26 Wednesday, 14 October 2009 London Lite STAR RESTAURANTH RomanAbramovichandDasha ZhukovaatTheCadoganArms DivineCelebratetheIndian FestivalOfLightswith somesugarandspice by hilary armstrong The Cadogan arms 298 Kings road, sW3 (020 7352 6500, thecadogan armschelsea.com) This 19th-century boozer has been restored to its former glory with a 21st-century makeover. head chef Darius Endriukaitis cooks up a seasonal British menu. Who Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich shared a sunday roast here with girlfriend Dasha Zhukova. Who eLse A mix of royalty and commoners from Princess Beatrice to Jamie Theakston and, erm, Calum Best. amBIenCe Mosaic floors, oak panelling and Victorian taxidermy. Bar sports fans will love the upstairs billiards room. BLendIng In Arsenal fans should keep a low profile. WhaT To order start with Jerusalem artichoke soup and truffle oil (5), then devour roasted partridge with butternut squash pure, red cabbage and quince compote (21.50). WhaT To drInK Meantime pale ale, 4 a bottle. BesT TaBLe Opt for the cosy table for two by the fireplace. neXT BesT ThIng The Harwood Arms, Walham Grove, SW6 (020 7386 1847) Restored: Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova, left, ate roast at The Cadogan Arms T HE Festival Of Lights, Diwali, is this Saturday. Celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, this joyous Indian national holiday signifies the victory of good over evil. If you cant make it to India in time for the show, why not celebrate at one of the London restaurants marking the Festival Of Lights this week? Not every Indian restaurant will be joining in, as Muslims do not celebrate Diwali, but others -- like these below -- will have oil lamps or lanterns, flower garlands, firework displays and mountains of sugar sweets to tempt you. Sanghamam THIS no-frills vegetarian Tamil restaurant is at the heart of Wembleys Diwali scene. Its speciality of traditional sweets, all made in-house, keeps revellers coming back year after year for another calorific helping of milk barfi (sugar and con- densed milk), mysore pak (sweetened gram flour and ghee) and jhangri (deep-fried saffron-scented sugary fritters). Diwalis no day for dieting, and even those who fear for their arteries will delight i n S a n g h a m a m s savoury selection including dosas (rice and lentil f lour pancakes) and thalis (from 4.95). The surrounding streets, along the High Road and Ealing Road, will be alive with lights and fireworks. Sanghamam, 531-533 High Road, Wembley, 020 8900 0777 Madhus WHERE better to watch London come alive for Diwali than Southall, west Londons Little India and home to some of Londons most authentic Indian restaurants? Madhus, founded in 1980 and still run by the Punjabi Anand brothers, has two Diwali menus on offer: vegetarian at 20 and a meat one at 25. Both deliver a range of Madhus expertly spiced classics (sesame fried king prawns or lamb chops for the carnivores, chilli cassava or samosas for the veggies), finished with an exotic platter of desserts. Diwali in Southall is worth crossing town for -- not just for the food but the spectacle. Its a stunning show, with pretty lights in every window, around every door, and fire- works going off into the early hours. Madhus, 39 South Road, Southall, Middlesex, 020 8574 1897 Seasoning THIS Fulham newcomer pulls out all the stops for a Diwali party worthy of the subcontinent. Hundreds of colourful lan- terns and can- dles will turn the venue into a shim- mering riot of lights. There will even be a fire- work display from the restaurants veranda at 10pm. Start with an aperitif of Mango Shine before the buffet of fragrant biryanis, samosas, butter chicken, curry and freshly baked breads, pickles and chutneys. A traditional Diwali sweet display completes the picture. The buffet (15) is available from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday. Seasoning, 84-86 Lillie Road, Fulham, SW6, 020 7386 0303 chickpeas1ingredient2ways roasTed red pepper hummus l 1kg soaked chickpeas l 10g bicarbonate of soda l 200g roasted red peppers l 80ml olive oil l 80g good-quality tahini l 100ml fresh lemon juice l 30g garlic, crushed l 15g salt BOil chickpeas and bicarbonate of soda in water then turn down heat and simmer. Once cooked, remove from heat, strain and refresh under running cold water until cold. Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend to make a smooth pure. LamB and ChICKpea Burgers Makes 6 large burgers l 200g red onion l 40g garlic l 30g fresh coriander l 200g soaked chickpeas l 1kg minced lamb l 30g ground cumin l salt and pepper FinEly dice onions. Finely chop garlic. Roughly chop coriander. Crush chickpeas then roughly chop. Place all ingredients in bowl and mix by hand. Place mix in fridge for an hour then divide into six burgers. 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