City&FinanceBriefing SHILPA Shettys Indian restau- rant group faces being sued for 6 million by its former boss -- who claims he was forced out to make way for her. Jamal Hirani, 42, founder in 2002 of fast-food chain Tiffinbites, is claiming unfair dismissal at Watford employ- ment tribunal and is seeking more than 1.5 million. He was chief executive of Gourmet Restaurants, which owned Tiffinbites, the Bombay Bicycle Club and Inbrief London in world top finance spot l London was today declared the leading financial centre in the world despite the crisis that has battered the City and turned bankers into pariahs. The World Economic Forum said the UK has overtaken the US, putting the capital ahead of new York. But it found deep underlying problems in the UK, which was ranked 37th out of 55 for financial stability. Airports hit by morestayaways l THERE is no sign yet of a recovery in the airline industry, latest figures show. BAA, whose airports handle the vast majority of UK air passengers, said today the number of people going through its terminals fell 2.6% last month while the number of flights dived by 5%. The biggest slump, a fall of 12% year on year, was at Stansted, Londons third airport. China poised to buy Hummer l THE green lobby could find itself with a new enemy as early as today, with a Chinese manufacturer tipped to finalise a deal to buy Hummer, the maker of gas-guzzling mega-vehicles. Chinas Tengzhong is paying bankrupt American car giant General Motors $150 million (94million) for the Hummer brand. Pawnbrokers having a ball l THE nUMBER of pawnbrokers shops is set to double, Brewin dolphin forecast today. The City research house said more and more recession-hit Britons are turning to the pawnbroker, and the number of pawn shops has risen 25% to 1000 over the last five years. Brewin reckons pawnbrokers lend up to 500 million a year. Australia Dollars 1.6790 Canada Dollars 1.6058 Denmark Kroner 7.6771 Eurozone Euro 1.0348 Hong Kong Dollars 11.7700 Japan Yen 134.5100 New Zealand Dollars 2.0154 South Africa Rand 10.9900 Sweden Kronor 10.6800 Switzerland Francs 1.5673 UAE Dirham 5.5152 United States Dollars 1.5282 TourisT rATes UP 10.15 at 5164.79 fTse 100 dow jones nikkei -$ UP 61.29 at 9786.87 UP 183.92 at 10,016.92 DOWN 0.86c at $1.5986 >>for all the latest City share prices, call 0905 817 1694* or visit * Calls cost 75p/min from a BT landline & last approx 1 min per quote. not all stocks are available Cambridge college in dome buy TRInITy College, Cambridge has bought the company that holds the 999-year lease on the Millennium Dome for 24 million. The deal means the college will in effect take a cut of all future box-office revenues, as the rent it charges operator Anschutz Entertainment Group is linked to ticket sales. In return for its upfront investment, Trinity can expect to receive annual revenues of 1.6million. The deal was welcomed by current owners of the lease Quintain and Lend Lease. Argy-bhaji: shilpa shettycurry chain faces6mlawsuitBY AMAR SINGH 40 Friday, 9 October 2009 London Lite Vama restaurant in Kings Road. But he says he was forced out by Anthony Ridgewell, Gourmets main investor, and brothers Arjun and Andy Varma -- who run Vama -- when Gourmet was put into administration while he was on holiday in Mexico in December. The company then reo- pened as V8 Gourmet Group and last week it was announced that Shetty, a w i n n e r o f Celebrity Big Brother, was the companys co- chairwoman. She and fianc Raj Kundra paid 6mil- lion to buy a 33% stake in it. Hirani is also understood to be preparing a High Court action seeking up to 6million -- based on the 30% of the firm he previ- ously owned. Hirani alleges that to make way for Shetty, he was forced out. He said: This ultimately was my company. I learn that since I left Shilpa Shetty has invested in the business. The business was valued at 20 million, which I find highly surpris- ing given that in January the value was zero. A spokesman for Shetty said: The case refers to events that hap- pened before Shilpa and Raj joined. V8 Gourmet Group declined to comment. Accusation: Hirani says he was forced out Battle ground: Bombay Bicycle in Battersea, part of the V8 Gourmet Group Partner: Shetty invested 6m index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html