London Lite Tuesday, 22 September 2009 Arrests before cAlAis tents Are burned to ground I accept it is my duty to pay the fine AutismnotlinkedtoMMrjab by georgina littlejohn E Continued from Page 1 Doctored passport: Loloahi Tapui So You Wanna Be In TV? Come to our We Tell It Like It Is session! Is TV the right career for you? How to get that first job in TV? - 95 0207 639 0942 / 0775 864 8873 TVDVDs Supernatural SeaSon 4, Volume 2 The demon- slaying brothers face their biggest challenge yet as they fight to save the world from impending apocalypse and take on Lucifer himself in the latest instalment of the quirky American adventure series. (Warner 29.99, cert PG) er SeaSon 15 The super- successful US hospital drama draws to a dignified end with the usual compelling storylines and a feast of cameos from past stars, including George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles. (Warner, 44.99, cert 15) pAul joseph PoSt yoUr iblog reVieWS at 1 (1) Now Thats What I Call Music 73 (EMI VIRGIN/UMTV) 2 (-) Addicted To Bass -- Winter 2009 (Ministry Of Sound) 3 (2) Big Tunes -- Back 2 The 90s (Hard2Beat) 4 (-) Welcome To The Club (AATW/UMTV) 5 (- ) 101 Running Songs (EMI Virgin/RCA) 6 (3) R&B Love Collection (UMTV) 7 (6) Land Of Hope & Glory (Decca) 8 (5) Ibiza 1991-2009 (MOS) 9 (4) Hardcore Till I Die (AATW/UMTV) 10 (7) Just Dance (UMTV) Source: The Official UK Charts Company TOP 10 COMPILATIONS Sound&Lite 500 riot cops clear jungle migrant camp ONE in every 100 adults across England is autistic, new figures reveal today. It is the first time researchers have counted the number of adults in the community with the condition. Experts said the figures, which do not include people living in institutions, indicate the MMR jab is not linked to autism because the rate is exactly the same in children. The study, funded by the Health Department, found men are more likely to have an autism spectrum disorder, characterised by impaired social interaction and communications, severely restricted interests and repetitive behaviour. Tim Straughan, chief executive of the NHS Information Centre, said: The sample size was small and conclusions need to be tempered with caution. Mark Lever, National Autistic Society chief executive, said: This gives us evidence to demand extra support. lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers. The Attorney General was found guilty of a technical breach of the 2006 Immigration and Nationality Act but it was decided that she had not acted knowingly because Ms Tapui had used a doctored passport to get her job. Baroness Scotland, who sacked Ms Tapui last week, said today: I accept it is my duty to pay the fine and I have done. I fully accept the findings and I apologise for having made this inadvertent error. Gordon Brown said that given her unreserved apology he had concluded no further action is necessary. But Baroness Scotland still faced accusations of double standards as she previously helped push through a law making it clear that inadvertently hiring an illegal worker is no defence. Chris Huhne, Lib-Dem home affairs spokesman, said: She is the chief law officer. Lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers. I think she has to consider her position. The shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling, urged ministers to practise what they preach and added: After this, we cant see how Baroness Scotland can credibly stay in her job. Action: French police clear migrants and protesters, above and right, before the Jungle camp is destroyed ILLEGAL migrants and Left-wing protesters fought French police today as armed officers began clearing the Jungle shanty town in Calais. As dawn broke, dozens of vans and bulldozers entered the wooded wasteground a few hundred yards from the ferry port. Once all the migrants and protest- ers had been moved on, a mass clean-up operation began using the bulldozers and flame-throwers to destroy all makeshift buildings. Around 500 French riot officers had massed for the operation -- at least two for each migrant who stayed on in the blue tarpaulin tents and rickety shacks. Many more illegals vanished overnight to other parts of Calais to continue planning their journeys to Britain as stowaways. About 150 activists had joined a hard core of about 200 migrants who wanted to stay. Punches were thrown at police, leading to 25 arrests. The worst trouble took place near a makeshift mosque, which Afghans in the camp vowed to defend at all costs. Its the centre of our camp, said Omar, a 26-year- old from Kabul. Nothing will stop us getting to England, he added. Squalor was one of the main reasons for the camps closure, as well as crime, including the rape of a London student last year. The camp had become a magnet for migrants determined to reach Britain. Police had waited until the end of Ramadan at the weekend before moving in. French immigration minister Eric Besson insisted clearing the Jungle was an important step in making Calais watertight to illegal migrants. He said: I want us to dismantle this camp. There are those who make these poor people pay an extremely high price for a ticket to England. This is not a humanitarian camp. Its a base for people traffickers. Home Secretary Alan Johnson today backed the swift and deci- sive clearing of the Jungle. He said: This action is a clear signal France is honouring the agreement we reached in Evian this year to build even stronger controls at the Calais border with the UK. 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