email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Friday, 2 October 2009 London Lite Stood next to Adrian Chiles at the Joy Formidable gig yesterday. Wasnt expecting him there. Any other celebrities seen in unexpected places? Stu, Gidea Park LEE (Txts, Thur): I went to work without a belt and got called a Nobelt Prize-winner all day. Bhups, London WhAtS worse? Socks and sandals or tights and toe posts? Crunicorn, ME14 SIMoN (Txts, Thur): I once helped lady with pram, too. Picked up pram by the footrest which then snapped in two. Baby stayed in pram and laughed. Mother didnt. Simon, TW2 SIMoN: my dad tipped a man with no legs out of his wheelchair while he was helping him! Lil, Kent EvA (Txts, Thur): Someone yelled, I am the Son of God at me at Liverpool St yesterday. I dont think he was though. Paul M, N15 EvA: some guy just picked up my iPod that was on the table in front of me and asked if it was mine or if someone had lost it... a little odd considering I was listening to it at the time. Jo, London Got locked in the park when out running after work. how the hell did it get so dark so quick?! Anyone else hating the early evenings? Jordan, N21 IM all for workers rights but postal workers -- please stop striking! Been waiting for a parcel for over a month! Sam, London ANy ideas for a non-budget- busting but unusual Christmas daytime activity in London for a bunch of middle-aged suits up for a laugh? Stumped PA, WC2 ANNA (Txts, Thur): someone who understands the beautiful harmony of chips and gravy. Whats this curry sauce nonsense about? Kate B, W4 M (Txts, Thur): could be worse. I once got home to find the Final Countdown blasting out and my dad wearing a Che Guevara sleeveless t-shirt! PC, E2 vICKy (Txts, Thur): calling people superstitious because there was no plane seat with your lucky number 13 is a bit ironic. Alex, SE17 LovE it when Michel Roux Jr (MasterChef Professionals) describes the classic dish in his sexy French accent. So hot! Chantelle, SE27 MAvERICK (Txts, Thur): after the Scrabble tiles in hackney, I look forward to Monopoly tiles on the old Kent Road. Morph, E9 hACKNEy Marsh heroes (Lite, Thur): it says so much you all ran without a second thought to help a woman in distress. If more people were like you, the world would be better for it! Katie, London Should fraud kingpinpayup? We have a colony of about 20 parakeets that fly between the gardens in our neighbourhood. The novelty wore off quickly, particularly for anybody who hangs out their washing! I welcome the new ruling allowing them to be shot or trapped from 1 January: the new year is hunting season as far as Im concerned. J Ahir, Richmond They brighten up the day with all their lovely colours. What is wrong with this world? Its sickening people can now shoot something just because they dont like it. Linda Cliff, London The parakeets are a pleasure. My neighbour and I are always out admiring their beauty. They should not be allowed to be killed. Wendy K, Streatham ShAME the supposed Music of Black origin awards involved so little music all night. People are sick of the same old lame rap riffs that have no tune. Real musicians come last these days. K Price, Luton I doNt like the idea of Rupert Grint doing a sex scene in his new film. As a mother, I still think of him as the little boy from harry Potter. I know people grow up but I cant get past it! Ana B, ME8 Another thing Has your post gone missing? Is Cowell looking good for 50? Should parakeets be culled? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W H AT happened with Raymond May makes a mockery of justice. In 2002 he was sentenced to four years in jail and ordered to pay back 3.6m of his ill-gotten gains from his role in a 12m VAT fraud. Now a court hearing reveals after his spending spree the 4.1m (including interest) is unlikely ever to be recovered. What kind of example does this set to society? Will, Maida Vale WHAT planet are his lawyers on? Theyre claiming that to force repay- ment would infringe his human rights because of the length of time since his conviction. What nonsense. He must be held to account. Lou GS, London THIs case is a joke. If he doesnt pay up then confiscate any assets. If he has no assets then send him back to prison. Ignore the rubbish about human rights. He has had his lavish lifestyle and now it is time to pay. If you cant do the time, dont do the crime. Dom, London To pAy back the debt he should be made to do community service for the rest of his life if he cant come up with the cash. He can spend his week- ends in jail. D o n t l e t h i m g e t away with leading a life of crime. Kerry, Purley If MAy is not forced to repay the money in full he simply has to be jailed. He is not the only criminal low-life to have dodged the asset confiscation order and if he goes unpunished, every crook out there will be laughing at the law. Its time to get tough -- or we might as well hand the country over to the criminals right now. Junior, London sADLy, once again t he l aw - yers have shown that they are more interested in the gravy train of human rights legislation than they are in real- world justice. How can anyone possibly bring themselves to defend this man? Dave, London Textpoll Q: Do you trust David Cameron? 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