Thursday, 24 September 2009 London Lite For the full detailed forecast for your area, call: 0905 168 0619 Calls cost 50p per minute at all times from a BT landline (Mobile costs may vary) weatherweather TONIGHT TOMORROW EUROPE c-cloudy dr-drizzle f-fair fg-fog h-hail m-mist r-rain s-sunny sl-sleet sn-snow sh-showers th-thunder Low 4-7C (39-45F) Dry with long clear spells and local mist patches. Chilly. AirQuality NitrogenDioxide Yesterday172ppb Forecast-Low. Calculatedonpartsperbillion.Less than150-Low,150-299-Moderate, 300+-High FineParticles Yesterday49ug/m3 Forecast-Low. Calculatedonmicrogramspercubic metre.Lessthan50-Low,50-74 -Moderate,75+-High Lights High 17-20C (63-68F) Five-day London forecast Dry with long sunny periods after any mist clears. TOMORROW 20 Sunny SATURDAY 20 Sunny SUNDAY 20 Sunny MONDAY 19 Cloudy TUESDAY 18 Fair Tomorrow 19 18 18 20 19 20 19 20 7 4 6 7 8 6 8 7 Under 5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-30 Over 30 Under 41 41-48 50-57 59-66 68-75 77-86 Over 86 C F 7 Edinburgh 16C c Manchester 16C f Birmingham 18C fCardiff 17C f Bergen 14C r Oslo 20C f Riga 16C c Warsaw 17C fBerlin 19C f Prague 18C f Munich 19C f Zurich 21C f Geneva 22C s Marseille 27C s Rome 27C s Palermo 24C rTunis 25C th Cagliari 27C f Ajaccio 26C s Barcelona 26C s Madrid 29C s Malaga 25C s Tangier 28C sh Faro 26C s Lisbon 30C s Funchal 25C f Tenerife 26C s Palma 27C s Bordeaux 24C s Bonn 19C sBrussels 19C f Paris 21C s Vienna 20C f Budapest 23C s Sarajevo 22C f Athens 26C s Stockholm 17C f Gothenburg 17C s Copenhagen 18C c Amsterdam 18C f London 20C s Penzance 16C c Belfast 16C c Dublin 17C f Sunsetand lighting-uptimes 6.54pm,rises6.51am Moonrise 2.02pm,sets9.16pm TODAYONAPAGE Thisisit!CameronspolljoyinNorthPDAVID CAMERON has declared This is it as new polls show the Conservatives on the verge of a return to power. The Tory leader used the phrase during a speech to a political dinner at the Dorchester. His remarks came as research found Labours traditional solid lead in northern England is in collapse, offering the Conservatives the hope of winning a clear majority of seats. The Tories have a four-point lead in the North, of 35 per cent to 31 per cent, wiping out the 19-point Labour lead in the region that Tony Blair enjoyed at the 2005 general election. It represents the biggest swing from Labour to the Conservatives of any region, according to research by the Financial Times. An ICM poll this week showed Labours national support has fallen to 26 per cent, compared with 43 per cent for the Conservatives. But Labour point out that Mr Camerons ratings are well below the 50 per cent-plus level that Tony Blair was at in the months before his 1997 landslide. Mr Camerons speech to the Carlton Club dinner on Tuesday night was described by some guests as light on policy commitments. He did not take questions from the audience, which included the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, and nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow. But the Conservatives faced claims that their plans to cut spending could push unemployment to four million or more.Confident: Mr Cameron Russia:Wewillbe tougheronIran PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY P COMMUTERS were treated to a glimpse of Paris with a 12ft-high model of the Eiffel Tower made entirely from chocolate. The mouthwatering version of the famous Parisian landmark attracted hungry-looking glances when it appeared at St Pancras station, but passers-by hoping for a taste were out of luck as the tower was made to launch Thorntons Continental City Boxes, their chic new range of city-inspired chocolates themed around Paris and Milan. The tower will be touring stores throughout the country over the coming weeks. Thatsan Eiffelfora chocoholic JailvotedelayedPJACK STRAw is to delay legal changes that will allow prisoners to vote until after the General Election. The Ministry of Justice is holding a public consultation on proposals which would allow some prisoners to vote and was due to announce plans in the next few months. However Mr Straw, who is opposed to the move, is to delay the introduction despite a court ruling it was necessary five years ago. PRUSSIAN president Dmitry Medvedev signalled today that Moscow could support sanctions against Iran over its nuclear plans. Mr Medvedev said that in some cases sanctions were inevitable. He is in New York for the UN General Assembly. Earlier, a Russian official said Moscow could soften opposition to sanctions if there was evidence from UN inspectors that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Tehran has denied having any such plans. Irans president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke of the development of nations being harmed under the pretext of stopping arms. -- CriCket CoaCh Gary Kirstens adviCe to indian players to spiCe up their performanCes by having sex before a game I get kids going, Oh oh, oh oh all the time -- Pixie Lott, left, thinks Children love her hit song beCause the lyriCs remind them of their tv favourites, the teletubbies They do say never meet your idol because youre always going to be disappointed -- Justin Lee CoLLins Claims striCtly Come danCing host bruCe forsyth was rude to him when they worked together DistriBution HeLPLine: If you have any comments about the distribution of London Lite, ring 020 7651 5276, or email On the Tube JOURNEY PLANNER For the easiest way to get around London visit uk and click on Journey Planner London travel information Call 020 7222 1234 24-hours textphone 020 7918 3015 travel alerts receive free real-time travel info on your mobile or email, subscribe at uk/travelalerts for more information on oyster, visit Lu Customer services for inquiries, call 0845 330 9880 between 8am and 8pm daily Congestion charging for payment details call 0845 900 1234 or visit cclondon. com London travelwatch Call 020 7505 9000 or visit londontravel Roadwatch Greenwich one-way system: restrictions for gas main installation. Fulham Palace road, Hammersmith: single alternate lane with temporary lights. a10, Palmers Green: restrictions for gas works by pasteur gardens. High Holborn, Bloomsbury: Closed between procter street and red lion street. Piccadilly, West end: traffic lights not under computer control. Westminster Bridge roundabout, Bermondsey: all inside gyratory lanes closed. Victoria: various restrictions on all approach roads to station. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting STOP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE By Gary Larson Blackfriars station: Closed for thameslink. oxford Circus station: Central line passengers advised to exit at bond street due to works. Camden town station: no down escalator. Hendon Central station: no step-free access to platforms. 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