London Lite Friday, 25 September 2009 25 IN&OUTTONIGHT IN&OUTTONIGHT PREVIEWS Nowordofalie Im annoying Ricky GeRvais The Invention Of Lying (12A) is released next Friday 12PAGE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION CompiledbyLaurenPaxman COMEDYTHEATRECLUBSMUSIC CompiledbyLaurenPaxman Coming SoonTomorrowToday Londons biggest and best newspaper guide to staying in...or going out Coming SoonTomorrowToday Coming SoonTomorrowToday Coming SoonTomorrow YOU can call Ricky Gervais many things but one thing you cant say is that hes not aware of his own short- comings. In the course of his second Hollywood feature, The Invention Of Lying, a host of characters call him fat, snub-nosed, ugly and irritating. Im looking in a mirror right now! shrieks Gervais. Larry David said you have to become aware of your own inad- equacies to become a comedian. Your comic persona has to be the underdog. Laurel & Hardy nailed it years ago. The Invention Of Lying features Gervais as a down-at-heel loser whose life is changed by the realisation that only he can lie in a world where everyone tells the truth. Its also his first stint behind the camera on a film, sharing directing duties with co-writer Matt Robinson. I didnt want to direct, but when we finished the script, I thought, I could probably do this. If it had been Master And Commander, Id have strug- gled, but as it was a smaller budget and its what I do -- the comedy of embar- rassment -- I was more confident. The film fields a more family- friendly Gervais, compared to the stand-up who offends all and sundry. Does he purposely steer clear of putting contentious material into his films? I dont think people want a comedian to start crowbarring his stand-up material into a film, explains Gervais. Live stand-up is like bungee jumping, where once youve said it you cant change it. Whereas in a film, you can do another take or change it in the editing. Theyre both completely different disciplines. But does he get annoyed if people thinks hes like his stand-up persona -- arrogant and bigoted? That only hap- pened when The Office won its first award. I didnt want to go up on stage and do the humble thing so I went up and said, Yep, you definitely got this right. And then when people said they hated it, I did it even more. I do things that will annoy people! Gervais lets out a screech of laughter. Im the most annoying person in the world! DAVID BALDWIN Direct hit: Ricky Gervais in The Invention Of Lying DinosauR JR THE loud, feedback-heavy rockers, right, disbanded in 1997 and reformed in 2005. Theyll play tunes from their acclaimed ninth album, Farm. KoKo, 1a Camden High St NW1 (0870 432 5527,, 8.30pm, returns only. Tube: Mornington Crescent GanG of fouR THE post-punks, right, have been called the best politically motivated dance band, and have been performing intermittently since 1977. HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd NW5 (0870 060 3777, kentishtown, 7pm, 25. Tube: Kentish Town Beyonc THE R&B star, right, who showed her softer side by sticking up for Taylor Swift at last weeks VMAs, gets raunchy as she performs as feisty alter ego Sasha Fierce. 14 & 16 Nov, The 02, Millennium Way SE10 (0871 984 0002,, 6.30pm, 49.50. Tube: North Greenwich otis Lee cRenshaw RICH HALLS award- winning jailbird persona, left, sings country songs about his love for the ladies and hatred of those in the front row. HMV Hammersmith Apollo, Queen Caroline St W6 (0844 844 4748), 8pm, 20. Tube: Hammersmith this is not a suBJect foR comeDy IVOR DEMBINA, left, a Jewish comic who worked as a peace volunteer in Palestine, extracts comedy from the Arab-Israeli conflict. Phoenix Artist Club, Under Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road WC2 (020 7836 1077), 4pm, free. Tube: Leicester Sq the Ransom cLuB FANTASTIC new talent Jessica Ransom, left, recently seen in Edinburgh hit Rogue Males, hosts and stars in this new monthly sketch and character comedy night. 13 Oct, Albany, 240 Grt Portland St W1 (020 7387 0221, uk), 7.30pm, 7, 6 concs. Tube: Great Portland St sisteR act THE divine musical with Patina Miller, right, has extended its run until the end of next year. Until Dec 2010, London Palladium, 8 Argyll St W1 (0844 412 4655), Mon-Sat 7.30pm, mats Wed & Sat 3pm, 17.50-60. Tube: Oxford Circus PRick uP youR eaRs MATT LUCAS, right, stars with Chris New and Gwen Taylor in this tragicomedy about the domestic life of the playwright Joe Orton and his lover, Kenneth Halliwell. Until 6 Dec, Comedy Theatre, Panton St SW1 (0870 060 6637,, Mon-Sat 7.30pm, mats Sat 2.30pm & Sun 4pm, 17.50-49.50. Tube: Piccadilly Circus PeteR Pan THE production with Ciaran Kellgren, right, which kept thousands enthralled all summer in Kensington Gardens takes its purpose- built pavilion to Greenwich. 1 Dec-10 Jan, The O2, Millennium Way SE10 (0871 984 0002), times vary, 22.50-45. Tube: North Greenwich miDniGht BinGo HEAD to a mystery second- hand clothes shop in Islington for the launch of The Underground Rebel Bingo Clubs weekly night of secret DJs, and hardcore housey-housey, left. Secret location, Islington (, 10.30pm, 6.50. Tube: Angel JuiceBox DJ@WAR, Andy Peyton, left, DJ Khalil and Bruce Wayne play the best -- from Michael Jackson to Justice -- at this new weekly night. The Westbury Bar, 34 Kilburn High Rd NW6 (020 7625 7500), 8pm, 5, 3 before 10pm. Tube: Kilburn Pk faBRic 10th BiRthDay weekenD IS IT really 10 years since Fabric made Farringdon the place to be? Their birthday bash includes Simian Mobile Disco, left, and Scratch Perverts. 16 Oct, Fabric, 77a Charterhouse St EC1 (020 7336 8898), 10pm, 15. Tube: Farringdon Today index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html