44 Friday, 2 October 2009 London Lite LITESPORT SNUBBEDSTRAUSSWILLMAKE AUSSIESPAY PAGES38&39 I FAILED AFTER LEAVINGSPURSBerbatovis feelingheat atManUtd BY GEOFF TEATHER Keegan: I quit over player signed off YouTube 2m win: Newcastle to pay Keegan damages NEWCASTLE were today ordered to pay former boss Kevin Keegan 2m in damages after he won his case for constructive dismissal. The independent arbitration panel found in Keegans favour following his departure from the club in September last year. Despite losing the case, the level of damages will come as a relief to owner Mike Ashley after it was confirmed that Keegan was claiming in excess of 25m -- 8.6million in salary and a further 16.5million in stigma damages for the effect of the saga on his future earning capacity. Keegan said: I am delighted that the Premier League Managers Arbitration Tribunal has today formally announced that it has upheld my claim for wrongful dismissal against Newcastle United Football Club. I took the decision to resign in September 2008 only after very careful and anxious consideration. The decision to resign was one of the most difficult that I have ever had to take in my life. I believe that anybody who knows me and my attachment to Newcastle United and the North East in general will understand how difficult this must have been. I very much hope that the decision of the Tribunal now confirms why I felt that I had no option but to resign from the position as manager of the club that I love. I resigned because I was being asked to sanction the signing of a player in order to do a favour for two South American agents. No one at the club had seen this player play and I was asked to sign him on the basis of some clips on YouTube. The club knew that I objected strongly to this transfer and were aware that by continuing with it I was likely to feel that I had no option but to resign. Notwithstanding this they nevertheless went on to sign the player at very substantial cost to the club. BREAKING NEWS... Buttonleftin thegarageby raininSuzuka JENSON BUTTON sat out todays second practice session for Sundays Japanese Grand Prix as heavy rain fell at Suzuka. Championship leader Button, who only finished 18th in a damp first session, said: Youve got to be careful here because you dont get many tyres over a weekend and this place damages tyres quickly. This morning was useful but this place is so much more fun in the dry. Tomorrow morning theres a good chance of it being, hopefully, dry for qualifying. Team-mate Rubens Barrichello, 15 points behind Button in the title race, also kept dry in the Brawn GP garage after a wet first run (above) and said: This throws things up in the air a little bit -- I just like it. PriorandBroad misssemi-final ENGLAND were forced into multiple changes for their Champions Trophy semi-final against Australia after Stuart Broad and Matt Prior were ruled out. All-rounder Broad was sidelined with a muscle tear in his left buttock while wicketkeeper Prior has not sufficiently recovered from a virus and was therefore replaced in the official squad by the uncapped Steven Davies. Graham Onions was selected ahead of Ryan Sidebottom as Andrew Strauss won the toss and chose to bat. LEWIS BLASTS BACK: PAGE 39 BY NEAL COLLINS DIMITAR BERBATOV has spoken for the first time of his nightmare since leaving Spurs to go to Old Trafford. He admits that his 30.75m switch to Manchester United on transfer dead- line day in August last year ended in failure and left him laying awake at night thinking about his mistakes. And his soul-searching has been compounded by events at White Hart Lanesincehisdeparture,whereHarry Redknapps biggest headache each week is deciding which hat-trick hero to leave out of the starting line up. In a brutally honest appraisal of his situation, Berbatov, 28, told The Sun: In my first year I was disappointed in myself. I need to say that. It was a big pressure for me and maybe I failed myself. I think I wanted to prove myself to these supporters. They are used to Best, Charlton, Cantona. I am just Dimitar. I got a number of assists but I must score more goals. Hisconfidencewasshottopiecesand critics were quick to point out that he was one of the most expensive substi- tutes the Premier league had ever seen. IdontknowwhatIamdoingwrong sometimes.Maybeitsluck,maybeits me, who knows? AtnightsIhavestayedawakethink- ing You could have done this instead. United fans are still unsure of Ber- batovs value to the side, particularly following the departure of the ever- popular Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, both of whom have immedi- ately settled at their new clubs. TheBulgarianstrikerfacesconstant accusations of being lazy. This is my style of play. I dont run for no reason. I am always alert and ready, But he can understand fans who are unhapy with him. That is my fault, not theirs. It is me who must change. Manchester United are their club and they have treated me perfectly since I came. Time will tell if that deadline day saga was worth the effort. Ground zero: Dimitar Berbatov reveals he had nightmares after his move to Old Trafford and understands the fans reaction Theyre used to Best, Charlton, Cantona. 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