email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Tuesday, 22 September 2009 London Lite Optimax Laser Eye Treatment JUST been tutted at for turning pages of Lite too loudly! Will breathing be the next tuttable offence for hypersensitive London commuters? Shhh, SE13 TOTALLY UNCOOL (Txts, Mon): over-30s invented the word cool, get your own word! My 20-year-old says that cool isnt cool anyway... and shes cool! Cool48, EC1 MY bOYfrieNd is 36 next month and uses the word chillax. Cringe every time. Den, AllyPally SiNCe when do words have an age restriction? ive used cool since i was 14 and im not gonna stop because im 32! John, London TOTALLY UNCOOL: completely agree, see Lite interview with Tim Westwood in yesterdays paper. Not hot, EC2 TOTALLY UNCOOL: making a fuss about a word! God, grow up and stop being so ageist, narrow- minded -- and uncool. L, E1 JOG ON (Txts, Mon): they are all new runners with MP3 players and water bottles. real runners nod back! Simon, LU2 KATriNA (Another thing, Mon): Peaches Geldof has her own style?! Have you walked through Hoxton in the last 10 years? Lucy, Hackney HOW do i tell a guy at work i like him without him running the other way? Help! Lisa, Essex MiSS GreY (Txts, Fri): i have so many shouldnt but woulds. Louis Theroux anyone? Jane, London MiSS GreY: mine is bob Mortimer from Vic and bob off Shooting Stars. i love a big nose. Sasha, UB5 WHY doesnt the whole of europe have a day when any kidnapped child, such as Madeleine McCann, is returned but no one involved will be prosecuted... Good or bad idea? Gary, Essex Hi GeMMA (Txts, Mon): why do you want to meet me? im the announcer at Cannon Street. im 34, a skinhead with blue eyes and married with two kids. John, Kent ANYONe else stopped taking Tube after recent strikes and now laughing that TfL is losing money after passenger numbers are down? Flossie, SW9 SeCreT admirer (Txts, Fri): from two girls who would just love to be given a business card, bring back good old-fashioned romance! Caroline & Alix, SE1 dANXOCHS dAd (Txts, Mon): i saw the Queen when i worked at her garden parties in summer. She is fine and looking very hot! Mark, London dANXOCHS dAd: Her Majesty is in Scotland for the summer (or whats left of it). Shes well and should be back shortly. KeepingTabsMan, SW1 Is it okay to use Size 14 models? THE hawk thats used to fly in Trafalgar Square to scare off the pigeons saves money. The reduction in cleaning up pigeon droppings from the pavements and buildings has resulted in a fall in costs far, far greater than the 60,000 a year price of using the hawk. James, London ILL pop down there with my shotgun every evening for 50! That would be a third of the cost and no chance of the creatures returning. Mark, London SURELY itd be cheaper to get Ken Livingstone to squawk and flap around Trafalgar Square? He has proved hes very good at flapping and making lots of noise. Bob, Cheam bOriS JOHNSON said he hoped the London Skyride cyclists would not intimidate pedestrians or annoy drivers. Yet i had to jump out of the way of three of these riders on the pavement at High Street Ken and another lot who rode through a red light. Gatita, London i HAVe a solution to improve Strictly. They should bring Arlene back with Anton du beke and Alesha as the presenters. instant upgrade! Lambo, east London Another thing Should Lady Scotland quit? Is it right to let pandas die out? Should Trafalgar Sq hawk stay? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I APPROVE of designers, such as Canadian knitwear king Mark Fast, trying to make their clothes inclu- sive but it is one thing to have larger models and quite another to put the effort into making sure they look good. His larger London Fashion Week models were svelte size 12s but Fasts dresses did absolutely nothing for them. Clearly, these designs can only be worn success- fully by the slimmest of women. Isabel, Surrey SIZES 12 and 14 are normal. Plus size is over size 20. Thirty years ago size 14 was the ideal figure. Size 10 was undesir- ably scrawny and size eight was a childs size. I fear for the weedy, matchstick-thin girls I see teetering down the street. Cam, Essex THE fact we have had just three plus size models at London Fashion Week illustrates how incredibly inaccessible couture clothing is to the masses. You would have to have incredibly long limbs and a towering stature to pull off this look. Jc, London FASHION is about change so its about time we broke away from the image of sticks striding the catwalk and replaced it with models of all sorts of sizes and colour. Victoria, London DESIGNERS and stylists use rail- thin models because they look good. Its not some giant con- spiracy! Plus size models do not have the coat hanger effect that designers, buyers and editors need to get a real sense of the dress. Em, Camden Town IM not too fussed about the clothes but these bigger models figures remind me of Venus de Milo. Which of todays models will be regarded as beauti- f u l 5 0 0 years from now? Jay, SE1 GREAT news but give it a few months and even these plus size models will be super-skinny. Remember Sophie Dahl! Pippa, Balham Textpoll Q: Will Liberal Democrats ever gain power? OurlastresultIs Nick Cleggs 1m homes supertax right? YES 28% NO 72%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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