London Lite Thursday, 8 October 2009 13 This low-budget option is also one of the few e-bikes that you can fold up for easy storage. Made of lightweight aluminium, the ePedal Traveller comes with six-speed shimano gears and a lithium polymer battery that on a four-hour charge will take you up to 25 miles, with a top speed of 15mph. it has a step-through frame thats perfect for female cyclists and a relaxed handlebar and seating position. And when youve come to the end of your journey its space-saving 18in wheels make it easy to pop in the boot after youve simply folded it in half. Pedal-free range 25 miles; charge time 3-4 hours; 699; if you expect your 21st- century bike to look the part then look no further than the Gocycle. The first e-bike to be made from injection-moulded magnesium, it is not only one of the lightest e-bikes, weighing just 16.3kg, but its also probably the most hi-tech-looking. featuring a front monoblade fork with its tiny integrated micro-motor, in-frame battery and rear suspension, its seat and handlebars adjust without using tools and the wheels pop off easily when you need to fix a flat. But the trade-off here is the range. Despite the space-age technology Gocycle can only manage 10 miles of pedal-free power before it needs a recharge. Pedal-free range 10 miles; charge time 3-4 hours; 1,198; Without a doubt the ultimate winner in the retro-look stakes is the penny-farthing- like YikeBike. it brilliantly blends the Victorian concept of the virtual unicycle with a sleek and funky new spin. the large, encased front wheel has the seat and low-set handlebars mounted above it, with a smaller rear wheel for support. it folds up in seconds into a remarkably compact size that slips into a shoulder bag. But with its compact size comes a somewhat limited range -- just six miles with a top speed of about 12mph. Perhaps not much of a trade-off, except that with the YikeBike there is no option to pedal -- its completely electric. So if you run out of juice theres no option but to carry it. Available next year; pedal-free range 6 miles; charge time 20 minutes for an 80 per cent charge; 3,200; Xero ePedaL traveLLer ALthouGh not the most stylish or modern-looking e-bike, the Wisper 705SE is designed to go the distance -- literally. its 250-watt brushless motor has an impressive pedal-free range of between 35 and 63 miles, depending on how much effort you put in. And for steep hills it comes with triptronic Shimano premium seven-speed gears. Despite its slightly clunky appearance its surprisingly light, weighing just 23kg with the battery. Pedal-free range 35 miles; charge time 3 hours; 1,299; GocycLeyikeBike getswheel-eeasyOn her bike: Deborah takes the UltraMotor Metro A2B out on the road for a trial run WiSPer 705Se AS thE rider of a feather- light pedal bike, at first glance i was less than convinced by this beast. it looks like a full-suspension mountain bike, and the heavy lines just didnt float my aesthetic boat. Coming to e- bikes as a cyclist looking for a boost, i thought i wanted something that looked like a bike with a battery. But ultraMotor (ultramotor. com) has approached e-bikes from a new direction, taking the best elements of its scooters and streamlining them into a bike. While i initially recoiled at the meaty frame and chunky wheels, its these features, as well as a high-performing Sanyo lithium battery (which gives a 20-mile range and slides off easily to be charged at any plug point), that give the bike more power and stability than its competitors. the Metro is power-on-demand, so you pedal as much as you like, supplementing your efforts with a burst of the throttle when you tire or, if you prefer, relying entirely on the motor. As with all road-legal e-bikes, the A2B is limited to 15.5mph, but this one has an off-road booster button that takes it up to 20mph, giving it real oomph. At 31kg, i was worried the A2B might be cumbersome, but it felt like any normal mountain bike and has the same manoeuvrability. the extra weight is irrelevant on the road. on the flat, i didnt need an energy boost, but as i approached a slope, i twisted the throttle to get a perfectly silent power surge that helped me cruise up the hill without breaking sweat. im sold. the only obstacle to my buying one, predictably, is the 1,999 price tag. See ultramotor. com. deborah arthurs on triaL: the ULtramotor metro a2B The Road Test Visit or come in store The win-win trade-in. Trade in your old phone with us and well pay you an unbeatable* cash value for it instantly in-store. Plus well make a donation to our charity partner, Get Connected. Registered charity no. 1081840. Prices correct at time of going to press. The value of your trade in will be added on to your credit or debit card. 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