20 Monday, 12 October 2009 London Lite YouTube hits1bnNumberofviewsadayreachesarecordhigh Drinktonight ...nearaTubestation DirTy Dicks GO On, admit it -- how many times have you come out of the Tube and stumbled up and out of the wrong exit at Liverpool Street station? no? Maybe its just me who mixes up Broadgate and Bishopsgate. Bishopsgate is the one youll almost always need -- the Dirty Dicks neon sign guides you straight over the road and inside. Easy. Bombardier is 3.33 a pint. 202 Bishopsgate, EC2 (020 7283 5888) Chris Beanland Read1,ooosofpubandrestaurant reviewsandbookonlineat thisislondon.co.uk/lite The argyll arms SO cEnTraLLy located that even your dad could find his way there, The argyll arms is the closest pub to Oxford circus, located right outside the argyll Street exit door of Oxford circus station. So if youre meeting mates, its simple for all to find. Surprisingly roomy inside, with tables on the street, too, its not a bad choice at all. London Pride 3.05 a pint. 18 Argyll Street, W1 (020 7734 6117) YOUTUBE videos are clocking up more than one billion hits a day, according to its founders. Footage of Britains Got Talent winners Susan Boyle (pictured below right) and Paul Potts are among the most popular clips on the website. The popular video-sharing site, which was founded in February 2005 by graduates Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, is seeing more than 20 hours of footage uploaded every minute -- the equivalent of Hollywood releasing 134,000 full-length films each week. The two launched the site with fellow graduate Jawed Karim. It quickly grew into one of the most popular websites as users became addicted to posting videos of every- thing from music videos to parties. The huge growth of the site saw Google splash out $1.65bn (883m) in 2006 to buy the site, at a time when it was only serving 100 million streams a day. To celebrate the one billion land- mark, the YouTube logo was altered to reflect the number of videos being watched each day. Chief executive officer Hurley said: Three years ago today, Steve and I stood in front of our offices and jokingly crowned ourselves the Burger Kings of media. Today, Im proud to say that we have been serving well over a bil- l i o n v i e w s a d a y o n YouTube. This is a great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you. We wanted to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer, and an internet con- nection can share their life, art, and voice with the world, and in many cases they can make a living from doing so. Along with Susan Boyle and Paul Potts, six-year-old Connie Talbot also makes an appearance in the list of the 10 most watched. The youngster, who lost out to Potts in the 2007 series of the talent show, is about to release her third album. by kevin widdop Top Ten video Clips Home video of toddler charlie biting his brothers finger (126,143,311 views) Susan Boyle singing on Britains Got Talent (76,778,272) Britains Got Talent 2007 winner Paul Potts sings nessun Dorma (57,570,265) a sneezing baby panda (41,321,715) Man performing in a Star Wars stormtrooper outfit (23,403,452) a clip featuring a man with a massive jaw and no eyes (22,922,391) The Britains Got Talent 2007 final featuring Paul Potts (20,146,171) a dog attacking a shark (19,008,974) Britains Got Talent final featuring connie Talbot (18,972,878) a baby latching well to his mothers breast (18,689,572) Love at first bite: a clip of Charlie and brother Harry is the most popular index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html