email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 12 Wednesday, 30 September 2009 London Lite FOR AN EXCITING CAREER WITH TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES AND GREAT CAMARADERIE, TURN TO PAGE 24 Ive had to commute north, south, east and west from London in the last week. Ladies from essex friendliest. Hottest are in Dartford! Bedford not so belle. Shrek, BN1 ReaDIng while walking: can it, or should it, be done? Daniel, Londoon TWO apache helicopters circling London on Tuesday night. Why? Is London under attack? Tim, Blackheath annOyeD (Txts, Tues): your new desk is outside the gents. Mine: four of us in a tiny room in the basement, no windows, surrounded by boxes. Beat that? Boxedin, BR5 WHy was there a bagpipe player in a kilt at victoria station today? It was a lovely sound. Wondering, BR5 My sIs is still a huge europe (The Final Countdown) fan. Is she the only one out there? LC, SE18 eD (Txts, Tues): you cant wear corduroys to your girlfriends brothers wedding! Only old crusty geography teachers dare don them! Oh dear indeed! Kate, EN4 eD: be proud! got choc brown corduroy suit made for wedding on 17 October. Bride in seven-inch orange stilettos. Bridesmaids in leopard skin print! PMC, CV5 DOes anyone else avoid sitting in the middle seat of the row on the Piccadilly line because you cant check yourself out as theres no glass window opposite? Fran, W13 CaTHy (Txts, Tues): well said, people of all shapes and sizes can be attractive. shame so many nasty, judgmental people out there! I guess these are the ones who are still single! Kelly, W14 WHO else saw Page 17 (Lite, Tues) and thought pic of Dannii Minogue was Jacko? Sue, London eMMa (Txts, Tues): I actually raced a man to a seat on the Tube and he won and sat down. Fair win or the end of chivalry? Lorri, London anDy (Txts, Tues): forget the fast-food chains, best chips are fat and chunky with onion vinegar from your local chippy! Spike, BR4 anDy: KFC best? Mad! Wimpy chips, the best ever! Lee, Croydon anDy: once worked (for about five minutes) in potato processing plant. Real chips only for me. Spud, London nOIsy MP3 players, booming car systems, but worst noise pollution has to be buzz of scooters. G, DA15 n Jen (Txts, Tues): guy in wedding suit running along embankment on saturday night was me! My brother had left his insulin at the hotel, hence me sprinting. Thanks for the wolf whistles! Jamie, Roehampton CaLLIng all male ectomorphs! Do women like a skinnier man? Tony, SE5 FaT versus thin: bottom line is being underweight or overweight is bad for your health. Being nicely in your normal weight is attractive and the best way to be. Lena, London Should service chargesbeaxed inrestaurants? Congratulations to lacey turner, pictured. she fully deserved her best actress honour at Mondays inside soap awards, when EastEnders took the top gongs. Her stacey slater is one of the most poignant and fully rounded portrayals on tV. Carrie, London iVE always said we take EastEnders far too much for granted. Week after week its superb: must-watch stories, compelling acting and real-life issues. theres no better British drama around on stage or screen. Regina, Camden its disappointing Coronation street didnt win more on Monday, but as long as Hollyoaks doesnt get any more undeserved awards ill be happy. Tanya, London WHaT great news with the new rail station at Imperial Wharf. The number of hours Ive wasted in my life trying to get across town doesnt bear thinking about. West Londoners will be offering a prayer of thanks. Andy, Fulham I COULDnT help but notice Kevin Pietersens comment on being the new Brylcreem Boy (Lite, Tues): Im eager to bring my own style and personality. sorry, Kev, dont you need to have them first? Marianne, London Another thing Has Brown lost the next election?What have you lost on the Tube? Is EastEnders tellys best soap? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W ELCOME news that the D&D London restaurant chain, including the Coq dArgent and Quaglinos, has scrapped the 12.5 per cent service charge from its bills. But customers still dont know how much staff take home from tips in lots of other restaurants. Thered be no more confu- sion if waiting staff got proper wages. Josh, Belsize Park HAs this been driven by the legal require- ment from 1 October for all staff to be paid national minimum wa g e? Restaurants can no longer use an optional charge to make up pay packets. Donald Smith, London REsTAuRAnTs that add a charge on the bill are hoping for a double tip. Quite often I will add on the tip in my head only to realise they have added a so-called discretionary charge when I reach the till. Its cheeky. Paul, London YEs! The whole concept of a discretionary charge is flawed. Why should I pay 12.5 per cent on bottles of wine that cost 10 or 100 when the same amount o f w o r k goes into opening either? Sanli, Camden I sHOuLD be able to decide how much I tip. I quite often feel I would like to tip more than 12.5 per cent but sometimes they deserve nothing. I know this new move only applies to D&D restau- rants but hopefully other chains will get the message now. Gav, London TOO many waiters behave as if theyre doing you a favour. If they had to work f o r t i p money they might make m o r e o f an effort. Bernie, EN2 GREAT news. I often decline to pay the 12.5 per cent added-on charge when using a credit card, and then pay the waiter the same amount in cash as a tip. Joanna Carling, London Textpoll Q:Is stampprice rise justified? 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