London Lite Tuesday, 22 September 2009 21 melt my heart? Nicely chilled: Dan and Liberty indulge in adult ice cream making POSH DATE Upmarket Indian treat: Bombay Brasserie WHEN my boyfriend told me he was taking me for a curry the last place I was expecting was Bombay Brasserie (Courtfield Road, SW7, 020 7370 4040). Entering the bar and restaurant was like walking into an elegant ballroom. We had a glass of wine (8 each) before heading through to our table in the light and airy dining room. It was a shame the open kitchen wasnt working but our meal more than made up for that. An amuse-bouche of lentil with yogurt and mint went down a treat and we threw caution to the wind and ordered a bottle of Indian sauvignon blanc (24.50), which was surprisingly tasty. For starters I ordered ganderi seekh (lamb kebabs on sugar cane candies, 10.50). The meat was really succulent and came served in individual shot glasses. My other half had peppered crab (12) and polished it off before I could get a look in. For mains I ordered black pepper chicken (19), while the boyfriend made light work of his duck breast with kumquat and ginger chutney (22) and the side dishes of spiced potato slices, basmati rice and yellow lentils. Even though we were full, we were easily talked into sharing an apple kheer (6.50) for dessert, perfectly matched with a glass of dessert wine. We capped off the evening with a cocktail in the bar before leaving -- and he even paid the bill for once. AMELIA, SW19 had packed some heels to wear, when it came to it I couldnt be bothered so I adopted a take me as I am approach. Dan later said to me over dinner that I was defensive when we met and I think maybe I was a little. I was cautious as I didnt know him at all and I suppose I was worried about how hed act on the date. He won me round during the night because of our conversation topics. Dan has ambition, which is great as I definitely like intelligent men, but theres a fun side to him, too. Hes into clubs and hip hop music like I am and we found ourselves joking around a lot about life and previous dates weve been on. The restaurant Quo Vadis was amazing. The mussels for starter were gorgeous and the steak we both had for main was delicious. We were sat next to the cast of the new St Trinians movie. Noel Clarke from the movie Kidulthood was there. I was a little starstruck but Dan was interesting enough for me not to be distracted for long. We both said it felt like we were old friends talking over dinner but later he said he wanted to see me again. There were definitely mixed signals through the night but maybe they came from me. We were flirting throughout the evening but Im not sure if wed just be better off as friends. We didnt go on anywhere as I wanted to go home. I think he was a little disappointed but I just didnt feel like getting madly drunk. Im undecided whether Ill go out with him again. He didnt give me butterflies and I dont think that was because of the slightly unusual blind date scenario. Experiment with ice cream until 1 November at The Icecreamists, Ultralounge, lower-ground floor, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, W1 ( Quo Vadis, 26 Dean Street, W1 (020 7437 9585, INTERVIEW BY SHARON BRENNAN MrParishas derailed my own exit... Rivals helped me bag the dream gal Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield T HERES nothing worse than being dumped right? Wrong -- even worse is being dumped by someone you didnt even think you were properly going out with, especially when you were planning to slow things down anyway. I took Mr Paris to drop him off for his Eurostar on Sunday. Even though Id already decided I might not be ready for it to be anything serious, I felt a bit guilty about kissing that other guy at the wedding last week so had been extra lovely all weekend. He took me to the champagne bar for a drink before his train and I was chattering away about plans for next weekend when he interrupted with the classic line, Listen, theres something I need to say... Sure enough, he began to ramble on about how it wasnt fair on ME to see each other so infrequently and how he didnt feel like he could commit while living in different cities. Now Ive had a boy try to dump me before when I was about to do it to him and I managed to jump in with something like, Stop talking, I was about to end it already. But this time I didnt even manage that as I was so distracted by the enormous station clock behind him which showed hed timed his speech with only four minutes until his train departed. I couldnt help but be slightly impressed. Umm so Rom, I need to go, are you okay? he asked, yanking me out of my daze with a patronising pat on my head. I couldnt do anything except smile and say, Yes of course, dont worry about it. And I cant work out whether Im more annoyed he managed to end it before I did, or whether Im frustrated he thinks I might be upset. But I do know it took me by surprise and Im not so sure I was quite ready for it to be over -- at least not on his terms. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE T HINGS are progressing well with Christina, the gorgeous publishing blonde with the sultry fringe and scarily corresponding music and movie tastes. But her belief in the whole American Dating system is a real challenge. Our four dates (not that Im counting) have been fantastic, but Im fully aware that shes seeing other people, and because I couldnt possibly let her have the upper hand, Ive done the same. But Im not sure this multi-dating system is for me. I went through the motions, spent money I dont really have on cocktails and yep, did kiss one of them, but my heart wasnt really in it because, honestly, I only want to pursue things with Christina. So, when the evening arrived for our fifth date, I decided Id tell her I was seeing other girls, too. Lets get her jealous, I clumsily thought. Make her realise she cant risk losing me to a rival girl. Ah, cool! she said, far too enthusiastically after Id made my confession. Its good, isnt it? Just going out, meeting new people, not being all heavy. Im glad were both on the same page. She then kissed me, passionately. Christ, I was confused. This wasnt part of the plan. But I was enjoying the kiss. So I continued along with the date and it ended up going very, very well. The next morning, I asked what she was doing this weekend. Well, I was hoping we could see each other perhaps? she said coyly. Youve probably got plans with all your other girlfriends though... Ha! Jackpot! I dont have to have plans with anyone if youd like, I answered, trying not to grin. So, lets do something. 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