not the mother -- accused of giving them the children. Coupleshockedtobeongaycruise A HUSBAND and wife from Italy are suing a shipping line because they were not told their holiday was a gay cruise. The couple, who have not been named, want 2,800 damages claiming they were embarrassed after spotting people they knew, but did not know were gay, on the three-day cruise from Civitavecchia, Italy, to Barcelona. No NHS training for spotting child abuseHEALTH staff in London are not being trained to spot signs of child abuse, a report warns today. Nine of the capitals primary care trusts and hospitals have been named by health regulator the Care Quality Commission as failing to meet basic standards on child protection. Some failed to train staff to recognise and report child abuse, or did not make a member of staff responsible for safeguarding children. Haringey primary care trust, which was criticised over the death of Baby P, was one of those which failed to meet standards. The Care Quality Commission graded every health and adult social care service in England. Investigators looked at 44 core standards, including food and clean- liness. Barking, Havering and Redbridge hospitals trust scored the lowest in the country, with a grading of double weak. Fifteen of the 73 trusts in London were also weak but nine were given the highest possible rating -- double excellent -- which the Royal Marsden in Chelsea won for the fourth year running. The commissions London director, Colin Hough, said: The variation between excellent and weak is still too wide. A spokesman for NHS Haringey said: These results refer to last year. We are taking forward a major programme to improve the way we protect children at risk. 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