the star lets out to Dame Elizabeth Forgan, head of the Arts Council. They were unable to break into the flat shared by Stefani, her husband Gavin Rossdale and their two children. Police sources said the bur- glars were thwarted as it was a very secure venue. It is thought they made off with jewellery belonging to Dame Elizabeth who was also out at the time. The raid happened at around 11.30pm. Despite the door being badly damaged, no one noticed for another 12 hours until a passer-by raised the alarm and flagged down a police car. A 46-year-old neighbour said: We heard a loud crashing sound but thought it was our sons and t h e i r f r i e n d s i n t h e basement. She said that they went out- side to check on Saturday but could not see the damage because their porch light was broken. I cant believe no one else noticed, she added. Stefani, 39, was in Singapore play- ing with her group No Doubt at the F1 Rocks concert over the weekend, alongside bands including Beyonc and Black Eyed Peas. Rossdale, 43, who fronts rock group Bush, and Stefani, live in the top floors of the house with their sons, Kingston, three, and Zuma, one. The rocker owns the freehold on the block. Their neighbours include Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools and James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Dame Elizabeth, 65, who was man- aging director of BBC Radio in the Nineties, said she was coping. She added that she was now speaking to her insurance company to assess the damage. London Lite Monday, 28 September 2009 AN all-you-can-drink student night has been criticised by health campaigners for encouraging binge- drinking. A central London bar is launching the event tonight offering students as much alcohol as they want for 15, despite the British Medical Association calling for a ban on promotional booze deals this month. The Den & Centro near Tottenham Court Road calls the promotion Londons only all-you- can-drink student night. The event, called Skint! will take place every Monday between 10pm and 3am. The bars Facebook page says: Drink as much as you WANT... Drink as much as you CAN ... Drink as much as you DARE... ALL NIGHT LONG !!! Dr Ken Checinski, of St Georges Medical School, said: This encourages irresponsible behaviour. But event organiser Luke Barnes said: We take our responsibility seriously. Furyat15all-you-can-drinkbar E Continued from Page 1 Gwenatgigin Singaporeas raidersstrike Inbrief France releases Jungle migrants French judges have ordered the release of 82 migrants who were arrested when the Jungle camp in calais was razed last week. The rulings, on grounds that their human rights were breached in the raid, risk exposing Frances pledge to deport illegal migrants as a farce. More than 270 British-bound migrants were rounded up during the raid. half were soon freed and others taken to detention centres. Protest to save trees bears fruit PeAr trees that faced being cut down over health and safety fears about their falling fruit have been saved. Islington council wanted to chop down the seven trees in Archway after pears fell on peoples heads and dented parked cars. But residents launched a campaign to protect them. now the council has relented and hired a team of contractors to collect the fruit and give it away to locals. Raid: the Primrose Hill block Coping: Dame Elizabeths flat was broken into On stage: Gwen Stefani H index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html48.html49.html50.html51.html52.html53.html54.html55.html