22 Tuesday, 22 September 2009 London Lite IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1TONIGHTSTV LONDON LITE rEaDErs caN gET UPPEr cIrcLE sEaTs fOr jUsT 12.50 (savE UP TO 12.50) ON sEPT 22, 25 aND OcT 1. simply visit www.eno.org/lite and follow the instructions. *Limited availability; at the managements discretion; not available in conjunction with any other offer. Not available retrospectively. Only available online. Offer excludes Oct 3 & 9 performances. Tickets usually priced 25/18. From the creators of the Barcelona Olympics opening ceremony LA FURA DELS BAUS Until 9 Oct LIGETIS www.eno.org Dark, surreal, outrageous and unmissable The Sunday Times rEaDEr OffEr sEE LE graND MacaBrE fOr 12.50!* Flawed,butstill a special agent The Fixer ITV1, 9pm Lost Land Of The Volcano BBC1, 9pm The expedition reaches its conclusion, and those whove been yearning for some volcano action will be delighted to see beardy George McGavin making his way to an eruption to discover how some wildlife thrives in the presence of hot ash. Meanwhile, Steve Backshall, right, makes his way deep down into the crater of another volcano, four miles wide. Fortunately its long extinct, but it reveals itself to be a hidden world with much to give up in the way of long- undiscovered wonders. Big, Bigger, Biggest Five, 9pm DoMe is where the heart is, as tonights Big, Bigger, Biggest traces the architectural and engineering history leading up to the creation of the Kyushu oil Dome in Japan. With a diameter of 270 metres, the sports arena is the worlds largest free-standing such structure. The story began nearly 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome with the creation of the Pantheon, still standing today thanks to the innovations of the emperor hadrian (the one who built the wall between england and Scotland). A breathless gallery of big boy building (though sadly we dont discover the Latin for, hmph -- itll cost you). A British secret agent whos licensed to kill. ring any bells? Yet thats about as far as the resemblance goes between John Mercer and James Bond. the Fixer doesnt hold the sadistic relish for killing of special agent 007, nor the extravagant glamour of his l i f e s t y le a nd O l y m p i a n womanising. instead, we get grim-faced g ritty scenarios (though strangely, despite the yearning for realism, no one can quite speak fluent human) in which Mercer (Andrew Buchan) glares continuously, uses words with the economy of Marcel Marceau and does his job with sober duty. As for women, MercersGrim-faced: Mercer (Andrew Buchan) takes his job seriously EastEnders BBC1, 7.30pm Ronnie (Samantha Womack, right) steps in to help out with the bail cash for Sam, meaning the Mitchells can give Archie back his money. Meanwhile, Bradley and Syds plans are in flux. They could be staying in Walford instead of moving away -- and theres possibly even bigger news between them to come. moments and dodgy storylines, but this episode is right on target, playing to the shows strengths as a fantasy of unfor- giving justice in our era of politically correct policing. A suspected serial killer is back in Britain -- and despite his court acquittal, rose (tamzin Outhwaite) is taking the case very personally. she was his honeytrap, and it was the scandal of her sleep- ing with the man that ended her police career. Despite the lack of proof, she just knows instinctively that hes guilty: there are no limits to what shell do to get to the truth, and rose takes centre stage for much of this evening. if youre looking for credibil- ity youve come to the wrong place, but the Fixer does fire on both barrels when it comes to its vivid action and pulpy but involving characters. 11.00 Cowboy Trap (S). 11.45 Cash in The Attic (R,S); BBC news; Weather. 12.15 Bargain hunt (S). 1.00 BBC news; Weather (S). 1.30 Regional news And Weather (S). 1.45 Doctors (S). Lily struggles to come to terms with yesterdays events. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote (R,S). Jessica searches for a long- lost relative. 3.00 BBC news; Weather; Regional news (S). 3.05 Mister Maker (R,S). 3.25 Bear Behaving Badly (R,S); Bernard. 3.50 ooglies (R,S). 4.05 Raven (S). 4.35 Blue Peter (S); MySay. 5.00 newsround (S). 5.15 Weakest Link (S). 6.00 BBC News (S); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 7.00 The One Show (S). Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley present the live topical show. 7.30 EastEnders (S). Following Sams release from jail, Ronnie pays back Archie in the hope he will keep his distance from the family, while Peggy insists her daughter take part in the Miss Queen Vic contest. See Soap Box Followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Holby City (S). 49/52. Michael tries to steal Connies plans for robotic surgery, but finds himself out of his depth when he expands the scheme. Though frustrated by her condition, Maria starts to see light at the end of the tunnel when she helps save another patients life. Penny is offered a chance to shine on AAU and Chrissie confesses her pregnancy to her father. 9.00 Lost Land Of The Volcano (S,hD). 3/3. Steve Backshall and Gordon Buchanan make dramatic discoveries in the new Guinea crater, and George McGavin encounters a bird that thrives on volcanic eruptions. Last in the series. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 BBC News (S). 10.25 BBC Regional News (S); Weather. 10.35 The Worlds Strictest Parents (S). 3/6. Teenagers Lizzie Pol and Stefan Alvarez travel to Ghana to live with the Adegas, a middle-class Christian couple who prioritise chores and ban the pair from romantic relationships. 11.35 Film 2009 With Jonathan Ross (S). 3/16. The host discusses Charles Darwin biopic Creation with stars Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. Plus, Michael Palin recalls his film-making days in the eighties. 12.05 Film: Brazil (S) (1985). Comedy, starring Jonathan Pryce and Robert De niro. ; See Film Choice. 2.25 Sign Zone: See hear (R,S). 2.55 Sign Zone: Rivers With Griff Rhys Jones (R,S). 3.55 Sign Zone: The hairy Bikers Food Tour of Britain (R,S). 4.40 BBC news (S). PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG not quite a monk, but romance doesnt sit eas- ily with this troubled loner, and tonights ran- dom pick-up in a hotel bar and hasty heavy breathing session on the terrace out back is about as much as his spartan life allows. the second series of the Fixer has been marred by some ropey 11AM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM STRIC 2FOR1DESIGNER Standard PENTAX single vision lenses with a scratch-resistant treatment. and other single vision lenses included in offer you just pay for lenses Book an appointment online at index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html