London Lite Monday, 5 October 2009 13 Whats in my fridge? BLUE singer Simon Webbe, 31, is spearheading the Get On campaign, a scheme to promote motorcycling and scootering in the UK. See to sign up for a free one-hour riding taster session in your area. I used to weight-train so Ive always been into nutrition. Im very aware of my diet. The first thing I have every day is a Berocca, then Ill have porridge and lactose-free rice milk. Im usually on the go at lunchtime, so Ill pack a left-over dinner from the night before or Ill have a pasta salad or a jacket potato, or the healthiest and most balanced meal you can have -- beans on wholemeal toast. dinner is normally a Caribbean or Iranian meal. I snack on Max Plus protein bars throughout the day. My fridge is stocked with salad and fruit but most of the time I forget about them and they go off. I try to stick to white meat but twice a month Ill binge on a steak. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: The food Simon eats at meal times is healthy but what worries me are the supplements and protein bars he takes. Unless Simons still doing serious weight- training its unlikely he needs to eat so much protein. he should ditch them and start eating some of the fruit in his fridge. If he ate more fruit he could also ditch the vitamin supplements because hed be getting vitamin C in a natural form. The vitamin supplements Simon takes contain high doses of the B vitamins and vitamin C -- much more than the recommended daily amounts. Both vitamins are water-soluble which means if you take in more than your body needs it will simply be excreted in the urine. Argentine tango Of all dances, this is the one that breathes passion, long, hot nights, love, ecstasy, frus- tration and loss. The legend of tango is that it evolved in the late 19th century in the brothels of Buenos aires. There were not enough girls to go round, so the pimps would play music and clients would tango with one another while they waited. In the dance the leader, usually the man, holds the followers right hand in his left, with his arm round her waist, stalk- ing her round the floor. Group milongas -- nights where people dance the tango -- are increasingly popular in london, so it is an excellent choice if you want to dance socially. Muscles worked: It will firm up and strengthen your abs, waist, legs, buttocks, shoulders and lower back. Calories burned: 260 to 500. Classes: Tango fever is running its next set of five weekly beginners classes from 20 October, 7.30-8.30pm. The Exmouth Market Centre, 24 Exmouth Market, EC1. Jive a sIsTEr to the jitterbug and the boogie-woogie, the j ive i s a l ive ly a nd uninhibited dance which e v o l v e d i n t h e Thirties. It was popu- lar among african americans in the states, and was brought to Europe during the second World War. Its a fast-paced dance, making it a brilliant workout. The movements require a fast lower body routine that typically involves stepping, fast-paced walking, leaping and squatting, and lots of kicks and flicks. a key move is the american spin, where the man lets go of the woman and lets her spin on her own. Muscles worked: This is a full-body workout, toning and strengthening most of the muscles. Calories burned: 400-600. Classes: Jive Nation is running a course of six weekly beginners classes starting today from 7.45pm- 8.30pm at sway, 61-65 Great Queens street, WC2. Samba ThE samba is the national dance of Brazil. There are myriad variations of the dance, which is african in origin. Perhaps the best- known is the street version danced at the rio Carnival. Before 1914 it was known as Maxixe; it gained profile when fred astaire danced it on the big screen, and again when Carmen Miranda followed suit. after the second World War, it became popular in Europe. The samba is an exuberant, bouncy dance, with a great deal of hip-wiggling and booty- shaking. It has a specific rhythm, with three steps every four beats, and usually includes voltas, in which you cross over your feet, and rolls, where the dancers bodies come close together and rotate in suggestive sync. Muscles worked: a great cardio workout, strengthening thighs, hips, glutes and calves as well as your core. Calories burned: 500 Classes: The london school Of sambas beginners classes are every sunday from 6pm-7.30pm, at Waterloo action Centre, 14 Baylis road, sE1. londonschoolofsamba. If you are a trained dancer keen to help amateurs, email jenni@simplydancing You could help in ballroom and Latin classes, earning 10 an hour, several nights a week. getfit! 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