number of weeks. A court spokes- man said: There were no signs of violence. The judge has authorised Stephens family to take his body back home. The court will wait for definite results of tests from Barcelona. While they wait the investigation is open. The judge will take statements from the other witness present. If all these steps confirm natural causes, the case will be closed. Gerald Kean, the Dublin-based lawyer representing the stars fam- ily, said: They are very grateful to the Spanish authorities for arrang- ing the postmortem so quickly, especially as yesterday was a public holiday in Spain. Now they just want to get him home and make the funeral A SIKH teenager has been taken out of a north London school by his parents because he was banned from carrying a traditional dagger. The 14-year-old was stopped from taking the five-inch kirpan blade into the Compton School, Barnet, after governors decided it was a health risk. Under Sikhism, the sheathed scimitar is one of five articles of faith that must be carried at all times but local education authority chiefs disagreed. Barnet council proposed that he wore a two-inch version of the dagger, welded shut, but his parents rejected the proposal, saying the miniature dagger was a replica and not a genuine kirpan. Mejindarpal Kaur, director of community group United Sikhs, said: The Compton Schools decision is a blow to religious freedom in Barnet. Schools throughout the UK have accommodated Sikh students who wear a kirpan. The school should recognise that the kirpan poses no greater risk to other students than scissors, cutters or cutlery. The Department For Children, Schools And Families has said it is up to schools to make their own policy on the carrying of the kirpan and that, if challenged, it would be up to the courts to decide. 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(Contender, 58.99, cert 15) PAUL JOSEPH POST YOUR iBLOG REVIEWS AT Sound&Lite 1 Now Thats What I Call Music 73 (EMI Virgin/UMTV) 2 Big Tunes Back 2 The 90s (Hard2 Beat) 3 The Classic Chillout Album (Sony Music) 4 Now Dance Anthems (EMI TV/MOS) 5 Ultimate Dirty Dancing (RCA) 6 Classic Big Tunes 2009 (Hard2 Beat) 7 12 Inch Dance Definitive Collection (Rhino) 8 101 Running Songs (EMI Virgin/RCA) 9 Addicted To Bass Winter 2009 (Ministry Of Sound) 10 Welcome To The Club (AATW/UMTV) Source: BBC Radio 1 TOP 10 COMPILATIONS to their flat in the early hours with Bulgarian Georgi Dochev. The next day Mr Dochev, 25, woke to find Gately collapsed in the sitting room. Mr Cowles attempted in vain to resuscitate Gately with the kiss of life. Mr Cowles was in court today in Palma, giving evidence to a judge about their final hours together. He was informed that his partner died of acute pulmonary oedema, or fluid on the lung. He was also told he or Gatelys family can now take his body back home to Ireland. Further tests will be carried out in Barcelona which will take a arrangements. Meanwhile, Mr Dochev spoke for the first time about finding the singer pale and cold on the sofa crouched in a mysterious prayer position. He said: I am devastated. I came out of the bedroom and found Stephen dead. I woke the husband. Its awful, Im in shock and Im ill with it. I havent slept a wink. I was with the husband all yes- terday. He was too upset to call the ambulance. He was holding Stephen, so I called them. Mr Dochev said he and Mr Cowles, who married Gately in Las Vegas in 2006, had been questioned by police, but he refused to com- ment on local newspaper reports that they had spent the night together. He added: I cannot talk about other things. Gatelys Boyzone bandmates Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham and Shane Lynch, who returned to the UK from Majorca yesterday, are expected back on the island to bring his body home. A family friend said: Stephens family have entrusted them with bringing him back as they are too upset to fly out themselves. These boys are like brothers to each other. The band really want to do this for him.I am devastated: Georgi Dochev on his Facebook page LOUIS RETURNS: PAGE EIGHT POSTMORTEM RULES OUT FOUL PLAY OVER GATELYS DEATH Continued from Page 1 There were no signs of violence Grieving: Andy Cowles leaving court in Palma today Partners: Gately, right, with Andy Cowles in 2006 index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html