London Lite Wednesday, 23 September 2009 13 Arlene? Foxtrot Oscar... Suspected thief flees hospital POLICE are hunting a suspected robber who escaped from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. Joseph Tucker, 21, was taken to hospital when he complained of feeling unwell after being arrested. He escaped early on Monday. Canteenroasted formenumix-up WORKERS at Royal Bank of Scotlands London HQ were shocked to see their staff canteen offering roast aborigines for lunch. An RBS spokeswoman said caterers had been contacted to correct the spelling to roast aubergines. reveAled: bbC MeMO CenSOring StriCtly dAnCing StArS THE STARS of Strictly Come Dancing have been banned from speaking out over the Alesha Dixon row. BBC bosses sent out a secret memo to all celebrities, judges and dancers on the show telling them how to answer questions about 30-year-old Dixon replac- ing former judge Arlene Phillips, 66. The briefing document, told them what answers to give about Phillipss depar- ture, Dixons ability and the ageist and sexist row surrounding the show. But one celebrity accused the BBC of trying to gag them, claiming: Its as if they are trying to brainwash us. The document, which was also sent out to all publicists connected to the show, was entitled Briefing Note For Dancers, Judges And Celebs, and was in a question-and-answer format. When asked about the decision to replace Phillips with Dixon, performers were told to say: Arlenes a good friend and Im happy she will continue to be part of the Strictly family in her role on The One Show. Im also looking forward to having Alesha join the series. They were also advised that when asked if the BBC is ageist or sexist they should reply: Age or gender has absolutely nothing to do with the decision to replace Arlene. And they were told to answer: No comment, if asked whether the show would lose viewers because of it. The brief was put to the test at the launch of the new series earlier this month, as revealed by the Lite. A source said: Answers from each of the celebri- ties were virtually identical. It was embarrassing. This all comes as BBC bosses have decided to make the 3 October edition more than two hours long, which will add to the backlash from viewers over its schedule clash with The X Factor. It will run from 7pm -- 45 minutes before the ITV talent show starts -- to 9.15pm, the same time The X Factor finishes. by georgina littlejohn vulnerable targets he strangled and stripped of their valuables in affluent London suburbs. Passing sentence at Wood Green Crown Court, Judge Nicholas Browne QC, told crack cocaine addict Mykoo: You are the most prolific violent robber to be sentenced in London in recent years. Mykoos brother Matthew, 27, who was often his accomplice in a strangler-robber team, was sentenced to an indeterminate life term with a minimum of nine years. Ms Farhi, 62, was strangled until she lost consciousness and robbed of a ring and Rolex watch outside her Hampstead home in April last year. Secrecy: the memo, right, told stars what to say about Arlene H H E From Page 1 Violent: Daniel Mykoo Robber oncrack index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html44.html45.html46.html47.html