London Lite Tuesday, 22 September 2009 19 IN&OUTTONIGHT IN&OUTTONIGHT PREVIEWS Camppophasa brand-new fop SLIIMY The LP Paint Your Face is out Monday 11PAGE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION CompiledbyLaurenPaxman COMEDYTHEATRECLUBSMUSIC CompiledbyLaurenPaxman Coming SoonTomorrowToday Londons biggest and best newspaper guide to staying in...or going out Coming SoonTomorrowToday Coming SoonTomorrowToday Coming SoonTomorrowToday YANIS SAHRAOUI feels fidgety. Twisting and turning on a neon green sofa in a Soho members club, the pop singer who goes by the name of Sliimy -- pronounced slimmy, not slimy -- hasnt been nick- named the French Mika for nothing. Just watch the home video he made for his pained acoustic cover of Britneys Womanizer on YouTube (when I put it on MySpace the song wasnt so big in Paris and everybody thought I wrote it!). Even their mums would struggle to tell the boys apart. The two hyperactive jellybeans could, visually, be brothers. If anything, Sliimy -- today sporting multicoloured blazer, ringlet quiff, suction-tight jeans and T-shirt made, seemingly, from paper glowsticks -- is even more east London than his LDN counterpart. Sonically, their falsetto squawks and neon-f lavoured hyper-pop cobble together a package that sounds exactly like popping candy tastes. But Sliimy, 21, who discovered music through gospel singing in his home- town of Saint-tienne and was him- s e l f d i s c ove r e d by c e l e b r i t y gossipmonger Perez Hilton (who so loved Sliimys stab at Womanizer that the foppy Frenchman became the first artist signed to Hiltons Perezcious record label), insists that grub and murk lie just beneath the shimmering surface of his songs. My childhood was not very happy so my lyrics are a bit dark, talking about racism and discrimination, he says, picking at a thread on the sofa, talking me through songs on his debut album Paint Your Face. I am really paradoxical. Sometimes I can be really happy and then I can be so sad. And it can be really quick, up and down, up and down. But I think you have to live out all the feelings, not just the happy parts. You have to laugh and cry and be sad in order to be creative and experience life, you know? He flashes me a toothy grin. Life is not just pink! It looks like today is going to be one of the good days. MARTHA DE LACEY Hyperactive: popster Yanis Sahraoui, aka Sliimy ELvIS PErkInS ONE of our very favourite folkies, right, performs beautiful songs from his albums Ash Wednesday and Elvis Perkins In Dearland. Scala, 275-277 Pentonville Rd N1 (0870 060 0100,, 7pm, 11. Tube: Kings Cross LaMb ANDY BARLOW and Lou Rhodes, right, are back together after a five-year hiatus. Swoon to their ethereal electronica. KoKo, 1a Camden High St NW1 (0870 432 5527,, 7pm, returns only. Tube: Mornington Crescent PaoLo nutInI THE Scottish acoustic soul singer, right, avoided a career in his parents fish and chip shop with his million-selling album, These Streets, and this years Sunny Side Up. 30 Sep, HMV Hammersmith Apollo, Queen Caroline St W6 (0844 844 4748), 7pm, returns only. Tube: Hammersmith twELvE angrY SkEtchES NAYLOR and Gant, left, encourage their audience to point, laugh and jeer with them. And tomorrow, Leicester Square Theatre, 5 Leicester Place WC2 (0844 847 2475), 8.30pm, 10. Tube: Leicester Sq SouL-cruShIng vIcISSItudES of fortunE! ANDREW LAWRENCE, left, argues against the view that you can achieve anything if you want it enough. Some of us are destined for failure. The Corner Store, 33 Wellington St WC2 (0870 4460 616), 8pm, 12.50. Tube: Covent Gdn crEdIt crunch cabarEt FRANK SKINNERS comedy cabaret for the credit- crunched offers cheap laughs aplenty. Tonight hes joined by Russell Kane, left. 12 Oct, Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave W1 (0870 8900 149), Mon 8pm, 10. Tube: Piccadilly Circus brEakfaSt at tIffanYS ANNA FRIEL, right, is the gorgeous good-time girl Holly Golightly in this trumpeted new production. Until Jan 2010, Theatre Royal, Haymarket SW1 (0870 145 1171,, Mon-Sat 7.30pm, mats Wed & Sat 2.30pm, 15-49.50. Tube: Piccadilly Circus Punk rock HENRY LLOYD-HUGHES and Harry McEntire, right, are among a group of sixth formers as they approach their final days of school. Until Sat, Lyric Hammersmith, King St W6 (0870 050 0511, lyric., 7.30pm, 10-25. Tube: Hammersmith thE fahrEnhEIt twInS TOLD BY AN IDIOTS adaptation of Michel Fabers short story about twins in the Arctic stars Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter, right. 18 Nov-5 Dec, Barbican, Silk St EC2 (020 7638 8891,, Mon-Sat 7.45pm, 15. Tube: Barbican rEPLaY JOIN DJs Diego cK, left, Anto and Steve Nocerino for an evening of techno and electro choons at this popular midweek night. The Den & Centro, 18 West Central St WC1, (020 7240 1083,, 10pm, 3, ladies free. Tube: Holborn fLuIdnatIon BEN MYNOTT, left, and Mr Tom mix just beautiful music thats suitably down tempo for this chilled-out venue. The Big Chill Bar, Dray Walk, off Brick Lane E1 (020 7392 9180,, 7pm, free. Tube: Liverpool St raM DRUM&BASS impresario Andy C, left, DJs at Rams next takeover of Matter. Hes joined by DJ Marky, Sub Focus, Dillinja, Spor, Marcus Intalex, Commix b2b Klute and N-Type. 2 Oct, Matter, The O2, Peninsula Square SE10 (020 7549 6686,, 10pm, 15. Tube: North Greenwich index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html