Health,beauty & fitness AngelA ChAlmers, pharmacist from the Boots holloway road store answers your health queries. What causes it? It Is estimated that more than half of women in Britain suffer pains of varying severity before, during or just after their period. these can also be referred to as menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhoea. they are caused by contractions in the muscles of the uterus as the body releases hormones (prostaglandins), which help to push out the lining of the womb during a period. the most common type of period pain is not caused by any medical problem. If period pains are more than an inconvenience, consult your doctor or gynaecologist. What can I do? the severity of period pains varies from woman to woman. A number of treatments can help ease the pain, including nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs. Products to consider: Boots Paracetamol extra Tablets, 1.29 for a pack of 16: these are gentle on the stomach and provide fast-acting pain relief. nurofen express liquid Capsules 200mg, 3.99 for a pack of 16: works twice as fast as standard ibuprofen to relieve pain. Cura-heat Period Pain patches, 3.69: provide 12-hour warming relief from the aches and cramps. 12 Monday, 5 October 2009 London Lite Sominex. Its time to sleep. Sominex contains promethazine hydrochloride. Always read the label. O UR TV screens are once again filled with sequins, frills and Bruce Forsyth. Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back. But, great as it is to watch the danc- ers shimmy across the screen, why not put down the remote and get in- volved? Dancing floods your body with the feelgood chemical serotonin, making it per- fect for keeping the winter blues at bay. It can also ward off dementia, high blood pressure and osteoporosis, and better still, it makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. If your moves need a little help, weve included class listings to help you on your way. Cuban salsa CUBan or Casino salsa is relatively young compared to other Latin american dances. It developed in the Thirties and Forties when Cuban immigrants brought their salsa moves from Havana to new York and blended rocknroll elements into their routines. Salsa, meaning sauce, is a hot and sensuous dance, based on three steps or weight changes every four beats in the music. The leader, usually the man, holds the followers hand at eye level, his other arm round her waist and hers round his neck or back. There is a good deal of hip-swivelling and the dancers should flirt -- where the woman dances apart from the man, and he tries to attract her attention. There are loads of places in London where you can dance this socially. muscles worked: Its a rapid dance, so excellent cardio. It tones and strengthens abs, waist, legs, buttocks and shoulders. Calories burned per hour: 400-600 Classes: Salsa UK holds classes for all levels every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7.30pm-9.30pm at 176 Whitechapel Road, E11. This is followed by free social danc- ing until midnight. Waltz EVoCaTIVE of Vienna and the Blue Danube, the waltz is the dance people most commonly associate with the ballroom. The name comes from the old German world walzen, to turn or glide, and the dance derives from old German and austrian peasant dances. It became fashionable in Vienna in the 1780s, where it was later championed by composer Johann Strauss I. The waltz is relatively easy to learn, with the least steps of all the ballroom dances. It should be elegant and fluid with the upper body held taut and square. muscles worked: This is a low-impact routine, and will strengthen ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks and abs. Calories burned: 250-300 Classes: T h e M r Wonderful Dancing school offers group lessons, includ- ing the classic waltz, at Fitness First, 9 Devonshire Square, Cutlers Gardens, EC2. mrwonder- Askthepharmacist... monthly cramps BY ReBecca NewmaN Spa of the week Staytonedandburnupto 600caloriesatadanceclass 55 minutes, is a great facial with exfoliatiors that leaves clogged, dull, grey skin gleaming and squeaky clean. Service Understated but super-attentive, the staff make you feel pampered without going over the top with faffing and fuss. the relaxed Irish attitude makes the high-gloss surroundings feel homely and unintimidating. The X factor Designed by the milliner Philip treacy, who was brought up in County Galway, the G is famous in Ireland for its ultra-modern (and slightly over-the-top) design. Black glass walls, acid raspberry tearooms and lots of swarovski crystals -- its like walking into your very own Vogue shoot. Celeb rating Daahling, theyve all been there. erin OConnor, Jasmine Guinness... but mostly its locals overcome by the glamour. Is it worth it? Yes, probably. But it will be better value when the pound gets stronger against the euro. Score 7 out of 10 MARIANNE POWER E Spa at The G Hotel Wellpark Galway, County Galway, Ireland ( Prices We wont lie, its expensive. But its also very high-end -- not one of those we offer a facial therefore we are a spa jobbies. the cheapest treatment is a 25-minute salt body scrub at about 45. hour-long full body massages are 85 and facials range from 90- 190. however, the use of the stunning Japanese-inspired thermal suite, complete with marble and origami cranes, makes the whole experience worth it. 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