City&FinanceBriefing ITV in crisis as favourite turns down top jobBY nick goodwaY London Lite Monday, 12 October 2009 37 Inbrief M&S to flag up foreign growth l Marks & spencer is expected to give broad hints of a big push overseas and an expansion of its internet operations tomorrow at an investor presentation. Finance director Ian Dyson has said he will be discussing developments outside the Uk. The speculation follows M&ss loss of sales growth to cut-price food and clothing rivals like primark and asda. Return of the mega-bonus l Bankers bonuses will be back under the spotlight this week as Goldman sachs, citigroup and JpMorgan all report a sharp recovery in third-quarter earnings. Goldman sachs is expected to pay as much as $22 million (13.7 million) in bonuses to its 30,000 employees this year. The bank is forecast to report third quarter profits of $3.5billion on Thursday. Watchdog chief up for Bank role l LOrD Turner, chairman of the Financial services authority, is tipped for a senior position at the Bank of england if the conservatives win next years general election. Turner is being considered for the new role of third deputy governor to oversee the nations banks. The Tories plan to axe the Fsa, returning banking regulation to the Bank of england. JJB breathes life into shares issue l JJB spOrTs saw investors today to shore up support for its 100 million fund-raiser after rumours derailed it last Friday. The company said it hopes to press ahead with the rights issue early this week. It was forced to postpone after totally unfounded rumours about executive chairman sir David Jones gave major investors cold feet. Australia Dollars 1.6772 Canada Dollars 1.6036 Denmark Kroner 7.7050 Eurozone Euro 1.0382 Hong Kong Dollars 11.7700 Japan Yen 135.9600 New Zealand Dollars 2.0174 South Africa Rand 11.0300 Sweden Kronor 10.7300 Switzerland Francs 1.5744 UAE Dirham 5.5150 United States Dollars 1.5281 TouRIST RaTeS UP 21.76 at 5183.63 fTSe 100 doW JoneS nIkkeI -$ CLOSED for holiday CLOSED for holiday DOWN 0.37c at $1.5805 >>for all the latest City share prices, call 0905 817 1694* or visit * Calls cost 75p/min from a BT landline & last approx 1 min per quote. not all stocks are available Health hitch hits kraft bid Krafts pursuit of Cadbury was hit today after lead adviser Bruce Wasserstein, boss of investment bank Lazard, was taken to hospital with an irregular heartbeat. He is said to be in a serious but stable condition. Cadbury has already turned down a 745p-a- share bid from Kraft. Kraft is expected to wait until after Cadburys sales update on 21 October before making its next move. It has until 9 November to put up or shut up. Booming Co-ops food sales outpace rivals The Co-op today reported booming sales and profits as it stepped up its assault on the big four supermarkets. Same-store food sales leapt 7.3% in the first half of the year -- better than those reported by Sainsburys and Tesco earlier this month. Revenues were up 27.1% to 6.4 billion and profits rose 17% to 228.8 million as the Co-op benefited from its 1.6 billion acquisition of Somerfield in March. The revenues were still dwarfed by its larger rivals. Tesco sales topped 30 billion in the first half. Chief executive Peter Marks said the firm was winning customers from its rivals due to the recession and the modernisation of its stores. however, he warned it would be naive to think that we are immune to the recession but expressed hope the economy was on the road to recovery. We have certainly bottomed out but I dont see a V-shaped recovery, I see a U-shape, Marks said. ItV Was thrown into turmoil once again today after sir Michael Bishop became the second candidate to rule him- self out as its new chairman, and chief operating officer John Cresswell said he will quit in the near future. Bishop, who became front- runner to replace Michael Grade after sir Crispin Davis also ruled himself out last week, is understood to have declined the job because he believed that it would take up too much of his time. the chair- manship of ItV is increasingly seen as the poisoned chalice of broadcasting. Earlier this year Bishop, who is a former chairman of Channel 4, collected more than 220 million from the sale to Lufthansa of his remaining 50% stake in bmi British Midland, the airline he founded. ItV said in a statement to the stock Exchange that it has revised its shortlist accord- ingly and is continuing its search with all due speed. that shortlist includes Vanni treves, another former chair- man of Channel 4. the saga kicked off in april when Grade announced that he would stand down as executive chairman of ItV by the end of the year. that prompted the search for both a new chief executive and a new chairman of the broadcaster of Coronation street and the X factor. Over the summer tony Ball, the former chief execu- tive of BskyB, emerged as front-runner for the chief executive role but last month talks with him broke down. Balls camp is widely believed to have revealed both Davis and Bishop as the lead candidates for the chairmanship in a bid to remove them from the short- list. One television insider said: tony has outed and ousted them. that could mean hes back in the frame. 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