Tuesday, 29 September 2009 London Lite For the full detailed forecast for your area, call: 0905 168 0619 Calls cost 50p per minute at all times from a BT landline (Mobile costs may vary) weatherweather TONIGHT TOMORROW EUROPE c-cloudy dr-drizzle f-fair fg-fog h-hail m-mist r-rain s-sunny sl-sleet sn-snow sh-showers th-thunder Low 8-11C (46-52F) A mostly clear evening. Cloud increasing overnight. Light winds. AirQuality NitrogenDioxide Yesterday61ppb Forecast-Low. Calculatedonpartsperbillion.Less than150-Low,150-299-Moderate, 300+-High FineParticles Yesterday20ug/m3 Forecast-Low. Calculatedonmicrogramspercubic metre.Lessthan50-Low,50-74 -Moderate,75+-High Lights High 16-19C (61-66F) Five-day London forecast Cloudy skies although remaining dry. Light winds. TOMORROW 19 Cloudy ThuRsDAy 17 Fair FRiDAy 17 Cloudy sATuRDAy 17 Fair suNDAy 17 Fair Tomorrow 18 18 17 18 19 19 18 19 12 11 12 12 12 12 10 11 Under 5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-30 Over 30 Under 41 41-48 50-57 59-66 68-75 77-86 Over 86 C F 9 Edinburgh 16C c Manchester 16C c Birmingham 17C cCardiff 17C c Bergen 9C sh Oslo 11C f Riga 12C sh Warsaw 14C fBerlin 15C f Prague 16C c Munich 19C f Zurich 20C sh Geneva 21C s Marseille 26C s Rome 26C s Palermo 26C sTunis 28C th Cagliari 26C f Ajaccio 26C s Barcelona 24C th Madrid 23C c Malaga 25C sh Tangier 24C f Faro 23C sh Lisbon 25C f Funchal 25C f Tenerife 26C s Palma 25C th Bordeaux 26C s Bonn 19C cBrussels 19C c Paris 21C s Vienna 19C c Budapest 20C f Sarajevo 22C s Athens 27C s Stockholm 11C f Gothenburg 11C sh Copenhagen 13C r Amsterdam 18C c London 19C c Penzance 16C c Belfast 15C c Dublin 16C c Sunsetand lighting-uptimes 6.43pm,rises6.59am Moonrise 4.51pm,sets1.28am TODAYONAPAGE Cancerjabsuspendedaftergirlsdeath Rare reaction: Natalie TaxpayersurgedtosponsoraBritathletefor2012 PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY PA RAILWAY station taking west London commuters to major interchanges was opened by Boris Johnson today. Imperial Wharf serves Fulham, Chelsea, and West Brompton, going to Clapham Junction and Willesden Junction. The 7.8m station will improve transport in an area long seen as a weak point in Londons network. It was in limbo for over 15 years until Hammersmith and Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea councils agreed funding with developers St George and Transport for London. AplatformforBoris asrailstationopens Gatwickhotelsbid formigrantcentre PPLANS for a third immigrant removal centre at Gatwick airport were revealed today. A hotel chain has applied to convert the 254-room Mercure Hotel, to join the 426-capacity Brook House and 152-capacity Tinsley House centres. If the plan is agreed, it would take the number of suspected illegal immigrants in custody in the area at any one time close to 1,000. A spokesman for the Home Office said there were presently no plans to build another centre. Crawley Borough Council is expected to make a decision on the scheme on 18 December. PTAXPAYERS will be asked to do their patriotic duty -- and plug a shortfall in government funding -- by sponsoring British athletes at the 2012 Olympics. The public will be able to make donations to competitors or teams, or contribute to the cost of sports equipment. The appeal, to be launched in 2011, will come from the British Olympic Association, which prepares the host nations team. It may prove controversial as the London Games are already set to get 9.3bn from the public purse. The voluntary scheme is one of several measures today from Olympics chiefs trying to cover a 50m shortfall in funding for Team GB pledged by the Government in 2006. They will also call on businesses and high earners to contribute. The funding gap has been cut today by credit card giant Visa announcing a 10m sponsorship of the 700-strong home team. Under the deal, Visa buys some image and promotional rights to athletes in return for helping to fund their training. -- A pAl of bRitNey speaRs reveAls the stAr blew 2,000 on chocs, lollipops And hAlloween treAts to celebrAte the end of her Us toUr Hes a sexy dawg. 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Woolwich Ferry: only one boat operating north and southbound. London Road, bermondsey: bus lane closed northbound; southbound contraflow at garden row junction. New broadway, ealing: three-way temporary lights. oxford Circus, West end: various restrictions on all approaches for new road layout. Catford hill, Catford: closed southbound at catford road junction. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting STOP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE by GaRy LaRsoN bLaCKFRiaRs statioN: closed and no interchange. FiNChLey CeNtRaL statioN: no step-free access between platform and ticket hall. CaNaRy WhaRF aND LoNDoN bRiDGe statioNs: reduced escalator service. every time! the minute we get in the bath! i dont like this... the carnivores have been boozing it up at the punchbowl all night -- drinking, looking around, drinking, looking around Its better shes spending all this cash on sweets than something more sinister PHEALTH bosses today suspended a cervical cancer vaccination programme following the death of 14-year-old Natalie Morton. NHS Coventry said the two-day pause was to give clinic staff the chance to reflect on the death and make them better prepared for questions from pupils and teaching staff. Experts have warned parents not to panic after the death of the West Midlands schoolgirl who suffered a rare but extreme reaction to the new jab. An investigation has been launched and the batch of Cervarix vaccine allocated to Natalies school has been quarantined as a precautionary measure. Dr Tiz North, chair of the London Regional Council of the British Medical Association, said: There is a risk with any vaccine but we need to balance that against the risk of cervical cancer. I urge parents not to panic, and to wait for the results of the investigation. Pupils at the Blue Coat C of E School in Coventry, where Natalie was a pupil, admitted they are scared. Charmaine Dunn-Myria, 15, who was in the same year as Natalie, said pupils were in tears after being told about her death. They have been offered counselling for their trauma. imperial measure: the Mayor today ATHlETES 10m vISA cARD bIll: PAgE 34 nTHE first children in Britain to receive a swine flu vaccine were given their initial jab today, following the start of trials for the drugs. Researchers hope to use about 1,000 youngsters to compare two different vaccines. 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