email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Monday, 28 September 2009 London Lite broadband 8 out of 10 Plusnet customers would recommend us* To find out why visit or call 0800 073 3053 award-winning broadband wireless router included^ 5.99per month + = Cheaper than TalkTalk** * 79% of customers would recommend Plusnet to a friend uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Survey 2009 ^ One-off Postage and Packaging charge of 6.99 for Wireless Router Plusnet Value Broadband 5.99 a month subject to local availability. If you leave Plusnet in your first 12 months after receiving a free set-up, router or house move, well charge you for these. If you remain with Plusnet for 12 months these charges will be waived. If you choose to pay for these upfront you can leave Plusnet at any time. A Plusnet, BT or other non-cable phone line and payment by Direct Debit required. Subject to availability, terms and conditions. **Plusnet Value Broadband is cheaper than TalkTalk Essentials package that usually costs 6.49 a month (plus 11.25 monthly line rental) on an 18 month contract. Comparison excludes special offers. TalkTalk Essentials package provides 40GB monthly download limit, whereas Plusnet Value Broadband provides 10GB download limit per month with unlimited usage between midnight and 8am. Monthly line rental available from Plusnet at 10.95 with Plusnet Talk, which provides the equivalent service to TalkTalk, though some features differ. Please visit for full comparison. Badbikers give us all the hump Slowing down: speed bumps in Islington Arecyclespeed bumps right? Its a great idea from the European Commission to have a built-in limiter restricting MP3 players to 80 decibels. Its especially welcome for those who are fed up hearing other peoples music on public transport. I fear theyll find a way round it though. Heidi, SE1 IrrEsPECtIvE of the merits of the suggestion I would ask what right the EU has to stick its unelected nose into our private business. If I want to listen to music loudly, I will. Brussels wont tell me otherwise. Kerry, London IM AMAZED its taken so long for someone to think up this law. the main point is that were currently in danger of having an entire generation grow up suffering from premature deafness. these players are far too loud for healthy hearing. Richard, London tHIs is crazy. Have these bureaucrats nothing better to do? I love to listen to rock and indie, and that means loud, as this music is meant to be heard. theyre my headphones and its no one elses business. Gillian, Shoreditch A S I live on the estate behind which Islington council has placed speed bumps to slow down nuisance cyclists, I welcome the scheme. Bikers speed along Douglas Road South and as people come out of their gates, they could get knocked down. This was a much-needed measure. KB, Islington YeS, these speed bumps are an eye- sore but, sadly, they are also neces- sary. Increasingly, it seems that expecting cyclists to read and obey a few signs is a waste of time. Trunk, London LeTS just cut to the chase and ban bicycles altogether on public thoroughfares. Cyclists never obey traffic laws and are inherently unsafe to themselves and those around them. interest, too. Unfortunately a lunatic few spoil the image of cycling for all. As a cyclist I always abide by the Highway Code: would that the same could be said for all drivers. Phil, Tufnell Park ISNT this the proverbial sledgehammer to crack a nut? I suspect a few police fines could have worked wonders on this particular path a long time ago. Why punish law-abiding cyclists? Harriet, London CoULD pedestrians on the path not simply turn their heads, look and react appropriately? They step out without warning, distracted by their mobiles or iPods. Almost daily I have to screech at pedestrians behaving like backward sheep on the road. Nelly, London WoNDeRfUL to see cyclists s t o p p e d i n their tracks. I guess its more humane than cheese wire. Hopefully cyclists now realise how disliked they are. Anti-cyclist, London HoW on earth is a wheelchair or elec- tric buggy supposed to negotiate that? A waste of council tax money. George, London If bicycles were invented today theres no way theyd be allowed on the roads. Pedestrian, London THIS is a sad situation. Most cyclists are in fact perfectly law-abid- ing, and know that looking out for other road-users and pedestrians is i n t h e i r o w n Do you think that MP3 players are too loud? Are police paid too much overtime? Is there a Sydenham Panther? Victoria line drivers on strike because their cabs are too hot? try standing in a packed carriage and having to pay for the privilege! Kal, Harlow im in the army and ive been to afghanistan front line. our kit is good enough, please can the public stop butting in! Mooncat, Pompey How longs reasonable to queue for train tickets? Even 15 minutes at Paddington insufficient. missed train, another hours wait. Pathetic! this wont encourage drivers to switch from the roads. Bill, SW8 clairE (Txts, Fri): wait, so men have to be fat to give real hugs, and guys who look after themselves arent real men? Marc, cM2 a wEll-drEssEd man withdrew 8 at the bank. i realised he must be an ex-banker -- his toes poked out of his worn-out shoes. Paul, RM8 oi, big guy, munching load of Haribo and swigging dr Pepper early today for a healthy breakfast on circle line. next time, take empty packet and can with you instead of stuffing them down side of the seat. all right? Daval, EN3 daniEla (Txts, Thurs): is the girl doing the voiceover on masterchef the same one who did the well- known marks & spencer ads? Nugget, Stevenage Jc (Another Thing, Fri): wouldnt it be better not to kick curtis moore off the X Factor because of his violent past, but rather support his change of direction in life as an example to show other children what they can achieve? cB, cM1 JoE c (Txts, Fri): being attracted to women who look after their bodies isnt shallow. but telling obese women they look good is just plain wrong. candid, London JoE c: size does matter, it shows discipline. call that shallow? LikeHerFit, W14 JoE c: despite what you wrote in reply to my original text on thursday, im not shallow, but lets face it, regardless of personality wed all prefer a pretty, slim girl to a fat one. Fact! Damien G, Dartford JoHn (Txts, Fri): how do you know what a woman wants to hear, saying a shy girl shouldnt be told she looks fabulous? i pity your wife for having a control freak for a husband! guys, you compliment away. Kentgirl, TN13 last week it was the United nations speeches. this week its the labour Party conference. im not political but i tell you the good thing is, tuning in to the news now sorts out all my problems with insomnia. Snoozy, London stEVE (Another Thing, Fri): every licensed cab driver has had a crb check at our expense. Ian, Romford Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See wHo is simon cowell? a dictator? are we now living in a police state and told what to think? cheryl cole should be allowed to say what she wants, and that includes supporting alesha dixon on X Factors rival, strictly come dancing. Mike Mitchell, London i HaVE always flown ba, but when they bring in these charges for seat reservations i wont any more. surely the way forward would be to offer a better service in order to encourage passengers? cB Parsons, London And another thing... Outspoken: Cheryl Cole is backing Alesha Dixon Textpoll Q: Do you back the new troop surge in Afghanistan? OurlastresultWas the expenses mole right? YES 96% NO 4%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at your Lite? Dont miss a single edition! 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