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The rest of the Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibition will stay open. Childrens campaigners had criticised the photos inclusion. Copsacked for check on lover A MET Police officer has been sacked after admitting he used a confidential database to check up on his ex-girlfriends new lover. Christopher Ward, 26, also used the Police National Computer to help a woman find out if her ex-husband was still alive, Southwark Crown Court heard. Ward was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay 250 costs. CHRISTMAS gadget wars are set to kick off tomorrow when Sony releases a new hand-held games console that can download content from the web. The electronics giant hopes the PSP Go will take on Apples iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the Nintendo DS. Instead of storing games on a disc or cartridge, the new console allows users to download them via a wireless internet connection. Half the size and weight of the original PSP, the 225 gadget can also be connected to a computer or PlayStation 3 to download films and other content. Sonys new device is specifically targeted to rival the iPod, with which Apple has enjoyed huge success from downloadable content. More than two billion applications have been imported on to iPhones or iPod Touches. Sony games chief Kaz Hirai said: We want to attract people interested in digital entertain- ment as well as just games. Sonydeclareswaron ApplewithnewPSP Joypaddivision: the PSP Go will cost 225 seCond quake sTrikes indonesiahours afTer Tsunami Jakarta SAMOA JAVA INDONESIA AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND SOUTH PACIFIC SEA SUMATRA Padang Truckloadsof bodies wash uponbeaches Grim: the body of a tsunami victim is carried in Western Samoa by MARK bLUNDEN nA NeW typhoon was gathering strength today off the Philippines, at the same time as nearly 700,000 people in the area sought help from badly stretched relief centres following the chaos caused by Typhoon Ketsana on Saturday. Ketsana brought the worst flooding seen in northern Philippines in 40 years, and also hit Cambodia and Vietnam. Impact zones: epicentre of quakes looking at how widespread the damage is. Rescuers struggled in heavy rain to find victims trapped under debris around Padang, where hundreds of buildings, including hospitals and schools, were destroyed. J a n e L i d d o n , a n Australian business- woman in the area, said: A lot of people died in there (Padang city). A lot of places are burning. In Samoa and Tonga, the tsunami on Tuesday was triggered by an 8.3 mag- nitude earthquake, which left up to 15,000 people homeless on Savaii and Upolu islands. American Samoa, a US territory, has been simi- larly devastated and it is feared a missing UK man is among the victims. George Fergusson, the B r i t i s h H i g h Commissioner to Samoa and New Zealand, said: There have been eyewit- ness reports about an Englishman who was badly injured and has not yet been found. We are checking the hospitals and morgues. The Foreign Office confirmed that the two- year-old son of a British couple was swept from his parents arms by the force of the huge waves. He is missing, presumed dead. His parents are recover- ing in New Zealand, where they are believed to live. Several tourists, includ- ing an Australian girl aged six and a 15-month- old Australian boy, are also missing. TRUCKLOADS of bodies were washed up on beaches in Samoa and Tonga today as islanders began recovering victims of the South Pacific tsunami. The death toll stood at 149 but was expected to rise after 20ft waves swept across low-lying coastlines on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a second earthquake hit Indonesia today, hampering the efforts of rescuers searching for victims of yesterdays initial quake on the island of Sumatra. Officials confirmed 467 were killed but warned of thousands more deaths, with the second quake only slightly less fierce than the first, which measured 7.6 on the Richter scale. 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