BORIS JOhnSOn was today facing a growing rebellion from members of his own party after he admitted scrapping the western extension of the congestion charge zone could be delayed for up to a year. Tories across London called for the Mayor to get his hands on the tiller of Transport for London. Both Conservative Assembly members and leaders of Tory-run boroughs said the delay would cause unnecessary suffering for businesses and residents. Mr Johnson made the admission yesterday on his Twitter site after his transport director, Kulveer Ranger, said TfL was operating in tough economic times caused by the collapse of Metronet and a fall in those using the Tube. The extension brings in between 55m and 70m but last november Mr Johnson announced it would be scrapped after listening to public opinion. At the time he said it would go by 2010 and hopefully before, but he can now only guarantee it will be removed by the end of next year. Tory Assembly member and Kensington and Chelsea coun- cillor Victoria Borwick said: For heavens sake, why does it take so long to turn off some cameras? he needs to get his hands on the tiller of TfL just like he has with the Met. The Mayor sought to reas- sure supporters in an email sent to 5,000 activists across London yesterday. Referring to the zone as an ex-zone in reference to the Monty Python dead parrot scene, he wrote: To make it absolutely crystal clear, we will be removing the western extension next year. We have to jump through a number of tedious bureaucratic hoops before the axe can fall, but fall it will. by mark blunden TORY BACKLASH OVER DELAY IN SCRAPPING WEST EXTENSION TRADERS today hit out at Boris Johnsons decision to delay the scrapping of the western extension of the congestion charge zone. Retailers in Portobello Road, who have seen business plummet since the extension was introduced, accused the Mayor of betraying his election pledge. Chloe Alberry, who runs a door handle shop, said: I voted for Boris because of the congestion charge so this turnaround is a shock. I think recession is a diabolical reason because the charge does anything but encourage business. Peter Cain, who owns a fruit and vegetable market stall, said: Boris Johnson came and spoke to me here and told me he was going to remove the extension. But like most politicians they promise something and go back on their word. UPGRADE works on the Jubilee line are running late and its contractor admitted it will miss a December deadline for completing the revamp. The admission by Tube Lines, working under a public-private partnership, comes as London Underground requested a re-assessment of its funding. Tube Lines hopes the new signalling system will be completed by January and claims LU has refused requests for line closures. Tube Lines chief executive Dean Finch said: We got about half the closures that we needed. As a result you become a lot more inefficient. Richard Parry, LUs managing director, fears the completion date could stretch beyond January. London Lite Thursday, 24 September 2009 19 Revamp late onJubileeline Disappointed: retailer Peter Cain Fast talkaninstant interview with... Nate James British soul singer and songwriter Nate James, 30, lives in east London. Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder? Whats Going On by Marvin Gaye gives me goosebumps. His songs are still relevant 30 years on. North London or south London? I used to live in Muswell Hill in north London and I loved it there. Im now in east London which is a really creative place and fun. Tesco or Waitrose? Ive never tried Waitrose. Tube or black cab? A cab costs five times as much and takes five times longer, so Tube. Gordon Brown or David Cameron? It sounds really bad, but I didnt vote in the last election and Im not very political. Speech Debelle or Florence And The Machine? [Speech and I are] planning to work together. Im so glad she won the Mercury Prize. I think shes amazing. Red carpet or the sofa? Its nice to go out, but Im away a lot, so my sofa is special to me. Lily Allen or Lady GaGa? Lady GaGa is talented but Im sick of hearing her songs. The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing? Im friends with [Strictly judge] Alesha Dixon and [The X Factor winner] Alexandra Burke (right). While I dont really agree with The X Factor, I prefer it to Strictly. Champagne or cup of char? I love champagne. Chips or salad? Im on a health kick and chips dont help. Katie Melua or Amy Winehouse? I know both girls and theyre great but I prefer Amys music. I used to live in the same block of flats as her. Nate is playing at the Jazz Caf, NW1, tomorrow. 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