London Lite Tuesday, 6 October 2009 19 blow me away? POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to Stunning: Blueprint Caf, Shad Thames I PROMISED my boyfriend a slap- up dinner after he spent a whole weekend building Ikea wardrobes. Someone suggested the Blueprint Caf (Design Museum, Shad Thames, SE1, 020 7378 7031) and I figured it was something different, so I booked us in. We got off to a good start when the matre d was charming -- even though we were over an hour late -- and things got better when we got a table by the window, with the most stunning views along the Thames. We opted for a three- course set menu (27.50 a head) and asked the wine waiter to suggest wine to complement the meal (ranging from 4.75 to 6.75 a glass). I started with the chilled summer greens soup, which was yummy and Jake had the cold middle white tuna with anchovy and caper sauce. I then chose the onglet with potato cake, pickled walnuts and horseradish, which was cooked perfectly rare. Jake had the sea trout, peas and green sauce which he devoured before I could even try any. But the highlight of the evening had to be the cheese platter and the delicious dessert wine. The parmesan cheese was so good we had to have a second round with two glasses of the wine to match. The view was spectacular, the service faultless, the food delicious and the company was perfect. JO, HOLLAND PARK talking about everything, and seemed pretty comfortable in each others company. Conversation flowed and Alex grew on me during the evening. The glass- blowing was a good way to break the ice. Its not something you would normally think of doing and the fact that it was such a bizarre -- and surprisingly really cool -- thing to do added to the success of the date. After the class we went for an amazing Thai meal. We got on brilliantly and I found out that Alex is not just an actor but works for PlayStation and acts in his spare time when he gets the chance. Alex and I had a good flirt and I was happy to hand over my number when we went for a drink at the end of the evening. Were going to see each in the next few days and see how it develops from there. To book a glass-blowing lesson with Aaronson Noon see aaronsonnoon. com or visit the Zest Gallery stand at Art London 8-12 October. Blue Elephant, 4 Fulham Broadway, SW6 (020 73856595, INTERVIEW BY SOPHIE DAVIES No birthday boyfriend is no big deal CoolChristina hadtogo,soI stayedstrong Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield T ODAY is my birthday. Im not one to keep quiet about birthdays -- I tend to make a big deal about it. But the odd thing about them is that its about the one time where you dont want to be single. Birthdays are so much easier when you have one person to rely on -- to be there when you wake up, to give you the present you really want and to be with you in the evening so you dont turn up to your own party alone. October tends to be the time when you start to think about settling down with someone as the nights draw in. So usually theres some new boy Im in the exciting phase of the first few dates with and my birthday becomes another reason to see him. My other tendency when Im single is to find myself being drawn back to an ex-boyfriend or fling, through boredom or vulnerability perhaps. And I have the perfect opportunity as Mr Paris has been back in touch after the dumping. Naturally Ive been carefully ignoring him -- or, more honestly, analysing every letter of his texts, but doing fairly well at playing hard to get until I realised my birthday was on the horizon. My wavering resolve wasnt helped by my mother who looked at me with pity the other day when I informed her there wasnt anyone special at the moment; there is nothing worse than your own mum feeling sorry for you. But Im sticking to my guns this year -- after all Im incredibly lucky to have lots of amazing friends who always make a fuss of me and the best sister in the world who will traipse back from uni to stay with me. Who needs a boyfriend, right? Lets hope Im singing the same tune after one too many birthday drinks... FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE I SPENT the past week deciding if I should end things with Christina. After the debacle of meeting her pretentious pals, it dawned on me that my ideal girl also fits into this category as snugly as an overly skinny jean. I love going out and about, but I like the complete opposite, too. I want to sometimes hang out with my girlfriend at home at the weekend with a DVD. Christina seems too concerned that shed be missing out on some bleeding- edge social occasion to entertain the idea of being so dull. So, I prepared for The Chat. It didnt help that when she met me at a carefully selected bar between our flats she looked amazing. Christ, I thought, why I am getting rid of this incredibly hot girl? What if I never get one this pretty ever again? Then I remembered Im meant to be a grown-up now, and grown-ups make decisions based on more than just fringes and figures. Im not sure this is working out, I said immediately after we sat down. Oh, she said. But weve just agreed were not seeing other people? And I thought we were going to that gig this week? I told her I didnt think I was trendy enough, which sounded rubbish when I said it out loud. Thats crazy, she said. I guess Im more up on fashion and parties, but I was fine with that. I thought it was working. Now, I didnt feel so bad. She made me sound like the worlds dullest man. I muttered an apology and then suddenly she was on her feet: Fine then. But dont expect me to answer the phone if you ring. F*** off. How did I feel? Bloody relieved. 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