IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 30 Thursday, 1 October 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw Role Models (2008) Sky Box Office Digital Two irresponsible salesmen find themselves in trouble with the law after crashing their truck. To avoid jail, they agree to do community service looking after two troubled kids -- a geeky teenager and a foul- mouthed youngster. However, jail soon looks like it would have been the easier option. Comedy, starring Paul Rudd and Seann william Scott. Bride Wars (2008) Sky Box Office Digital Two lifelong best friends become bitter rivals when their weddings are scheduled for the same day. Comedy, with Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Candice Bergen. BEST MOvIES Hitman (2007) Sky Screen 2/HD, 9pm (HD) A nAmeleSS genetically engineered assassin exists at the beck and call of a mysterious organisation. when he fails in his latest mission, the cold-blooded killer becomes the target himself, as security forces worldwide become aware of his existence and a rival agent is assigned to tie up loose ends. Action thriller, starring Timothy olyphant and Dougray Scott. All The Presidents Men (1976) TCM, 9pm THe true story of washington Post reporters Bob woodward and Carl Bernstein, who persevered in their investigation of the links between the watergate break-in and the white House, a scandal that eventually forced the resignation of President nixon. Alan J Pakulas political drama, starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Murder in mind: Timothy Olyphant finds himself hunted down by merciless factions in Hitman 48 Hours (1982) Sky Comedy, 10pm A HARD-BiTTen cop enlists a convicted robbers help to track down two escaped killers, but soon begins to wonder whether he has chosen the right person for the job. Comedy thriller, starring nick nolte, eddie murphy and Annette oToole. American Beauty (1999) Sky Indie, 10pm A SuBuRBAn family man has a mid-life crisis when he becomes infatuated with his teenage daughters schoolmate. Struggling to cope with the unhealthy attention her father is lavishing on her friend, the young girl begins a tentative relationship of her own. meanwhile, her harassed mother is having an affair. Sam mendess oscar-winning black comedy drama, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch and mena Suvari. The Cottage (2008) Sky Sci-fi/Horror, 10pm A PAiR of incompetent kidnappers and their hostage fall prey to a murderous farmer. Comic horror, starring Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith. BEST ENTERTAINMENT Paris Hiltons Best American Friend Forever ITV2, 8pm THe remaining contestants are challenged to see how much they know about the socialite when she sets up a game show called i love Paris. There is a treat in store for the winner, but a shock for the losers. The next day the hopefuls hold a pool party, but they are not sure how to react when Paris sends over a surprise guest called the lady Killer. The Vicar Of Dibley G.O.L.D., 9pm GeRAlDine is keen to find a celebrity to open the autumn fair in style -- and Alice inadvertently comes up with the ideal candidate by letting slip she is related to one Reg Dwight -- AKA elton John. Comedy, featuring a guest appearance by Kylie minogue. School Of Comedy E4, 10pm new series. Teenage comic actors, including Son of Rambow star will Poulter, present their take on the adult world, with characters including a politically incorrect teacher and a bunch of squabbling security guards. Cheeky chap: Will Poulter in School Of Comedy BEST DRAMA Judge John Deed Alibi, 7pm A CouPle believe a mobile phone mast is to blame for their illnesses and attempt to sue the council. meanwhile, Deed is approached by the wife of a former iraqi minister. Moll Flanders ITV3, 9pm PART two of the adaptation of Daniel Defoes classic novel. Following her second husbands financial ruin, moll makes her way to the bustling port of Chatham. There she meets a skipper from Virginia and together they set sail for his familys plantation in America -- little suspecting what fate has in store. Alex Kingston stars. Fear Of Fanny BBC4, 10pm BlACK comedy, starring Julia Davis as real-life culinary icon and televisions first celebrity chef Fanny Cradock. mark Gatiss co-stars as her long- suffering onscreen husband Johnnie. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT Live Premier League Snooker Sky Sports 1, 7.30pm RounD four comes from Colchester, featuring Judd Trump v marco Fu, right, and Ronnie oSullivan v neil Robertson. oSullivan was in great form as he scored three centuries while beating Fu 4-2 in his first match of this campaign. Kids For Sale -- Stacey Dooley Investigates BBC3, 9pm FiRST of a two-part documentary looking at child labour in nepal and the ivory Coast, where tens of thousands of youngsters are forced to work in factories or as domestic slaves. After befriending a boy beaten by his manager, Stacey helps him to safety in a hostel. 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