4 Thursday, 17 September 2009 London Lite World at a glance ObamaditchesStarWars shieldforRussianborderAMERICA will ditch plans to build a Star Wars missile defence system in eastern Europe which would put it at loggerheads with Russia. Barack Obama will cancel the missile shield -- which George W Bush said was vital to stop rogue states such as Iran and North Korea -- in a conciliatory step towards Russia. The system would have used radar to detect missiles then launch counter-attack rockets. Poland was to host 10 launch stations and the Czech Republic one radar station. But Russia objected, saying the US was intruding on its sphere of interest. Russias president, Dmitri Medvedev, warned last year: We will think of retaliatory steps. Today it emerged that the US believes Irans threat has become less serious. The Pentagon said it would leave open the option of restarting the system if Iran makes advances in its long-range missiles. Studenthurtsnineinaxerampage AN 18-YEAR-OLD armed with an axe attacked students at his high school in southern Germany today, wounding nine, three seriously, police said. The alleged attacker, who was arrested, was also said to be injured at Carolinum High School in the town of Ansbach. A local fire chief said the student also threw several Molotov cocktail explosive devices but they caused no major fires at the school, which has 700 pupils. In March, 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer fatally shot 15 people in a gun rampage at his former school in Winnenden before killing himself. CHRIS BROWN wears a bright orange vest to clears weeds and debris from police stables in Virginia as he begins his 180-day community service for beating up ex-girlfriend Rihanna. But that was a bit of a break for the R&B singer--he also spent part of his first day shovelling horse manure. PeterandPaulsMarydiesaged72 MARY TRAVERS from Sixties American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary has died aged 72 after battling leukaemia. With Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey, Travers she recorded Leaving On A Jet Plane and Puff, The Magic Dragon. The group were also well known for their political activism, supporting civil rights and opposing the Vietnam War. Mary died in hospital in Connecticut. Reynoldsinprisonofpills BURT REYNOLDS has been released from a Florida drug rehabilitation centre where he was being treated for addiction to painkillers. The star of Deliverance, Smokey And The Bandit and Boogie Nights began struggling after back surgery and realised that he was in the prison of prescription pain pills, his manager, Erik Kritzer, said in a statement. Kritzer added that Reynolds, 73, hopes his story will help others in similar situations and that they wont try to solve the problem by themselves. Touristpushedoffcliffbyamonkey A HOLIDAYMAKER is suing her travel agents after she was pushed off a cliff by a monkey in China. Zhou Juchang, 60, plunged 20ft when she was mugged by a monkey for bags of food her tour guide recommended she should buy to feed them. Zhou broke three ribs and fractured her hip in the fall in Chengdu. A spokesman for Chengdu Wildlife Park said: Her mistake was to show fear. If you show fear a monkey will bully you. Tube maps without Thames are ditchedTUBE maps that fail to show the Thames and the Undergrounds fare zones are to be scrapped in a sudden U-turn ordered by Mayor Boris Johnson. Transport for London today announced it would replace the maps after an outcry from politicians and pas- senger groups follow- ing the Lites coverage of the change. There were fears that pas- sengers could end up paying higher fares by accident after the fare boundaries were removed. TfL decided to remove the zones and river because it said some passengers had com- plained that the map, Harry Becks 1933 design classic, had become increasingly cluttered. But Mr Johnson ordered a rethink on his return from New York. A TfL spokesman said: The over- whelming public reaction is that the Tube and Thames should be reu- nited, so thats what we will do. A City Hall source said: Boris got back from New York to discover that the river had been removed and hit the roof. He was really angry. New maps, with the river, will be introduced in December and will also reflect changes to the Circle line, London Overground and DLR. BY MARK BLUNDEN Load limits and age restrictions apply. Active O2 customers only. 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