London Lite Tuesday, 13 October 2009 21 beerdategoflat?Prost!: Andrew and Louisa get to know each other over beers at Bavarian Beerhouse POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to Funky: Parisian-chic ambience inside BEING huge fans of chic Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill (45 Ledbury Road, W1, 020 72292907), I decided to take my wife Danielle for drinks and dinner to its sister venue in Shoreditch (19-23 Bethnal Green Road, E1, 020 7749 3540;, as its just a stones throw away from where I work in Liverpool Street. A convenient after-work date, we wanted to see if the food and cocktail menu was as good in the East End as it is over the other side of town. Based in a funky old warehouse with a cocktail lounge, restaurant and boothed dance floor, the cool, art deco, Parisian-chic ambience makes you feel immediately more glamorous the minute you walk through the door. Danielle was practically purring in our booth (it might have been the lychee and chilli sling which she said was worth a return visit alone). I had the Porn Star Martini, and after a couple of rounds of these, we were more than ready to order some food. The friendly staff delivered well-portioned plates of delicious pea and shallot ravioli (7.50) and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus for starters (7). For main course we opted for the ever-popular pork belly (11.50 and one of the best I have had) and yellowfin tuna loin (14) -- all non-fussy, good quality and delicious. The knickerbocker glory tempted us but we were too full, and instead chose to soak up the vibe and flirt over more naughty cocktails... IAN, CLAPHAM time. People were running round making music with trombones and guitars, taking requests, and there were lots of people in German fancy dress. Id definitely go back to the Bavarian Beerhouse, its a great venue -- and Id really recommend it for a birthday or group evening out. The food was fantastic -- better than I expected. We started by sharing a platter of sausages, which were delicious. Then for my main course, I had a huge gammon shank that was almost the size of my head. Andrew had something else but actually wanted my meal in the end. We didnt go in for desserts as the starter and main meal portions were so big. The staff made such an effort to make sure we had a good night. There were no awkward silences between Andrew and me. Maybe it helped that Andrew got a bit drunk. Were also both really into travelling so we had lots to say about that. We stayed in the beerhouse until last orders -- I had to be up for work at 6am so couldnt be out too late. Its hard to say whether Andrew was my perfect date. We got on really well but I dont think enough sparks were flying to make it into something really special. I think maybe our personalities didnt click as much as they could have done for it to turn into a relationship. The age difference maybe didnt help. Andrews 27 and Im 25, so it could be simply that were looking for different things. Basically, Andrews a lovely boy and while I would definitely be up for seeing him again, it would probably be more as friends than anything else. Enjoy Oktoberfest at Bavarian Beerhouse until 31 October, tickets from 12.90. 190 City Road, EC1 (0844 330 2005, INTERVIEW BY SHARON BRENNAN Numberis finally up forMrParis Gold-diggers wont play ball with me Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield I AM pleased to report that despite my doubts at being able to survive my birthday without a boyfriend, I managed it. Just. I celebrated my 27th at a charity bash to raise cash for Unicef. The theme was Sporting Heroes so some friends and I dressed as Wags naturally I was my idol, Cheryl Cole. Its so important to go for it when you dress up -- so I substituted my blonde hair for a delightful brown Temptress wig... hmm, I think The Transvestite would have been a more appropriate name for it. But it was all for a good cause so I slapped on false eyelashes and clambered into stilettos and got stuck in selling raffle tickets. I had decided to give Mr Paris a second chance and invited him to come -- he called me on my birthday and it seemed the obvious thing to say. He turned up late -- typical -- and we got off to a bad start when he didnt recognise me with my synthetic curls. I could have forgiven that but was not impressed with his lack of outfit a token sweatband does not equal effort. How dull. I had always thought of him as a good laugh but suddenly among all my best mates in costumes, he seemed awkward and I knew I would be having more fun if he wasnt there. I tried to avoid him for a while but he wasnt getting the message. Finally, I took action as he sidled up to me at the bar asking Can we go soon? Er, no. So I very obviously offered my number to the barman who was serving us. He was almost more taken aback than Mr Paris but I didnt wait around to find out, just slammed my number on the bar and disappeared leaving Mr Paris to go home alone. Cowards way out but it felt good. And it should have worked. Praying the barman doesnt think I was being serious though... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE A FTER calling things off with Christina, Ive been determined to have fun. So when I was invited to The O2 for last weeks NBA game and after-party, I accepted without thinking. The game was great, and before long we were in the VIP lounge with free canaps and booze. Suddenly, a familiar aroma arose as the room swarmed with girls dripping in fake tan and wearing tiny spray-on dresses. These girls had clearly heard NBA players make Premier League stars look like jobless graduates. Intrigued, my mate Rich and I got talking to a couple of girls. We ramped up our job titles a bit and, with the (free) champagne flowing, things were going well. And then, bold as their orange glows, they asked: So, how much do you writer types bring in, then? I instinctively laughed, thinking it was a gag. It wasnt. Seriously! she laughed. We dont mess around with guys that cant show us a good time. I almost admired her honesty, but was a little horrified. So, if I told you I had 50 in my bank account, youd walk off? I asked. They nodded and inquired if that was the case. No, of course not! Hes joking! Rich spluttered. So the night continued with us telling tall tales of our playboy lifestyles and the girls seemingly becoming more interested. Then the basketball players arrived. Within half a second, our two money-grabbing beauties had bolted towards the nearest giant. We were about a foot too short and several zeroes too poor for these girls. Which is probably just as well, before they find out we dont own a yacht... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/CHARLIE_LITE effort. How dull. 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